Scotts EZ Seed Showdown a Grand
Opportunity for USARacing Pro Cup Series
Bristol Race To Be a Type of Masters Tour For NASCAR Drivers
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Twelve of the greatest names in NASCAR history will square off for the Scotts EZ Seed Showdown March 20 at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.

The popular special event race returns to Bristol again in 2010 and features some of the top drivers in NASCAR history racing wheel to wheel immediately following the Scotts Turf Builder 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race earlier in the day.  Drivers will be competing in cars provided by the USARacing Pro Cup Series.  The race is scheduled for 35 laps and caution laps do not count.  The event will be carried live on ESPN beginning at 5:30 p.m. Eastern time.

With live television coverage and a huge grandstand audience, the special event is a tremendous opportunity for the USARacing Pro Cup Series, which returns to the .533-mile speedway September 11 for a 200-lap race.

“With live coverage on ESPN and being able to say that we’ve had drivers like Harry Gant and Cale Yarborough in a USARacing Pro Cup car, I think it’s absolutely huge,” Jimmy Wilson, Vice President and Series Director for the USARacing Pro Cup Series.  “And to be competing in our cars in that arena at Bristol in front of the Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series personnel is huge.  It’s going to be instrumental in driving fans to our race when the Pro Cup Series comes back to Bristol on September 11.”

Tommy Houston, a 24-time NASCAR Nationwide Series race winner, is eager to compete in the event.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Houston.  “I really thank all the people at Bristol who thought about me and invited me to come over there and be able to be part of this.  I think it’s going to be a fun deal to be able to race against a lot of the guys that I made a lot of laps with and against.”

Houston says one his most memorable races at Bristol came when he and Harry Gant raced hard for the win.  Gant was credited with the win but Houston still has his doubts.

“Harry Gant and I were dueling pretty good for the lead and he wound up winning the race but had a flat about three or four laps to go,” Houston said.  “I passed him two or three times and I was sure that we’d won the race and they said no, Harry had won the race.  We checked the scoring and we went back through that deal but they eventually gave it to Harry.  I still feel pretty certain that we won that race [laughs].”

Other drivers scheduled to compete in the Scotts EZ Seed Showdown:

L.D. Ottinger                           Rick Wilson
Charlie Glotzbach                   Dave Marcis
Cale Yarborough                     Phil Parsons
Jack Ingram                            Jimmy Hensley
David Pearson                        Harry Gant
Larry Pearson

The USARacing Pro Cup Series will open its 2010 season with a 250-lap race March 27 at Gresham (Jefferson, Ga.) Motorsports Park.  For more information visit or

Pro Cup cars are going to be hitting the track at Bristol - but not in a Pro Cup race.