Extra Incentives Are In Store for Diamondback 100 Entrants
South Alabama Speedway Races Are Helped by a Pair
of Other Tracks, Along With Tire and Fule Giveaways
By Mike Twist

Sometimes, the business of short track racing falls into some of the same old bad habits.  Teams complain about not getting enough support from tracks while tracks complain about declining car counts.  Facilities that compete against each other, even if they don't race on the same night, work against each other instead of for the good of the sport.  While all of the complaining takes place, nobody does anything productive and the problems of low car counts continue.

So while South Alabama Speedway in Opp hasn't enjoyed the type of car counts that they have quite wanted so far this season in the Pro Late Model Viper Series, the track isn't just going to complain about it.  Instead, they are trying out a few new ideas to try and get new competitors through the pit gate - and they are even getting help from a few other regional tracks to do that.
Five Flags Speedway and Mobile International Speedway are posting a $300 bonus to their regular competitors to race in this weekend's Diamondback 100 at South Alabama.

“With a break in our Pro Late Model schedule, it seems like a good opportunity for Gulf Coast racers to try out the highly competitive Viper Series at SAS,” said Five Flags General Manager Tim Bryant. “ We firmly believe, as does Ida Fields from Mobile, in the Tracks Supporting Tracks theory, and we hope this bonus will serve as a little extra incentive for eligible racers. The highest finishing car that has competed in at least four Events at either track this year, will earn the money.”

Five Flags and Mobile teams won't be the only ones who have an extra incentive to enter the Diamondback 100 though.

Each team that competes in the Diamondback 100 will receive ten gallons of free racing fuel at the track.  Teams that bring a new driver to the track for this season will receive another five gallons of fuel as long as both drivers compete in the race.

Each driver who races in the Diamondback 100, or files an entry for a future PLM race at South Alabama, will also be entered into a drawing for a free set of Hoosier race tires.  During the pre-race drivers meeting, a name will be pulled to win the tires.  As long as that winner is present, they will win a set of tires to be awarded at the next South Alabama Pro Late Model race.  If the winner is not present, names will be drawn until someone is there and that winner will receive $250.

The Diamondback 100 will take place this Saturday night, May 22nd, at South Alabama Speedway.