The Cards are Ready to be Dealt Again for Mahoning
Valley Speedway Modified Poker Tournament
Popular Mini Series Starts This Saturday Night
Track PR Report

The popular Mahoning Valley Speedway Poker Series Tournament for Modifieds, which was a huge hit last season, is back on the table starting June 12 at 6:00 p.m.

In 2009 this unique promotion in short track racing had plenty of excitement heading into the final events of the five race series as drivers began to realize the potential of either going for the $3000 first place money or holding back to maintain certain finishing spots in order to claim a share of the $5000 jackpot.

It clearly lived up to everything it was billed to be. Great racing, star drivers and lots of cash.

Berwick’s Brian DeFebo was crowned the Poker Series champion and was rewarded with a $2500 bonus thanks to his three eighth place tallies or in his case three of a kind (7’s).

Palmerton’s Earl Paulus scored a win and two runner-ups and second place money in the cards, $1500, while Matt Hirschman of Northampton pocketed plenty of bucks as he not only won two features but third place money in the tournament as well. His take for the five races was in excess of $7000.

For 2010 there are added twists. This year will be a 7 Card Stud format. There will still be the excitement of the $3000-to-win 100 lap features, however, two 35 lap features have been added to the ‘deck’ as a bonus for those drivers who support the track every week. Those dates are 7/24 and 8/21.

By having those two addition features drivers can add to their poker hand and then use your five best cards.

At the end of each Poker Race the top 13 finishers will receive a card all from the same suit starting with an ace going to the winner and so on. The suit, clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds, will be picked at the end of each feature by the winner who will draw a card to see what suit the race was run in that evening.

Each of the seven races will be done in the same manner and at the end of the final race on October 2 the top three drivers with the best poker hand will share in the jackpot. First place pays $2500 with $1500 for second and $1000 for third.

You must compete in the 5 100 lap races to be eligible for poker money. Early entry fee is $50 per event. Day of race is $75.

The June 12 meet, which gets underway at 6:00 p.m., is Silgan Closures Night. As the leading global supplier of an extensive range of metal, plastic and composite vacuum holding closures, Silgan White Cap Americas is headquartered in Chicago and has a plant located in West Hazleton. Employees and their families will have a ‘Night at the Races.’

Time trials will be used to lock in the top-12 Modified starters and then heats and a consolation will be run to fill out the remainder of the grid.

Mahoning’s regular classes, Late Models, Street Stocks, Pro4 Late Models and Dirt Modifieds along with the touring 4C Super Modifieds are also on the card.

Mahoning Valley Speedway, run under the direction of the husband and wife team of Doug and Gena Hoffman, is located on PA route 443, two miles west of Lehighton.

For additional updates and information log onto or call the track office at 570-386-4900. You can also follow the track on Facebook and