51 Leftovers: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East at New Hampshire
Swindell, Shaw, Lajoie, Eddie Mac and More
By Mike Twist
Swindell Settles In For Second Place Finish

Kevin Swindell started seventh and finished second in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  He made a valiant effort to try and catch eventual winner Ryan Truex too, but that just wasn't to be in this race.

“We took our time and picked our way through there,” said Swindell.  “It was just a matter of trying to catch that #00 [Truex] and I was just too tight to make a run on him.  I kind of stayed with him on the last restart and got up to his corner in turn three, but I couldn't hold it down there.  He was able to pick up enough of a gap that I couldn't make it up.”

Wallace is a Quick Learner at New Hampshire

Darrell Wallace, Jr. had never raced at New Hampshire Motor Speedway before this past week, yet he still came away from the event with a solid podium finish of third.  There were however a few obstacles to overcome to get that strong result.

“It's been a rough two days for us,” said Wallace after the race.  “In practice, we only got 20 laps when we blew a motor.  I'd never been here, so I lost a lot of seat time with that.  We had to start in the back because of that.  I was still kind of clueless going into the race and I had to wing it for the first 50 laps or so until I got a line down.  Once that came in, I was fast.”

Having Andy Santerre, who has won three times at the track as a driver and currently leads up the Revolution Racing team as its General Manager, in his corner also helped Wallace.

“He helped me a lot,” said Wallace of Santerre.  “He told me to run the bottom.  That I could get them coming off 9the corners).  But our car wasn't really working on the bottom and I needed to run the top.  So I asked him how the top was and he told me that I could use it.  So we got lucky and were able to use the top to gain a few positions.”

Lajoie Takes Long Road to Top Ten Finish

Corey Lajoie finished eighth at New Hampshire and didn't have an easy time getting to that finish.  Before the race even started, Lajoie's #07 was sitting on the grid when it developed a major oil leak.  That got fixed and then Lajoie had to deal with hitting the wall and running out of gas before his 125-lap race was finished.

“The car is in one piece and you can't ask for much more than that,” said Lajoie.  We had that unfortunate problem with the heater.  It grounded out against the tank, so we cut a piece of aluminum and epoxied it up.  It held for the rest of the race.”

“Then we ran out of gas running seventh, eighth or ninth.  Then, we hit the fence once.  We went a lap down at one point, made that lap up, came from the back of the field and finished eighth.  We had a great racecar.”

Lajoie and his team are working with a shoestring budget  - with has an effect on how he drivers the car and also leaves him wondering quite when his next race will be.

“I'm sure that I could qualify a little bit better if I knew that there was a second car hanging out in the trailer.  I try to take care of this one because it is my once horse and I need to take care of it.”

“We're not going to go to Lime Rock or Lee, so hopefully we can go to Gresham.  We're also looking at Nationwide and Truck stuff, but the name of the game is money so it all depends on how much of that we can come up with.”

Another Shaw Leads at New Hampshire

DJ Shaw has watched his father Dale win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway a total of three times in his career.  Now, Dale is coaching D.J.'s rookie season in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East ranks.  The younger Shaw carried on a family tradition at New Hampshire though by starting on the outside pole and leading 18 laps early in the race before Brett Moffitt took over the top spot.

“That was fun,” said Shaw.  “But I knew it was going to be short-lived because Moffitt was looking to go there.  I didn't want to use it up because we didn't plan to take on new tires.  So I just sat back and rode.  Once he pressured me, I let him go and run away with it.  That showed because at the end of a 100-lap run, I was back by him again after he had almost a straightaway lead.”

Shaw eventually finished 13th in the race, which didn't indicate just how strong of an effort that he had going in the race.

“I think that we had a third place car,” said Shaw.  “I think that the #9 [Kevin Swindell] and the #00 [Ryan Truex] were the best.  I think if we hadn't taken tires, we could have ended up in the top five.  But for whatever reason, we took on tires and lost 4/10th.”

Eddie Mac Has a Different Kind of Day at New Hampshire

Going into Friday's race at New Hampshire, Eddie MacDonald had won thereof the last four East Series events at the track.  In this race, he had an entirely different kind of race though - starting back in the 21st position and eventually finishing tenth.

“It was decent I guess.,” said MacDonald.  “We really hurt ourselves starting so far back and just killed the left side tires coming through.  I thought that we had a decent car even though qualifying wasn't that great.  It raced good.

“I think that we got up to sixth or seventh and I just couldn't hang on to it coming off turn four.  I kind of ran into Ty Dillon.  That dropped us back quite a way because it got sideways and I needed to gather it back up again.”

After the race though, MacDonald was still able to put things in perspective.

“It was better than coming home with a wrecked racecar.”

Tardiff Has Strong Day at NHMS, Finishes Seventh

Alan Tardiff only made his second East Series start of the season at New Hampshire, but he sure made it count by starting ninth, running as high as fourth and finishing seventh.

“We came in early for overheating and restart way back,” said Tardiff.  “We couldn't take fuel because it was too early.  Then I drove back up through the field and had a lot of fun doing it before the car got real free.  We got a caution, took on fuel and took on tights.  On the short runs, it was really tight, so we needed a long run with a lot of laps.

“We got up to fourth and it got a little crazy at the end.  Ty Dillon and I swapped some paint and it probably isn't over between us.”

Tardiff plans to run in the East Series races at Lee, in September at NHMS and at Dover later this season.

Eddie MacDonald makes a save on his #71.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
Kevin Swindell chases Ryan Truex at New Hampshire.  (NASCAR Photo)
Alan Tardiff leads a pack at New Hampshire with his #38.  (NASCAR Photo)
Darrell Wallace, Jr.  (51 Photo)
Corey Lajoie's oil leak.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
Corey Lajoie's #07 car.  (Rick Ibsen Photo)