It's Hossfeld Over Hebring at Spencer RoC Show
New Asphalt Produces Familar Results
By Gary Spaid
The Race of Champions Modified Tour took to the new asphalt surface at Spencer Speedway last Friday, June 18. Crazy as it may seem the top two were the same in three of the four races run and the top three finishers were the same from the last tour race at Oswego Speedway.
Up front it was Ransomville’s Chuck Hossfeld taking his third RoC victory of the season. Bill Hebing came home in second followed by Matt Hirschman.
“I have to thank the whole team,” commented Hossfeld in victory lane, “This thing drove like a Cadillac
Hossfeld took the lead on lap 13, out dragging Hebing on a restart. From there on Hebing hounded Hossfeld but was not able to mustard up enough power to complete the pass for the lead.

"I think working at Troyer’s has helped me as a driver,” continued Hossfeld. He also commented on the new surface, “To see some one make improvements, even in these economic times, is great. This track will be good for a long time to come.”
Twenty-six cars started the main event, which would take one hour and ten minutes to complete. By luck of the redraw, Bill Putney and Kyle Ebersole brought the field down to the green. Putney immediately grabbed the lead, with third place starter, Hebing, taking second.

           With just three laps in the books the first of eleven cautions flew. Unfortunately for the leader, Putney, he was tapped and spun around in the third turn. This allowed Hebing would had complete his pass down the back stretch, before Putney was tapped, to take the lead.

           The restart saw Hebing hold off Hossfeld on the restart. Up front Ebersole joined the top three as they pulled away from the rest of the field. But the yellow flew, slowing the pace. This time Jan and Mike Leaty came together, with Mike looping around in the first turn. Both pitted for tires, however Jan’s car suffered more damage then thought and became the first to retire from the event.
Four laps later, lap 12, the yellow flew again. Four cars came together, looping around in the first turn. With the track blocked, the field was placed under red flag conditions. Involved in the first turn melee were Tim McMullen, T.J. Potrzebowski, Zach Shove and Daryl Lewis Jr.
The restart saw Hossfeld able to take the lead from Hebing. However only one lap was completed before the yellow was out again. This time McMullen and Bob Reis had come together. With just 22 of the 26 starters remaining the field raced a long green flag run. This allowed Mike Leaty to work his way back to 12th.
Up front Hossfeld and Hebing made for a two car break away, with Matt Hirschman in third, followed by Rusty Smith and Jeff Hamman.
On lap 25, the yellow flew when both Reis and Doug Reaume slowed on the back stretch. Both were lapped before the yellow flew.
Hossfeld held strong as now six cars broke away at the front of the field. Behind the top five was Earl Paulus in sixth.
The race slowed on lap 42 when Tommy Cloce and Ebersole made contact in the first turn. At this time Putney and Ricky Kluth ducked into the pits to get new right rear rubber.  The restart saw Jim Storrace coast to a stop in the first turn causing the yellow to fly again.
Once under way, the top six remained the same. With the laps  winding down many drivers were making their late race charges, when the yellow came out as Reaume looped in the first turn to bring out the yellow, lap 58. The last 17 laps saw some intense racing.
A five car spin in the third turn on lap 64 saw Kluth, McMullen, Reis, Patrick Emering and Ebersole all involved. Mike Leaty’s great rebounding run was halted when he was sent to the rear for contact that caused that incident.
Two more single car yellows would follow for minor spin outs , laps 66 and 68. This set up a charge for the checkers. The final restart saw Hamman, who had run in the top six for most of the race, sputter, and fall back, losing a number of positions.
Up front Hossfeld held off Hebing and Hirschman. Smith finished in fourth followed by Paulus.
“My father is not here tonight,” added Hossfeld. “I’d like to wish him and all of the fathers a happy Fathers Day this Sunday.”
As for Hebing, he stated, “I’ve been around this place for a lot of laps in my career. This track is really smooth and once a second grove develops completely this place will be great.”
Hebing also added, Finishing second for the third time this year is getting old.”
As for Hirschman, he commented, “This year we didn’t need to pit for tires like we had to do before. This was a good clean run for us.”
Heat wins went to Kluth, Cloce and Paulus. The consolation race was won by Mike Leaty.
The RoC Tour continues its Western New York swing on Saturday at Dunn Tire Motor Speedway in Lancaster, NY.


HEAT 1: R. Kluth, M. Hirschman, J. Storrace, K. Ebersole, T. McMullen, B. Reis.

HEAT 2: T. Cloce, E. Rudolph, M. Speeney, B. Hebing, T. Cheetham, J. Hamman.

HEAT 3: E. Paulus, C. Hossfeld, B. Putney, R. Smith, T.J. Potrzebowski, D. Lewis Jr.

CONSI:  M. Leaty, J. Leaty, P. Emering, Z. Shove, D. Reaume, C. Ridsdale, D. Sherer, D. Knoll Jr. (DNQ) Kevin Timmerman, Ron Smith, John Markovic.

Feature Results reflect finish position, driver and starting spot

FEATURE (75-laps): 1) CHUCK HOSSFELD (4), 2) Bill Hebing (3), 3) Matt Hirschman (5), 4) Rusty Smith (7), 5) Earl Paulus, 6) Michael Speeney (6), 7) Terry Cheetham (18), 8) Billy Putney (1), 9) Daren Sherer (24), 10) Mike Leaty (19), 11) Ricky Kluth (12), 12) Kyle Ebersole (2), 13) Erick Rudolph (11), 14) Patrick Emering (26), 15) Jeff Hamman (17), 16) Doug Reaume (22), 17) Bob Reis (16), 18) Tim McMullen (13), 19) Danny Knoll Jr. (25), 20) Tommy Cloce (8), 21) Jim Storrace (9), 22) Chris Ridsdale (23), 23) T.J. Potrzebowski (15), 24) Daryl Lewis Jr. (18), 25) Zach Shove (21), 26) Jan Leaty (20).