Close Racing Defines the Night on
Third Week of Atlanta's Thursday Thunder
Nichols, Lang, Hill, Holleman and Hull are All Among Winners
Track PR Report

A night of double feature races produced close racing and plenty of action during the third week of Thursday Thunder on the “Thunder Ring” at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

It was an evening where Skip Nichols raced into the record books, collecting his 27th career Thursday Thunder victory with a sweep of both feature races in the Masters division. Nichols is now tied with Doug Stevens for the most Thursday Thunder victories.

Nichols was the pole sitter for the Masters feature before relinquishing the lead Bill Plemons Jr. A caution with four laps to go closed up the front of the field with Plemons ahead of Nichols and Ed Clark. But on the restart, Plemons lost control, allowing Nichols to move to the top spot and take the win with Clark finishing second.

John Ponzio held the top spot as the Master’s division started its second feature, but he couldn’t deny the charge of Nichols, who surged through the field for the win and his 27th career Thursday Thunder victory.

Numerous drivers took advantage of the double feature format, with six drivers sweeping both feature races in their respective divisions.  

Racing for the first time at Thursday Thunder, Greg Lang took the green flag to get the Dixie Home Crafters Semi-Pro feature underway and led flag-to-flag to rack up the win. The win was not without its challenges for Lang, who had to hold off a hard-charging Luke Behnke and work his way through slower traffic in the closing laps. Behnke finished second. 

R.S. Senter started the second Dixie Home Crafters Semi-Pro feature from the pole and led the first 14 laps before Lang seized the top spot. That sparked a back-and-forth fight for the top spot that resulted in both drivers making contact to bring out a caution in the closing laps, putting Jake Armstrong in the lead with four circuits remaining. Armstrong’s hopes of a win, however, were short-lived as he was involved in an accident on the restart, placing Jordan Coker in the lead. Following another caution, Garrett Smithley grabbed the lead but was overtaken with a lap to go by Amber Colvin, who held off Coker for her first Thursday Thunder win. 

The first Marco’s Pizza Bandits feature started with Clayton Weatherman as the leader with Garrett Biggers trailing in a two-car breakaway prior to a caution six laps into the race. Weatherman had to survive a late challenge following a caution with four laps to go. Weatherman, however, held serve as he pulled away for the win in his first 2010 appearance at Thursday Thunder ahead of Reed Hatchett and Alex Coffey. 

Joe Wilder started the second Marco’s Pizza Bandits feature from the pole before being quickly overtaken by Weatherman, who cruised to a sweep of both features in the division.

Charlie Gresham held the pole position for the first Young Lions feature before Sean Rayhall moved to the front of the field, put some distance between himself and the rest of the field and cruised to his second Thursday Thunder win of the season.

The second Young Lions feature also saw Gresham start from the top position. And like the first of the two features, Rayhall moved into the lead and didn’t surrender it, also earning a sweep of his division’s pair of feature races.

In the Roadsters feature, Taylor Hull led the field to the start and led flag-to-flag for the victory, his first feature win of the season. Brian Meredith and Skip Nichols followed him to the finish.  Taylor Hull edged Meredith to win the second feature.

John Holleman started Morley Company Outlaws feature from the pole position and held a sizeable lead before a caution with six laps remaining tightened up the field, putting Riley Halverson in the second position. Holleman held the advantage, taking his second win of the season with Halverson finishing second.

Dylan Reid led the second Morley Company Outlaws feature to the green flag. Following a flurry of early cautions, Holleman moved to the top spot and held off Madeline Crane in a green-white-checkered finish to pick up his second win of the night.

Jimmy Henderson paced the field to the green for the OCP Angus Farms Pro feature. The feature ended with Austin Hill enjoying a reversal of fortune. A week after being muscled out of the lead on the final lap by Jeff Haynie, Hill nudged Donald McIntosh out of the lead on turn one of the final lap to take the victory. McIntosh lead at the race’s halfway point before being passed on the final lap.

Taylor Hull began the second OCP Angus Farms Pro feature as the leader before Hill moved into the lead. Hill pulled away for what turned out to be an easy win, well ahead of the rest of the competition.

Thursday Thunder returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway’s “Thunder Ring” on Thursday, June 24. Adult tickets are $5 and children ages six to 11 are just $1, while ages five and under are admitted free of charge

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Week 3 Results:

Dixie Home Crafters Semi-Pro Feature 1: 1. Greg Lang (Davidson, NC), 2. Luke Behnke (Fayetteville) 3. Jacob Armstrong (Senoia), 4. Mike Weed (Franklin), 5. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 6. William Plemmons III (Smyrna) 7. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City), 8. Amber Colvin (Tallahassee, Fla.), 9. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 10. Mark Younginer (Locust Grove), 11. Stuart Wilkerson (Midland), 12. Mark Swan (Atlanta), 13. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 14. Jerry Silvers (Calhoun), 15. Taylor Griffith (Homer).

Dixie Home Crafters Semi-Pro Feature 2: 1. Amber Colvin (Tallahassee, Fla.), 2. Jordan Coker (Powder Springs), 3. Garrett Smithley (Peachtree City), 4. R.S. Senter (Oakwood), 5. Mark Younginer (Locust Grove), 6. Chris Bowie (Douglasville), 7. Mark Swan (Atlanta), 8. Stuart Wilkerson (Midland), 9. William Plemmons III (Smyrna), 10. Jerry Silvers (Calhoun), 11. Jacob Armstrong (Senoia), 12. Mike Weed (Franklin), 13. Greg Lang (Davidson, NC), 14. Billy Stevenson (McDonough), Luke Behnke (Fayetteville), 16. Taylor Griffith (Homer).

