Zane Zeiner, Jeremy McDermott and Johnnie Gloor IV
Take NELMA Victories at Sundance Vacations Speedway
Late Models Headline The Action on Saturday
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Three divisions of racing with full fields set the stage for the popular 6th annual NELMA Late Model Challenge Saturday at Sundance Vacations Speedway. Rebounding from an earlier incident and following a slew of late race pit stops, somehow Zane Zeiner of Bath, PA took the lead with six laps remaining and drove off to victory. Jeremy McDermott of Long Island bested the field for the checkers in the Street Stock Fender Fury and Johnnie Gloor IV notched the victory in the Legends Fall Classic event. 

The Late Model drivers ran time trials and Zane Zeiner blistered off a lap 13.967, which beat the track record. The top five time trailers were inverted for the start of the race, which gave the pole to Jimmy Wismer.

Wismer set the early pace with Justin Onderko in second, followed by Roger Oxee, Larry Fisher and Joe Burns. Onderko made a bid for the lead stick on lap 10 and then Wismer regained the advantage on the following circuit.

Fisher began to fall back a few positions and Mike Sweeney cracked the top five before a competition yellow on lap 50. Both Zeiner and Lorin Arthofer noticed that they had right front tires going down under the caution period and they hit the pits for rubber before green flag racing resumed.

With Wismer still in command, the caution flew on lap 52 when Zeiner and Mike Coll collected in turns three and four. Trouble struck Zeiner 20 circuits later when he and Burns tangled in turn two.

Green flag racing resumed and Wismer remained in front. Sweeney held second with Dave Macomber, Craig Lutz and Arthofer in tow.

Coll and Arthofer battled for the fifth spot with 22 laps remaining. The two touched and went up the speedway in turn four and then Zeiner moved into the fifth spot. However, Coll drover to the back bumper of Zeiner and the following lap and took him around in turn four.

Following a quick caution on lap 81, Sweeney was on his game and took the lead following a terrific restart. Wismer began to fade over the closing laps and Zeiner began to mount a charge back toward the front. With nine laps remaining he overtook Lutz for second and then reeled in Sweeney.

Despite efforts to keep him in the rearview, Zeiner took the lead on lap 94 and held on to take his first victory in the NELMA Late Model Challenge. Arthofer made some late race moves to finish in the second spot and Sweeney ended up third, followed by Lutz and Wismer.

Jeremy McDermott timed quickest of the Street Stocks and the top six were inverted, which moved Brian Brown to the pole position for the start of the 50-lap feature. Brown got loose on the start and Chris Turbush took advantage and grabbed the lead over Chip Wanamaker.

Wanamaker rode the high line and grabbed the race lead on lap four before he and Turbush rubbed fenders and doors in turn four two circuits later. The duo pushed up the track and Craig Lutz took command.

Meanwhile, McDermott worked his way up to second and then overtook Lutz for the lead on lap 15. With 24 laps complete, McDermott led over Turbush, Joe Barbush, Steve Shultz and John Ellwood.

Despite the hard racing from the sixth spot on back, the top five remained the same over the closing laps. In dominating fashion, McDermott notched his first win at the speedway over Turbush, Barbush and Shultz. Chris McGuire overtook Lutz in the latter stages of the race to finish fifth.

Chris Young ran the fastest Legends lap in time trials and the top 12 were inverted, which put Matt Marring on the pole position for the 30-lap contest. Marring led the opening lap over Mark Tischler and Darren Scherer before Johnnie Gloor IV cracked the top five and then made a three wide maneuver stick to take the lead on the third lap.

Scherer seemed to have a car to beat the leader but his day came to end when he was forced out with mechanical woes on lap 17. Kevin Nowak lined up second behind the leader for the restart with Tony Hanbury third.

Hanbury worked over Nowak and grabbed the runner up spot on lap 22 and despite a hard drive up alongside the leader, Gloor held on to take his first NELMA victory over Hanbury, Timmy Solomito, Nowak and 25th place starter, Mike Alcaro.

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Late Model (100-laps) 1. ZANE ZEINER 2. Lorin Arthofer 3. Mike Sweeney 4. Craig Lutz 5. Jimmy Wismer 6. Larry Fisher 7. Dave Macomber 8. Justin Onderko 9. Paul Skodacek 10. Roger Oxee 11. Pat Hargan 12. Doug Renalds 13. Kevin Metzger 14. Bill Catania 15. Mike Coll 16. Joe Burns 17.Rick Smith 18. Geno Steigerwalt 19. Jarrod Hayes 20. Francis Gross III DNS: Travis Fisher

Street Stock (50-laps) 1. JEREMY MCDERMOTT 2. Chris Turbush 3. Joe Barbush 4. Steve Shultz 5. Chris McGuire 6. Justin Mooney 7. Rich DiMarco 8. Chip Wanamaker 9. Nick Shaw 10. Frank Scimeca 11. Brian Brown 12. Alan Schlenker 13. Steve Hoffman 14. Craig Lutz 15. Jamie Smith 16. Josh Mooney 17.Kory Comiskey 18. Daryn Miller 19. Tony Hilliard 20. John Ellwood 21. Brian Doyle DNS: Joe Oliver, Nick Ross

Legends (30-laps) 1. JOHNNIE GLOOR IV 2. Tony Hanbury 3. Timmy Solomito 4. Kevin Nowak 5. Mike Alcaro 6. Chris Young 7. Mark Tischler 8. Matt Maring 9. Jeffrey Goodale 10. Raven Schrantz 11. Kyle Ellwood 12. Jason Sendlewski 13. Gregory Rittenhouse 14. Jim Byrne 15. Rob McCormick 16. Kyle Soper 17. Carl Vilardo Jr 18. Beth Scherer 19. Carl Jones 20. Barry Schrantz 21. John Visconti 22. Shawn Sitarchyk 23. Scott Hubler 24. Darren Scherer 25. Roger Turbush