Terry Phillips wins 13th annual Duel in the Desert
at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Over 200 IMCA Modifieds Pack the Track at LVMS
Track PR Report

Results from the third and final night of the 13th annual Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A total of 232 cars were entered in the three-day IMCA Modified event -- the biggest dirt race in the West.

Terry Phillips of Springfield, Missouri won the 13th annual Duel in the Desert for IMCA Modifieds tonight at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Jordan Grabouski started the 40-lap, $7,777-to-win A-Feature from the pole position, flanked by Bobby Hogge. David Murray Jr., winner of the 2003 and 2008 Duel in the Desert, started third. Two-time Duel in the Desert winner (2004 and 2009) Johnny "The Jet" Saathoff started 17th.

The engines roared to life and the cars pulled away from the front chute at 8:55 p.m. Pacific. David Murray Jr. shot to the inside of the lead pair at the opening green flag to create a three-wide drag race into the first turn. Murray was unable to complete the pass and Bobby Hogge grabbed the lead. With Hogge enjoying a comfortable lead by lap 10, the driver to watch was Terry Phillips, who was riding the highest groove and passing cars at a furious pace. At the halfway point, it was Hogge in the lead, followed by Murray, Phillips, Grabouski and Terry Belcher. Phillips, still running the top of the track, grabbed second place on lap 22 as Hogge navigated the bottom of the oval. By lap 25, the rim-riding Phillips was filling Hogge's rear-view mirror. With just 10 laps remaining, Phillips turned up the heat and made repeated challenges as the pair navigated lapped traffic. Phillips managed to wrestle the lead from Hogge with a handful of laps remaining and took off in search of the $7,777 paycheck, followed closely by Grabouski. The final three circuits were a fight to the finish as Phillips and Grabouski (who owns Phillips' car) sliced through traffic. On the final lap, Grabouski threw his car hard into Turn 3 in a last-ditch effort to pass Phillips but came up short. Phillips won, followed by Grabouski, Hogge, Terry Belcher, Todd Shute and Saathoff.

"You know, I had a few doubts, but the track was excellent," said Phillips. "You could race all over it. The holes made it even better. That way, people mess up, not drive as smooth and follow the leader. It gave the track character and it had a little cushion at the top. I thought I'd give it a try and kept working at it and working at it. Before long, we started passing cars. The crew put together a heck of a car at the last minute. I enjoy coming out here and I guess it worked out pretty good for us."

Perry Misner of Garden City, Kansas won the 20-lap IMCA Stock Car feature. Jake Masters crossed the finish line in first place but was penalized 10 positions for jumping on a restart. Joe Flory of Williston, N.D. finished second and New Mexico's Rex Higgins was third.

The 2011 edition of the Duel in the Desert promises to be bigger and better.

"We always are trying to improve the show for our fans and the racers who travel so far to be a part of the Duel in the Desert," said Chris Blair, LVMS' vice president of racing operations. "We want to keep things exciting and offer more opportunities for people to taste the thrill of winning in Las Vegas."

The Saturday night segment for the 14th annual Duel in the Desert will feature two additional 10-lap bonus races. The Young Gun Showdown will be open to all drivers ages 17 and younger who fail to qualify for the A-feature.  In addition, the Senior Shootout will be open to all drivers ages 55 and over who fail to qualify for the A-feature. Drivers will compete for a trophy, LVMS jacket, contingency products and cash awards.

The 2011 event, which will be held Nov. 10-12, will once again pay $7,777.77 to the winner and $777 to start Saturday's A-feature. Purse increases through the field and a contingency awards program will be announced when the official entry form is released on May 1.

"This event is for die-hard dirt track racing fans and we want to keep working to make it bigger and better," Blair added. "This is an amazing destination event and we hope our commitment to improving the program shows that we share a love of dirt racing with the fans and participants."



