Slinger Lays Claim To Be World’s Fastest Quarter Mile Oval
Sprint Car Sets New Track Record at Wisconsin Track
By Gregg Paul
There are a lot of outrageous claims being made in the world today.  Some companies tout their products to be the best ever made.  Some say they provide the best service. Some will even make outrageous claims despite not really being able to back them up.

Over the past several years the Slinger Super Speedway has advertised that they are the world’s fastest quarter mile oval.  A claim that could in part be substantiated since their top division, the super late models, consistently run faster than any other track that runs them.  The problem lies in the fact that another track, Anderson Speedway in Indiana, runs the much faster sprint cars, whereas Slinger did not.

That all changed on Saturday night when the Slinger Super Speedway welcomed the Xtreme Sprint Car Series to the famed high banks.  Everyone anticipated a new world record would be set.

Earlier in the year a few cars tested at the track and opened up everyone’s eyes as to the potential speed.  Anderson Speedway has had a record time of 10.28 seconds to lay their claim.  However, in just practice, and with used tires and little adjusting, cars were right at the 10.2 mark.

Race day approached, and the moment of truth was at hand.  Several drivers flirted with the world record before Troy DeCaire became the first driver to crack the ten second barrier with a time of 9.998 seconds.  Then it was Ryan Litt’s turn to set the record.  Litt turned in a lap of 9.942 seconds.

Jeff Bloom then hit the track and lowered the time even more.  Bloom’s lap of 9.908 seconds became the fastest of the day.  Thus setting a new world’s record.

““I’ve heard about this place but had never actually been here and seen the track,” said Bloom.  “I heard it was a real high banked quarter mile and it was real fast so I set the car up for a high banked race track.  We were close and I really didn’t change it.  I was pretty close never having seen the track.  During qualifying I lifted.  I ran half throttle in the corners and full throttle getting in.  I had to pull out to half throttle, then squeezed it back down.  There’s enough banking here and with some more time I think I could get to where I could run around here wide open.  That would knock another three tenths off.”

Could a lap of 9.6 or better still be run here?

“I think it would be close.  Today it was really hot and high humidity,” explained Bloom.  “On a cool night either in the spring or fall when the track is more abrasive, I think it would be close.  I didn’t get to use the whole motor, and I didn’t use the right gear, so if the track had been more abrasive I would’ve put more gear in it.  I think if we ran here a few more times we could get close to 9.50 if not quite there.”

No matter how you look at it, that is flat out hauling it. It makes you wonder if it is possible for a car to run this track wide open and turn those incredible times.  For now, 9.908 is the new world record.  All it takes now is for the people at Guinness to recognize it.  Once they do, the Slinger Super Speedway can without a shadow of a doubt lay claim to being the World’s Fastest Quarter Mile Oval.
Jeff Bloom set a new record with his #26 Sprint Car at Slinger.  (Alan Graff Photo)
Mike Garrison won the race with his #6 Sprint Car.