Penalties Levied for Tire Rule Infractions
at Scorcher 100 Volunteer Speedway
Altered Tires Draw Fines, Suspensions and
Point Levies From Lucas Oil Dirt LM Series
Series PR Report

Officials of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series announce that an independent lab determined that samples taken from tires that Billy Ogle Jr. and Vic Hill used to compete with at the Scorcher 100 at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TN had been chemically altered before they were used in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series sanctioned event on June 18 & 19, 2010 at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TN.

LOLMDS officials handed down the following penalties to Billy Ogle and Vic Hill for chemically altered tires that were used during competition at an LOLMDS sanctioned event. The Scorcher 100 at Volunteer Speedway on June 18th & 19th, 2010 was a sanctioned LOLMDS event with a contract and insurance in place at the time of this occurrence.

First time offender, driver Billy Ogle Jr. had an infraction on his right front tire. The penalty carries a $1,500.00 fine, 300 points, plus any winnings that were accrued for the event. Ogle will assume all costs incurred during the testing procedures in the amount of $1020 for a total of amount of $2520.00. Ogle's $700.00 winnings will be returned to Volunteer Speedway, correcting the payout for night one of the Scorcher 100.

The infraction of Vic Hill was his 2nd offense and carries a 500-point penalty, five (5) -race suspensions for himself and crew chief, $5000.00 driver fine, $2500.00 crew chief fine, and the cost of all testing procedures of $510.00; for a total of $8010.00 to be paid prior to returning to competition in a LOLMDS race. The $1400.00 in winnings for Hill's seventh place finish will be redistributed to the affected drivers and Volunteer Speedway.

Other Tire Samples were collected during the Scorcher 100 event from Jimmy Owens, Scott Bloomquist, Mark Vineyard, Eric Jacobsen, Jonathan Davenport, Chris Wall, and Dan Schlieper; all were tested and found to be legal.

Tire samples were collected from Scott Bloomquist, Ray Cook, Chris Madden, and Jimmy Owens at the LOLMDS sanctioned "Race for Juvenile Diabetes" event on June 17th at Cleveland Speedway that were tested and found to be legal.