2010 To Be Final Year for Busch
Sport Scene News Print Publication
Publication's 11-Year Run to End in January
PR Report

Busch Sport Scene Publisher George Campbell announced today that 2010 will be his final year publishing the popular autoracing newsprint publication. The publication debuted in 1999 and plans are underway to make 2010 the final year. The last issue will be slated for print in January of 2011.

“This will be the twelfth year I have published Busch Sport Scene,” Campbell said on the In the Pits radio show Friday morning. “Its time for me to move on to some other things I have wanted to do. I would be open to selling the publication, but after a couple years of trying, there is little interest in print publications at this time.”

Campbell plans to cut the printing schedule slightly from past years, printing monthly for most of the race season before the final ‘winter’ issue in January. The reason for cutting the print schedule in 2010 is to complete a book that, as he says, will be the final chapter for the paper.

“I am currently working on a book tentatively titled Busch North Scene: A Ten Year Retrospective,” Campbell said. “The book will review our first ten full years of publishing the paper, from 2000 – 2009. Many of the long time staff members are contributing to the book. We’re going to look back at the drivers and teams from the Busch North Series during those ten years. We want to share our experiences covering and interacting with the many people and diverse personalities from the former Busch North Series, Busch East Series and Camping World Series, while recapping what a great series it was during that ten year period.”

The book is currently on schedule to be released by the fall of 2010.  It will have a limited printing and will be available to all past & present subscribers and neracing.com readers first. The next issue of Busch Sport Scene will be out in June. No more subscriptions will be taken after July.

“I felt this day was coming close to a year ago,” Campbell said. “Six months ago I stopped taking new subscriptions and shortened the length of any renewals. I have been ‘whittling’ down the subscription base for the past year. The few subscriptions remaining after our final issue in January will be fulfilled by our friends at the Racin Paper.”

“We are going to give current, past and new subscribers the opportunity to continue to receive Busch Sport Scene through our final year by offering short run subscriptions that can also include the upcoming book,” Campbell continued. “We are planning some very special issues for the last season. But we will not take any subscriptions after July, or extend subscriptions beyond January.”

“It has been an awesome 12 year run,” Campbell finished. “I will miss it when it’s over, but its time for me to move onto some other projects I have been putting off. I felt making this announcement now would make the year much more positive, and allow our current and past readers to follow along with our plans and events. I am also going to do our annual charity event one more year in Rangeley this winter. But that event will also serve as the ‘final’ event for the paper. My hope is for it to be a big party, everyone will be invited to celebrate with us.”

Each issue of the paper in 2010 will feature all the same racing news and information it normally carries, and will also add ‘flash back’ stories and articles from the first five years. Campbell plans to reprint some of the more popular articles from the papers first few years, including quotes from drivers, race reports and feature stories.

“The 2010 issues of the papers are going to be a lot of fun to print,” Campbell said. “I have already started looking back at some of the articles I want to reprint. As I looked back at some of the issues from those first few years, it gave me a time to reflect on what we did back then. It brought back a lot of great memories and made me proud of what we have accomplished. Busch North Scene (the original name of the paper) was a nice little paper and it had a great staff that really cared about the Busch North Series. It also made me really happy that we are going to be able to finish up the way we are this year, and the book will be the icing on the cake. I am excited about the upcoming year.”

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