First Last-Chance Race: 1. 96J Johnny Saathoff, 2. 43 Brian Foote.
Second Last-Chance Race: 1. 1xx Chris Abelson, 2. 00 Cory Sample.
Third Last-Chance Race: 1. 12D Scott Drake, 2. 33 David Karst.
Fourth Last-Chance Race: 1. 6U Dominic Ursetta, 2. 38 Dustin Massey.
Fifth Last-Chance Race: 1. 66B Paul Stone, 2. 59 Tony Kincaid Jr.
Sixth Last-Chance Race: 1. 34JW Cole Hodges, 2. 19J Jeff Jones.
Seventh Last-Chance Race: 1. 20x Luke Wanninger, 2. Stacy Mills.
Eighth Last-Chance Race: 1. 11x Mike Johnson, 2. 90 Jason Beaulieu.
Ninth Last-Chance Race: 1. Bobby Moore, 2. H20 Randy Hall.
10th Last-Chance Race: 1. 9x Brandon Blochlinger, 2. 1 Cody Gearhardt.
11th Last-Chance Race: 1. 19D Darin Duffy, Connor Pullen.
12th Last-Chance Race: 1. 16M Matt Brack, 2. 16A Aaron Spangler.
IMCA Modified Dash: 1. 2H Bobby Hogge, 2. 5T Jeff Taylor.

Wild West Modified Tour 20-lap shootout: 1. 81T Ricky Alvarado (in a borrowed car), 2. 33Y Justin Yeager. 
40-lap Duel in the Desert A-Feature: 1. Terry Phillips (Springfield, Mo.), 2. Jordan Grabouski (Beatrice, Nebr.), 3. Bobby Hogge (Salinas, Calif.), 4. Terry Belcher Jr. (Phoenix), 5. Todd Shute (Des Moines, Iowa), 6. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, Nebr.), 7. Dylan Smith (Osceola, Nebr.), 8. Jeff Taylor (Cave City, Ark.), 9. Matt Brack (Mead, Colo.), 10. Jeremy Payne (Springfield, Mo.), 11. Benji LaCrosse (Green Bay, Wis.), 12. Scott Drake (Webb Cit, Mo.), 13. Dominic Ursetta (Arvada, Colo.), 14. Chris Abelson (Sioux City, Iowa), 15. Ryan McDaniel (Olivehurst, Calif.), 16. Luke Wanninger (Jefferson, Iowa), 17. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, Iowa), 18. Ricky Alvarado (Delta, Colo.), 19. Brad Pounds (Bakersfield, Calif.), 20. Brandon Blochlinger (Concordia, Kan.), 21. Brian Mullen (Seymour, Wis.), 22. David Murray Jr. (Oberlin, Kan.), 23. Paul Stone (Winton, Calif.), 24. Jeremy Mills (Garner, Iowa), 25. Darin Duffy (Hazelton, Iowa), 26. Mike Johnson (Bakersfield, Calif.), 27. Bobby Moore (Sioux City, Iowa), 28. Cole Hodges (Ogllalla, Neb.).

12-lap qualifier: 1. 20 Joe Flory, 2. 32 Lloyd Meeske, 3. 11h Eric Hamilton.
20-lap IMCA Stoock Car feature: 1. 20M Perry Misner, 2. 20 Joe Flory, 3. AK47 Rex Higgins, 4. Jeffrey Larson, 5. Cary White.


Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

LAS VEGAS -- Results from the second night of the 13th annual Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Watch it live on pay-per-view Internet TV at www.Speedwaychannel.com.


