Gresham Motorsports Park Updates Rules For Pro Late Models
Weight Adjustments Are Made For Certain Engine Combos
Track PR Report
Gresham Motorsports Park today issued a technical bulletin regarding car weight specifications for those competitors running a McGunegill engine or a 350, 2 barrel V-8 entry in its Pro Late Model Division.

Section III, Rules and Specifications, Group B Crate Engine Options, Listings of the GMP Competition Rule Book now reads -

C. The McGunegill Ford # ASA 425LM with 1.5 rockers, 2,775 pounds.

D. 350, 2 barrel, 2775 pounds

This change reflects a 25-pound reduction of total vehicle weight from the previous 2,800 pound weight requirement for the McGunegill Ford and common 350 2 barrel configurations.

"After studying the segmented lap times of our prior Pro Late Model races here, we felt like this rules change was in order," said Dan Elliott, GMP General Manager. "The competition Chevrolet and Blue Oval engines have made gains as well and this is a good adjustment to make it more competitive. We're always looking at our rules to promote the best competition in each of our divisions. That was the whole point of putting in the seven-loop timing system to begin with. The data provides allows us to look at races after they are over and make the kind of adjustments to the rules when the data will support a reason to."

According to Elliott, the two remaining GMP Crate Engine rules/weight requirements remain unchanged.

Those packages as listed in the GMP Competition Rule Book include -

A. GM # 88958604 with the following updates, rocker arms GM # 12370839 (1.6 rocker), Valve Spring # PHM 701   available from Phil Harper Motorsports , Champ oil pan # CP106LTRB and Balancer -  2750 pounds.

B. Ford # M06007-D347-SR with 1.65 rockers, 2750 pounds.

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The Pro Late Model Division will return to Gresham Motorsports Park on Saturday, August 14. It'll be Jefferson High School Band and JHS Air Force Junior ROTC Night with a full program of Outlaw Late Models, Trucks, Renegades, Mini-Stocks and Mini Cup action headlined by a 100-lap Pro Late Model main event.