Ice Cold Shriners’ Bowl at Lanier
to Kick Off 2011 Racing Season
Pro Late Model Event is Set for January 8th-9th
51 Sports PR Report

Barely one week after New Year’s Day, the 2011 short track season will kick off with the running of the Fourth Annual Ice Cold Shriners’ Bowl at Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia.  This event will feature several short track divisions with a 100-lap Pro Late Model show headlining the exciting racing action that will take place on January 8th-9th.

In just a few years, the Ice Cold Shriners’ Bowl has become one of the premier Pro Late Model events in the Southeast.  Both David Ragan, who also competed in last year’s event, and defending winner Bubba Pollard are expected to enter the event when entry forms are released early next week.

That comes as no surprise since racers appreciate the fact that this event breaks up the long off-season quite nicely.

“In the asphalt racing world, nobody was doing anything in early January,” said Lanier’s Donnie Clack.  “So we came up with this race and it has been well received by everyone.  The teams enjoy it, the fans enjoy it and it also helps to build awareness for the Shriners’ Hospital.  The Shriners have worked with David Ragan, Bubba Pollard and Ronnie Sanders in the past and really enjoy being involved with racing.”

A 100-lap Pro Late Model feature headlines the Ice Cold Shriners' Bowl, but there is plenty of other racing action in store as well.

“Basically everything will be racing at this event,” said Clack.  “From Legends cars to Front Wheel Drive Junkyard Dogs to the Pro Late Models.  We’ll have it all.”

The Late Model Trucks and the Pro Late Models will have a little bit of extra incentive to perform well at the race too.

“This race gives everyone a chance to come down and get dialed in for SpeedFest,” said Clack.  “So this year, we are going to do things a little different.  We are going to award a provisional to the highest finishing Pro Late Model and Truck racers for SpeedFest.  That gives everyone a little more of a reason to come down here and race.  I think a lot of guys will use this event as a Prelude to Speedfest.”

While the Ice Cold Shriners’ Bowl is a race that means many different things, Clack is hoping that it doesn’t exactly live up to its name this year.

“I’m kind of hoping for it to be the Lukewarm Shriners’ Bowl this time around,” said Clack.

Then again, even wintery weather won’t keep the hearty short track fans from their first event of the New Year.

“Last year, the race lived up to its name,” said Clack.  “The temps were in the single digits, but there were still fans right there enjoying the racing.”

For more information on the Ice Cold Shriners’ Bowl, please be sure to check out the Lanier website at

Bubba Pollard (Left) and David Ragan (Right) are both expected to enter the Ice Cold Shriners' Bowl.