First heat: 1. 21 Phil Penney, 2. 0 Jimmy Reeves, 3. 37m Richard Mueller.
Second heat: 1. 18z Zane Devilbiss, 2. 9 Brandon Blochlinger, 3. 2. 52h Dylan Hatch.
Third heat: 1. 48 Bob Moore, 2. 44 Jason Noll, 3. 33 David Karst.
Fourth heat: 1. 2H Bobby Hogge, 2. 11 Kyle Heckman, 3. 89 Bo Newton.
Fifth heat: 1. 7N Jay Noteboom, 2. 16A Aaron Spangler, 3. 71C Troy Cordes.
Sixth heat: 1. 33Y Justen Yeager, 2. 17 Conner Pullen, 3. 34JW Cole Hodges.
Seventh heat: 1. 54 Benji LaCrosse, 2. 2J  Dan Fitzgerald, 3. 1M Cody Gearhardt.
Eighth heat: 1. 1N Shawn Natenstadt, 2. 3B Eddie Belec, 3. 24J Jason Donnelly.
Ninth heat: 1. 27 Jason Wolla, 2. 98A Alex Stanford, 3. 110 Tyrone Yazzie.
10th heat: 1. 198 Bobby Sawyer, 2. 98 Jason Snyder, 3. 09 Jay Foster.
11th heat: 1. 16B Randy Brown, 2. Tony Kincaid, 3. 20C Chase Hansen.
12th heat: 1. 10E Stacy Mills, 2. Travis Metz, 3. 66P Paul Stone.
13th heat: 1. 75 Alan Sharpensteen, 2. 66T Travis Sherfick, 3. 6X Jason Schoenberger.   
14th heat: 1. 21c Wade Cross, 2. 19SB Lance Mari, 3. 29 Andy Obertello.
15th heat: 1. 42R  Larry Rogers, 2. 95 Dylan Smith, 3. 5A Mark Allison.
16th heat: 1. 5T Jeff Taylor, 2. 3Z Randy Havlik, 3. 19D Darin Duffy.
17th heat: 1. 96J Johnny Saathoff, 2. 43 Brian Foote, 3. 12D Scott Drake.
18th heat: 1. 12 Paul Donnelly, 2. 11X Mike Johnson, 3. H20 Randy Hall. 
19th heat: 1. 18 Terry Belcher Jr., 2. 2W Casey Delp, 3. 67H Greg Mancebo.
20th heat: 1. 15B Brad Pounds, 2. 69 Danny Hogue, 3. 14M Craig Moore.
First IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 166 Joe Antonetti, 2. 10N Robert Sanders, 3. 1XT Gary Dutton.
Second IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 33 David Karst, 2. 1ww Ricky Alvarado, 3. 3L Brian Levander.
Third IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 71C Troy Cordes, 2. 34JW Cole Hodges, 3. 2D Brian McCaughan.
Fourth IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 1M Cody Gearhardt, 2. 21H Shane Hiatt, 3. 4 Joe Yantis.
Fifth IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 92 Josh Most, 2. 09 Jay Foster, 3. 5F Cory Hemphill. 
Sixth IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. Jim Bonetti, 2. Chase Hansen, 3. Chris Alcorn.
Seventh IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 6x Jason Schoenberger, 2. 29 Andy Obertello, 3. 90 Jason Beaulieu.
Eighth IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 19d Darin Duffy, 2. 185 George Ashby Jr., 3. 82 Sherman Barnett.
Ninth IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. Matt Brack, 2. Dominic Ursetta, 3. Scott Drake.
10th IMCA Modified B-Feature: 1. 72w Wyatt Howard, 2. 1xx Chris Abelson, 3. 14M Craig Moore.  
IMCA Modified Pole Dash: 1. Jordan Grabowski.
First 20-lap IMCA Modified A-Feature (first four cars transfer to Saturday's A-Feature): 1. 2H Bobby Hogge, 2. 7N Jay Noteboom, 3. 54 Benji LaCrosse, 4. 1ww Ricky Alverado (started 27th).
Second 20-lap IMCA Modified A-Feature (first four cars transfer to Saturday's A-Feature): 1. 18 Terry Belcher Jr., 2. 5T Jeff Taylor, 3. 95 Dylan Smith, 4. 15B Brad Pounds, 5. 96J Johnny Saathoff.


First 10-lap IMCA Stock Car heat: 1. 60T Rodney Wadel, 2. 17 Ron Hurt, 3. 32 Lloyd Meeske.
Second 10-lap IMCA Stock Car heat: 1. 11 Jake Masters 2. 20M Perry Misner, 3. 20 Joe Flory.
15-lap IMCA Stock Car feature: 1. 11 Jake Masters, 2. 44K Kevin Opheim, 3. 7D Loren DeArnold, 4. 20 Perry Misner, 5. 47AK Rex Higgins. 


Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

LAS VEGAS -- Results from the first night of the 13th annual Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
A total of 232 IMCA Modifieds entered on the first night. Watch it live on pay-per-view Internet TV on www.Speedwaychannel.com.

First heat: 1. Eddie Belec, 2. Mike Johnson, 3. Troy McIlroy.
Second heat: 1. Jeremy Mills, 2. Joe Antonetti, 3. Brian Poppa.
Third heat: 1. Troy Cordis, 2. Dylan Smith, 3. Jeff Taylor.
Fourth heat: 1. Brad Pounds, 2. Chris Abelson, 3. Michael Hale..
Fifth heat: 1. Matt Brack, 2. Terry Phillips, 3. Greg Mancebo.
Sixth heat: 1. Mike Petersillie, 2. Ricky Alverado, 3. Brian Foote.
Seventh heat: 1. Jason Snyder, 2. Terry Belcher, 3. Bert Beech.
Eighth heat: 1. Jordan Grabowski, 2. John Cox, 3. John Flory.
Ninth heat: 1. Porter Smith, 2. Jason Beaulieu, 3. Will Brack.
10th heat: 1. Darin Duffy, 2. Randy Artz, 3. Paul Stone.
11th heat: 1. Scott Drake, 2. Dominic Ursetta, 3. Phillip Houston.
12th heat: 1. 7n Jay Noteboom, 2. 48 Bobby Moore, 3. Tom Purcell. (Best race of the night! Noteboom started 12th, was in third place on the final lap, passed first and second-place cars coming out of Turn 4 on last lap.)
13th heat: 1. David Murray, 2. Joe Kent, 3. David Karst.
14th heat: 1. Brian Mullen, 2. Luke Wanninger, 3. Jason Schoenberger.
15th heat: 1. Todd Shute, 2. Chase Hansen, 3. Justin O'Brien.
16th heat: 1. Christy Georges, 2. Alan Sharpensteen, 3. 4 Joey Yantis.
17th heat: 1. Bobby Hogge, 2. Benji LaCRosse, 3. Dusty Safley.
18th heat: 1. Kellen Chadwick, 2. Johnny Saathoff, 3. Alex Stanford.
19th heat: 1. Ryan McDaniel, 2. Ryan Cottrell, 3. Chris Alcorn.
20th heat: 1. Wyatt Howard, 2. Tony Kincaid Jr., 3. Gene Kay.

First two finishers in each B-Feature transferred to A-Feature.
First B-Feature: 1. Jeremy Payne, 2. Brady Coen, 3. Brian Poppa.
Second B-Feature: 1. Jeff Taylor, 2. Dan Fitzgerald, 3. Michael Hale.
Third B-Feature: 1. Brian Foote, 2. Aaron Spangler, 3. Travis Sherfick.
Fourth B-Feature: 1. Mark Rodgers, 2. Jerry Harpole, 3. Steve Simpson Jr.
Fifth B-Feature: 1. Will Brack, 2. Paul Stone, 3. Jeff Jones.
Sixth B-Feature: 1. 3Z Randy Havlik, 2. 177 Steve Boucher, 3. 71 Phillip Houston.
Seventh B-Feature: 1. 6x Jason Schoenberger, 2. 9x Brandon Blochlinger, 3. 26x Joe Kent.
Eighth B-Feature: 1. 12J Justin O'Brien, 2. 198 Robby Sawyer, 3. 21 Phil Penney.
Ninth B-Feature: 1. Alex Stanford, 2. Dusty Safely, 3. Shawn Natanstedt.
10th B-Feature: 1. 3N Gene Kay, 2. 98W Chris Alcorn, 3. 1M Cody Gearhardt.

First four finishers from Thursday's two 25-lap A-Features transferred to Saturday's $7,777-to-win A-Feature.
First A-Feature: 1. Jordan Grabowski (Beatrice, Neb.), 2. Jeremy Mills, 3. Jeremy Payne, 4. Terry Phillips.
Second A-Feature: 1. 97M David Murray Jr., 2. 72 Brian Mullen, 3. 10 Ryan McDaniel 4. 5 Todd Shute.