Marco’s Pizza Bandits Feature 1: 1. Clayton Weatherman (Wentzville, Mo.), 2. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 3. Joe Wilder (Marietta), 4. Joshua Hicks (Senoia), 5. Reed Hatchett (Knoxville, Tenn.), 6. Ashton Winger (Fayetteville), 7. Clifford Osmer (Pearl River, La),  8. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 9. Christopher Tullis (Dacula), 10. Alton Clark (Newnan), 11. Ryan Massaro (Gadsen, Ala.), 12. Garrett Biggers (Charlotte, NC), 13. Woodrow Mullis (Hoboken), and 14. Abigail Marin (Peachtree City).

Marco’s Pizza Bandits Feature 2: 1. Clayton Weatherman (Wentzville, Mo.), 2. Alex Coffey (McDonough), 3. Woodrow Mullis (Hoboken) 4. Joe Wilder (Marietta), 5. Christopher Tullis (Dacula), 6. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 7.Joshua Hicks (Senoia), 8. Alton Clark (Newnan), 9. Ashton Winger (Fayetteville),10. Abigail Marin (Peachtree City), 11. Ryan Massaro (Gadsen, Ala.), 12. Reed Hatchett (Knoxville, Tenn.), 13. Garrett Biggers (Charlotte, NC),

Young Lions Feature 1: 1. Sean Rayhall (Winston), 2. Mason Massey (Winston), 3. Kason Plott (Marietta), 4. A.J. Carlisi (Dalton), 5. Anderson Bowen (Suwanee), 6. Charlie Gresham (Griffin), 7. Benjamin Rhodes (Louisville, Ky.),  8.Jake Cole (Kearney, Mo), 9. Cameron Hadley (Concord),

Young Lions Feature 2: 1. Sean Rayhall (Winston), 2. Mason Massey (Winston), 3. Kason Plott (Marietta), 4. Charlie Gresham (Griffin), 5.Jake Cole (Kearney, Mo) 6. Anderson Bowen (Suwanee), 7. Cameron Hadley (Concord)  8. Benjamin Rhodes (Louisville, Ky.) ATQ: A.J. Carlisi (Dalton).

Roadsters Feature 1: 1. Taylor Hull (Winston) 2. Brian Meredith (Locust Grove), 3. Skip Nichols (Albany), 4. Ed Clark (Peachtree City). ATQ: 2. Adam Gay (Dublin).

Roadsters Feature 2: 1. Taylor Hull (Winston) 2. Brian Meredith (Locust Grove), 3. Skip Nichols (Albany) ATQ: Ed Clark (Peachtree City) ATQ: Adam Gay (Dublin)

Morley Company Outlaws Feature 1: 1. John Holleman (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 2. Riley Halverson (Concord, NC), 3. Ryan Shattuck (Islamarado, Fla), 4. Madeline Crane (Meansville),  5. Parker Barnes (Alpharetta), 6. Joey Padgett (Tallahassee, Fla) 7. John Gregg (Winston-Salem, NC) 8. Dylan Reid (Winston), 9. Taylor Jorgenson (Stockbridge), 10. Tyler Mosley (McDonough), 11. Amber Fleeman, 12. Jami Weimer (Cumming), 13. Jayme Dickerson (Dawsonville),

Morley Company Outlaws Feature 2: 1. John Holleman (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 2. Madeline Crane (Meansville), 3. Parker Barnes (Alpharetta), 4. Tyler Mosley (McDonough), 5. Amber Fleeman, 6. Taylor Jorgenson (Stockbridge), 7. Joey Padgett (Tallahassee, Fla), 8. Dylan Reid (Winston), 9. Jayme Dickerson (Dawsonville), 10. Jami Weimer (Cumming), 11. Mark Younginer (Locust Grove), 12. . Ryan Shattuck (Islamarado, Fla), 13. Riley Halverson (Concord, NC). DQ: 4. John Gregg (Winston-Salem, NC)

Masters Feature 1: 1. Skip Nichols (Albany), 2. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 3. Philip Young (Dallas), 4. Rick Geddes (Newnan), 5. Don Chandler (Macon) 6. John Ponzio (Tyrone), 7. David Wilkerson, 8. Mike Kennedy (Alpharetta), 9. Bill Plemmons, Jr. (Greensboro).

Masters Feature 2: 1. Skip Nichols (Albany), 2. Rick Geddes (Newnan) 3. Philip Young (Dallas), 4. Bill Plemmons, Jr. (Greensboro), 5. Don Chandler (Macon), 6. Ed Clark (Peachtree City), 7. John Ponzio (Tyrone), 8. David Wilkerson, ATQ: Mike Kennedy (Alpharetta).

OCP Angus Farms Pro Feature 1: 1. Austin Hill (Winston), 2. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville), 3. Kyle Plott (Marietta), 4. Jimmy Henderson (Conyers), 5. Taylor Hull (Winston), 6. Tyler Lester (Dallas, NC), ATQ: Tina Johnson (Senoia), ATQ: Adam Gay (Dublin).

OCP Angus Farms Pro Feature 2: 1. Austin Hill (Winston), 2. Donald McIntosh (Dawsonville), 3. Jimmy Henderson (Conyers), 4. Taylor Hull (Winston), 5. Tyler Lester (Dallas, NC), 6. Kyle Plott (Marietta), ATQ: Adam Gay (Dublin).