Leftovers:  Redbud 300
Hantz Wins One for His Fallen Car Owner, Full Moons, Throttle-Hangs, Harsh Words and More
By Matt Kentfield and Elgin Traylor 
The 2010 Redbud 300 at anderson Speedway (IN) was filled with stories of all kind.  Check out our video leftovers and other stories from this historic Super Late Model event. 
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Terry Fisher, Jr. Gets Dinged Up In Last-Lap Melee, but Hangs on for third.
Johnny VanDoorn's Podium Run Ends With Last-Lap Crash in Redbud 300. 
Scott Hantz Honors His Late Car Owner Dick Poe With Redbud 300 win.
Chase Elliott Has Long Night At Anderson

Not many 14-year-olds can experience all that Chase Elliott did behind the wheel on Monday night in the Redbud 300.  Elliott had a fierce battle with Kyle Busch for the lead before the 100 lap mark.  Elliott then dominated the run to halfway after Busch had problems.  Halfway was when problems of his own started for Elliott, as a four-tire change during the 15-minute break forced him to restart mid-pack, where fighting through the pack led to two rough-driving penalties.

Then, insult was added to injury when the #9 car was involved in a last-lap fracas that caused extensive damage to the Ford racecar.

“Today is completely my fault,” said Elliott.  “Ricky (Turner, crew chief) and all the guys gave me a great car from the start of the race.  I just drove in over my head and that got us behind and eventually wrecked at the end.  I drove hard and wrecked two cars and myself.  I just need to be smarter and not be so aggressive. I just got to apologize to the guys that we got into.”

Elliott still got 10th despite not making it back to the line on the final lap of the race. Elliott will now look to put this behind him as he heads to Iowa Speedway (IA) for the USARacing Pro Cup Event on Friday.

Repeat Bid Ends Before Halfway for Kyle Busch

At a tight quarter-mile bullring like Anderson Speedway, there’s nowhere to hide – even when you’re the dominant leader.  That was the story that defending Redbud 300 winner Kyle Busch found out before the halfway point of the historic Super Late Model event.  

Just after lap 100, Busch ran up on the lapped car of Jeff Lane.  Lane’s #11 car slid up into the wall just ahead of the leader Busch.  Lane’s car bounced off the wall and into Busch’s #51 Toyota.  Busch didn’t lose the lead, but during the caution period debated whether or not to give the lead up by coming to pit road just a few laps short of the halfway break with the KBM crew.  It appeared that Busch was going to ride out the damage, but just as the field was about to get the green flag, he pulled off the track and out of the race.

“The lap car spun himself out and I had nowhere to go,” said a dejected Busch at halfway.  “Something broke in the rear end and that’s what put us out.  The axle is straight.  It must have broken the input shaft in the rear end.”

Busch said the wreck wasn’t the cause, but perhaps riding around under caution could have led to the broken rear end.   After being unbeatable in Super Late Models the last few months, Busch has now gone back-to-back races with DNF’s.  Both times he was leading the event at the time of the misfortune.

Robert Maynor Ok After Late Race Wreck

A full moon can be the blame for havoc on the racetrack at times, and perhaps that was the cause of some strange and unusual occruences at Anderson Monday night.  Robert Maynor likely will hold the record for the strangest, and the scariest, full-moon moment the night.   On the lap 263 restart, Maynor’s car went straight into the turn-one wall at full speed, drawing an immediate red flag.

“A piece of padding fell off my roll bar and it got wedged up under the throttle and when I went to full speed it just stuck there,” explained Maynor.  “It put us in the fence at a high rate of speed in turn one.  I didn’t have time to think I was just trying to brace for impact.”

Maynor was ok, but he like many others was a spectator for the rest of the night.

Shively’s Night Ends Early

Jason Shively started near the front, but fell to the rear after stagger issues put him behind in the early part of the Redbud 300.  Shively worked his way back from two laps down only to end up torn up in a wreck with less than 20 laps to go.

“We had some problems early on with tires and lost a few laps,” said Shively.  “We worked on it got back on the lead lap and got together with Tyler Roahrig and that took us both out.  I don’t like getting into other people like that, but it happens.”

The wreck left Shively 15th in the final rundown.

Eddie Hoffman Snake Bitten Again at Anderson

For the second straight year Eddie Hoffman had mechanical trouble that didn’t allow him to be around for the finish in the Redbud 300.  Hoffman had an overheating problem in the final 100 laps that parked him after running in the top five. 

Hoffman’s T1 Racing #8 and crew chief Tony D’Ambrose were disappointed with the finish with the result, but both indicated to Speed51.com that they were happy with the speed from their Tech One Race Cars machine.

Dietsch & Gosselin Tangle

Jason Dietsch has had a great start to the 2010 CRA Super Series season with several great runs and a second-place points position heading into the Redbud 300.  Dietsch had a decent run going at Anderson, as well, before a couple of cars tangled and Dietsch was left reaching for a jack handle instead of a water bottle after dropping out.  

“You get some of these idiots that come in and race with us.  I wish some of them would just stay home,” said Dietsch.   “I don’t know what Jeff Lane was thinking he blew in there and the 12 (Mario Gosselin) came in all crazy and got us.  You know Mario Gosselin, wherever you watch him he wrecks.  So that’s nothing new.”

Dietsch held up the jack handle for a few seconds before getting a stern look from CRA head tech man Eddie Chew, but rather than using it for wrong reasons, he helped his #7 team make repairs to the car with it instead.

Brian Campbell Loses Ground in Points Battle After Wreck

In no way shape or form is Brian Campbell a rookie when it comes to racing Super Late Models, however he is new to the CRA Super Series and is still hoping to contend for the series championship.   Anderson Speedway has always been a hiccup in his racing strategy and the Redbud 300 was no exception as he got tangled up with Aaron Pierce. 

“Same lap car that got us the first time got us the second time,” said Campbell.  “Lap cars just need to give way to lead lap cars.”

Campbell ended up 22nd.

Last Chance Race Provides Fireworks

The quarter-mile track at Anderson Speedway could not hold all of the 32 cars that showed up for this year’s Redbud 300.  Two guys who had to fight it out in the last chance race with their cars almost came to a fight with their fists in the infield after contact. 

Tony Dager and CRA veteran Kenny Tweedy had a hard wreck in the first turn which ended with both drivers shaking their fist and pointing at each other after the wreck.  No punches were thrown on the track, but the tempers were very hot.

Brian Johnson, Jr. battled hard with some of CRA's best at Anderson Speedway, finishing second in the Redbud 300.
Tony Dager and Kenny tweedy have words after a wreck in the last chance race. (51 Sports Photo)
Jason Dietsch spins in the Redbud 300.  (Dennis Kimble Photo)
Kyle Busch was looking for his second Redbud 300.  (51 Sports Photo)
Chase Elliott was fast from the get go at Anderson.  (51 Sports Photo)
Scott Hantz takes the checkered flag in the Redbud 300.  (Dennis Kimble Photo)