King Miller Still Holds the Throne in the South
Bowman Gray Stadium Standout Still Enjoys Racing
By Elgin Traylor
There’s one thing, above anything else, that you need to know about Junior Miller - he won’t take any crap. 

Why should he?  He is “The King” of the Southern Modified racing world.  Countless wins and championships through the years have left him as the mark that most drivers what to meet or surpass.  The reality TV series MADHOUSE at Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) painted a picture of the crafty veteran that just won’t stand to get knocked around when comes to words off the track or racing on it.

“I don’t race to wreck nobody,” said Miller. “Anyone who is in between me and that checkered flag had better go or get out of the way.  It don’t matter if it’s Burt Myers, Jason Myers or Colonel Sanders in a wheelchair.  They got to go or get out the way.  I come to win the race.”

Miller is as decorated as they come, with 15 career championships (two in NASCAR, six Stadium Titles and seven SMART Titles) and hundreds of wins to his name, he has earned the respect, jealousy and fan base he deserves. 

“The SMART tour was a lot of work for no money,” said Miller.  “We did really good on the SMART Tour. When the NASCAR tour came along, we won the first two championships.  We got done because it cost more then what they paid to win just to race.  We won 15 championships.  I don’t think we have anything left to prove.”

Miller was widely known in the Southeast as the Modified king, but last season his exposure went to a new level.  Miller was put into the living rooms of every race fan across America with MADHOUSE.  While most fans fell in love with the Myers Brothers, Tim Brown and the others, fans also related to Junior Miller.

“It kind of surprised me how many people have come out to watch us after the MADHOUSE show,” added Miller.  “Anything is subject to happen when it’s gets on national TV.  People have come from all around the county to watch us race, and to eat in our diner it’s been fun.”

Fans who showed up to the stadium this year where met with the famed number 69 in the colors of yellow and green which has been much different than in the past.

“R &L Carriers have stepped up and helped pay the bills this year,” said Miller.  “If they said paint it pink we’d paint it pink.  There’s a little green on there now, but I don’t worry about being superstitious - I just drive the car.”

2010 has not been super kind to Miller.  Sure, there have been good finishes, but he’s also in danger of not winning a race at the stadium for the first time since 2005.

“We lost a race here at the Stadium last summer when they took a win away from us for jumping the start,” explained Miller.  “That was a bunch of bull and since then our luck has not turned around. We have had some good runs, but no wins yet this season.”

Miller also said he has no plans of slowing down unless the money dries up or he is just no longer having fun on the track.

“As long as we’re still having fun and we have a good sponsor we’ll race.”

When asked about the rivalry with him and the Myers brothers, Miller was not short on words.  To the point there is still a feud no matter what side of the stadium you sit on.  

“TV didn’t hype it up - they egged it on though,” said Miller. “All they could talk about was that I came over here to wreck them.  I don’t come over here to wreck nobody.  Burt wrecked my car up pretty good two years ago and I will turn him upside down on the start finish line one of these days.  I’ll stand by that, I hope it’s the last race of the year.”

#69 is the famed number for Junior Miller.
Junior Miller "The King of the Southern Modifieds".
Junior Miller has won 71 races at BGS and six points titles.
Junior Miller won two NASCAR titles in 2005 and 2006.