Pro Late Model Stars Gear Up For Lee Fields Memorial 150
Event Reaches 10th Year at Mobile
By Elgin Traylor
Pro Late Models have quickly created some marquee events in their short existence.  This type of racecar always seems to provide extra excitement as counterparts to their bigger brothers, the Super Late Models, on some of the bigger race weekends of the year across the Southeast. 

One of the biggest races they will have this year, will be the Lee Fields Memorial at Mobile International Speedway (AL).   The 150-lap event is in honor of Lee Fields who put Mobile on the map in the 70’s and 80’s and kept the racing alive with big shows in the Deep South. 

“We both started at the track in 1972 and we always worked hard together to have big events like this,” said Ida Fields, current owner and operator at Mobile.  “Lee was well respected by all the drivers and he would truly be proud to know that there is a race in his honor.”     

The 150 lap event will pay $4,000 to the winner and the roster of previous winners includes Bubba Pollard, Johanna Long, Bubba Gale and others.  The September 4th event will be the 10th year of the memorial race which is expecting to draw a very healthy car count.

“This is a chance for our Pro Late Model guys to race for a big purse,” added Ida Fields.  “This event has changes a bit over the last few years, but we want it to be a big event for the Pro Late Models here in the south.”

In addition to this event, Five Flags Speedway (FL) in Pensacola will take the weekend off and will invite their Pro Late Model regulars to head west for the big show. 

For more information on the Lee Fields Memorial check out for more information on the Pro Late Model special on September 3rd and 4th.  

D.J. VanderLey has won six Pro Late Model Races at Mobile in 2010.
Bubba Pollard won last year's Lee Fields Memorial at Mobile.