Pro Cup Limited: The Birth of a Series
Behind the Scenes of a New Short Track Tour
By Dorothy Hall
Editor's Note - The Pro Cup Limited Series got their start last weekend at Franklin County Speedway (VA) and Dorothy Hall was there to help get the series going.  She shares her experiences and enthusiasm this week as a guest commentary on

Since the beginning of time, there has always been the excitement in anticipation of a new birth; whether it was a new baby, a new farm animal, a new pet --- no matter, it was the joy and awaited gladness of something new, long awaited for and for some purpose, much needed.

That is just how it was with this new racing series......long time talked about, needed and wanted by so many. Yes, there are those who would rather not have another series; but how can anyone honestly say that change is not good, and that new and fresh ideas will not help grow the progress of what we all love.

There is always room for improvement and growth, to be shared like a family shares a new baby and the happiness it brings into the family. Would you tell it you didn’t want it? Would you turn your back on it when it started to walk and talk? . . . I think not. You would help it, share with it, grow with it......and that is just what we need to do with this new series.

Mike Kurkowski saw the need, heard the concerns, and took it upon himself to try and see that this baby would have a proper birthday, and would be given the chance to grow.

I felt great pride and joy in watching as Mike and his crew of three very excited young men set about their duties of getting ready for the cars to arrive at Franklin County Speedway for the very first Pro Cup Limited race. The Technical Director is Kenny Sigmon from North Carolina; his son Matt Sigmon and their good friend Dale Dobbins. They, along with Mike know what they are doing and could not wait to get started. I don’t believe any of them actually thought about what was really happening.

I sat and watched the day unfold, as HISTORY WAS IN THE MAKING - - AND I WAS THERE !!!!! Someday we will all look back at November 13, 2010 and remember what a day it was........ A sunny, 70 plus degrees for the middle of the day, left everyone hunting for shade as the cars rolled in for all the other races that were to take place with the first Pro Cup Limited Race. As the day progressed there was only a total of 4
(four ) cars for our first race; but that did not dampen anyone’s spirits. Yes, we would loved to have seen more.

We were promised more; but only those not there know their reasons for not being with us and they were missed from our sight, but not our year with a full season, I am sure they will not want to be left out. There is a place for every racer who wants to race - SOMEWHERE..... you have the choice to race in any and as many series as you wish. We, along with all our racers welcome you, and want you to be a part of our family. We love and enjoy all the series we have been associated with: Hooters ProCup, USAR, Super Cup.... We are all ONE big family - - - THE RACING FAMILY....

The 4 (four) drivers who were there to make history were:

# 1....................Todd McCarson
#12....................Michael Mohelski
#18....................Ricky Gillespie
# 66..................Cole Miktuk

During practice, Cole (driver of the # 66) had the misfortune of meeting the wall in turns 3 and 4; making his chances of winning the purse of $ 1,000 for winning the race an impossibility. The smile on his face when he was given his entry fee money back was enough to show that this young man will be back next year, and very happy to be a part of this great new beginning.

As we all know it only takes two to make a race, and we had three - - we were ready to go racing !!!!  - And race we did!!! The crowd was quite large for a chilly night, (yes, it dropped to 39 degrees by race time) - and no one seemed to mind that it was cold at all.....Tempers flared, cars were wrecked, fists were shook - - yep, the typical race night.....................I LOVED EVERY

Our winner of the first PRO CUP LIMITED race was the #1 car with Todd McCarson at the wheel. One happy young man headed back to South Carolina. The other two (2) drivers, were happy just to have been a part; and taking home $ 700.00 and $ 500.00 each didn’t hurt a bit...... Are we excited about 2011? .....You bet we are............10 races, new faces, old faces, new places, old is good !!!! So, the birth of the series came......not with a whimper, but with BANG!!!....... See you all in the Spring...

Dorothy Hall.....aka race_n_lady