Penalties Levied for Pit Area Incident at
Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil Speedway
Lucas Oil LM Series Suspends Will Vaught for a Year
Series PR Report

Officials of the Lucas Oil Late Model Series have suspended driver Will Vaught for one year, starting May 30, 2010.  Vaught, after contact with another driver on the race track, drove up the back straight-away, from turn three to the pit exit near turn two and against traffic and into the pit area.  Continuing into the hot pit area, Vaught used his race car to assault driver Jesse Stovall - still in his car.  Vaught crashed into Stovall's car causing severe damage and exposing crew members and others to risk of death or serious injury. This suspension applies to the Lucas Oil Speedway and the Lucas Oil MLRA.

Lucas Oil Late Model Series Director Ritchie Lewis said: "While with on-track incidents it can be difficult to determine whether the incident was an accident or purposeful, Mr. Vaught's actions were clearly deliberate, and dangerous to the other driver and exposed crew members to great risk.  This type of action can not and will not be tolerated. Will is a good man that will be an asset to many forms of racing for years to come. He made a mistake and will pay for his off track actions and move forward. He has shared that he is not proud of his actions and the series will support him by staying in communication", said Lewis.

Vaught was disqualified from the race, the Show-Me 100, and his winnings will be forfeited and distributed to the DRO Program to support ministries for Lucas Oil Late Model drivers and teams.  Officials want it to be clear that the penalty is directed only to the driver and that his car owner would be welcome to continue in competition with another driver.

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