Colt James Wins in Pro Late Models at Concord Speedway
Payne Wins Late Model Feature
Track PR Report
Colt James won the HutchBSR Pro Late Model division race; in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Jay Payne won the Wilburn Auto Body Late Model division race; Brian Love the Coca-Cola Pure Stocks division race; Eric Harrington the Tim Marburger Honda Fast & Furious Fours division race; and Bob Wallace and Rusty Drye each won a Thunderstox division race Saturday night at Concord Speedway.

Mark Reedy led at the drop of the green to start the HutchBSR Pro Late Model division race, but Cooper Faassen and Roger Lee Newton were there to keep him from pulling away.  Newton took the lead on lap seven.  By lap seventeen, Newton had a 10 car-length lead over Faassen in second.  Preston Peltier took the second position from Faassen on lap twenty-seven and began chipping away at Newton’s lead, reducing the distance to one car length by lap forty-one.  Peltier was putting the pressure on Newton at the half-way point, peeking to the inside and pushing on his rear bumper without turning him.  That all changed on lap sixty-two when Peltier had a run on Newton, passed him, and Newton put the bumper to the new leader causing Peltier to get loose allowing Newton to retake the lead. The two were side-by-side again on lap sixty-eight, Peltier took the position, and Newton dumped him at the line.  Race officials sent both Newton and Peltier to the rear.  Faassen, Reedy, Horak, and Measmer pitted, but Measmer needed a push to refire as he returned to the track. Colt James took the lead at the restart with Matt Brooks behind him in second.  Peltier had a tire rub due to the contact with Newton, but the tire held to the end of the race despite the heavy smoke.  James pulled away to an eight car-length lead over Brooks by lap seventy-eight.  Newton passed Peltier for third on lap ninety-eight.  The checkers waived with James in first, followed by Brooks in second, and Newton in third.

Jerry Miracle shot to the lead at the start of the Wilburn Auto Body Late Model Stock Car division contest, but Measmer spun on the first lap in Turn One, and the field restarted with the original line-up with the exception of Measmer who was dropped to the back of the field.  Miracle shot to the lead again, but Brian Conforth snatched the spot away on lap two.  Jay Payne dove to the inside on lap three and took the lead position on lap four.  Pasquarello brought out the caution on lap six after he spun and hit the wall in Turn Three in a single-car incident.  Payne held the first position when the race restarted on lap seven.  Measmer had clawed his way to the third position by lap eleven.  The caution waived again for another single-car incident involving Pasquarello on lap fifteen. The first and second place runners remained the same, but Conforth took the third spot on the restart.  By lap twenty-four, Payne had a six car-length lead over Melton in second, but Melton had caught up by lap twenty-eight as the #92 machine spun for a third time in a Turn Three single-car incident.  The race restarted with twelve laps to go.  Conforth was in Payne’s mirror as Measmer and Miracle battled for fourth in Turn Three.  Measmer and Miracle made contact which sent Measmer hard into the wall, ending Measmer’s night.  There was no change in the top four positions as the race restarted with ten laps to go.  Payne and Melton battled for the lead on lap thirty-four, Payne scrapped the wall but kept the spot with Melton in hot pursuit.  Melton slipped on lap thirty-five, allowing Conforth to catch him, but not pass him for second.  The race ended with Payne in the Country Inns & Suites Victory Lane with Melton in second and Conforth in third.

Brian Love pulled out to an early lead after leading the field to the green for the Coca-Cola Pure Stocks race, but the race stayed green for only two laps.  The first caution waived after Charles Faassen spun in Turn Three.  Love protected the lead at the restart, leaving Melton and Flaquer to battle for second in Turn Two.  Further back in the field, Austin McKee bumped Patty Markin hard, sending the #38 machine into the inside wall at the start-finish line while collecting Brandon Cooper and Charles Faassen in the wake.  Race officials sent McKee to the rear of the field for rough driving.  Cooper and McKee swapped paint when the race restarted on lap six, but no caution was necessary.  Love had to fight hard to protect the lead because Melton was relentlessly battling him for the position, but was never able to complete the pass.  McKee fell off the pace on lap twenty-eight, while Barry Reed pressured Melton for second and finally taking the position on lap nineteen.  Love took the checkers, followed by Reed in second and Melton in third.

Eric Harrington put the bump and run on Justin Potter coming out of Turn Three to lead the first lap of the Tim Marburger Honda Fast & Furious Fours race.  Potter was in the second position when his vehicle fell off the pace on lap eleven, bringing out the caution.  Harrington protected the top spot on the restart, and pulled away from the field again as Chad Miller and Barry Canter battled for second.  David Layton pulled the #87 machine onto pit road on lap twenty due to mechanical issues.  With two to go, Miller had caught Harrington, but a lapped car in Turn Three broke his momentum, and Harrington took the checkers while Miller crossed the line in second.

The #35 machine may say “Off Duty,” but Bob Wallace was anything but off pace in the first fifteen lap Thunderstox event of the night. The “Nuclear Banana” of John Rary went up in a plume of smoke shortly after the green flag.  Rusty Drye was on Wallace’s bumper going into Turn Three, and gave Wallace’s machine a “love tap” coming out of Turn Three.  Wallace was able to maintain control and took the checkers.

John Rary and Matt Drye battled for the lead after the drop of the green to start the second Thunderstox race.  Bob Wallace and Kirby Allen made contact going into Turn Three, which sent Allen into the wall and brought out the first caution.  The race restarted on lap one and the “Nuclear Banana” shot to the lead position.  The “Off Duty” machine passed Rusty Drye for fourth.  Matt Drye bounced off the wall on lap five, but was able to continue.  On lap six, Matt Drye passed Rary for the lead.  Allen passed Wallace for third on lap seven.  The #35, #57, and #44 machines bounced and crashed in a three-car pile-up at the line, bringing out the red flag.  Matt Drye took the lead when the race restarted.  Rary and Rusty Drye made contact on lap ten bringing out another caution.  Rary was done for the night, but Rusty Drye was able to continue.  When the smoke cleared, Rusty and Matt Drye were the only two cars left in the race.  Matt Drye took the lead in “The Stinger” while Rusty Drye in the “Vigilante” followed in his tire tracks.   Rusty Drye took home the trophy.

Friday night, April 16th the exciting INEX Legends and Bandoleros, along with the Arena cars Outdoors Series racing continued on the quarter mile.  Our winners were:

RPM ProFormance Legends Winners:
Pro- Bayley Currey Driftwood, TX #47 Ladyga Motorsports '34 Ford Coupe
Masters- Charles Kiser Walnut Cove, NC #28 Kiser Racing - RPM ProFormance '34 Ford Coupe
Semi Pro- Jake Morris Fredericksburg, VA #99 Lqinc '39 Ford Coupe
Young Lions- Cody Humphreys Olathe, Kansas #43 - Beattie Racing '34 Ford Coupe

Outlaws- John Holleman IV Winston-Salem, NC #4 Maaco of Winston-Salem - Sink Tower Bandolero
Bandits- Carson Ferguson Charlotte, NC #00 Indocil Art Bandolero
Beginner Bandits- Hayden Humphrey Cornelius, NC #07 Bandolero
Arena Cars Outdoors- Josh Turner Concord, NC #0 Skipper Beck Memorial

Colt James in victory lane.  (Concord Speedway Photo)