Ford Racing and CRA Super Series Announce Partnership
New Super Late Model Engine Package &
Separate Bonus Plan Highlight Announcement
Series PR Report

CRA officials are pleased to announce that Ford Racing will partner with the CRA Super Series for the upcoming 2010 season with both the series regular tour and the CRA Southern Six-Pack Tour. Ford Racing has posted $11,000 in cash contingency awards for the 2010 season; this will be Ford Racing’s first involvement with CRA. Series racers using either a Ford Racing engine block, cylinder heads or Sealed Racing engine will be eligible for a $500 cash contingency payment for a win in any of the CRA Super Series events.

The contingency posting by Ford Racing includes a $1,000 cash award to the highest finishing team in the CRA Super Series regular series points, contingent on the season long use of the Ford Racing Engines or components. For more information on the Ford Racing Circle Track racing program, log into

"As one of the premier asphalt racing series in the North America, the CRA Super Series is a perfect fit for the Ford Racing Short Track program.  We want short track supporters across North America to know that we are very supportive of their efforts. Short tracks have been the backbone of stock car racing for over 50 years, and Ford recognizes their importance. We believe the contingency program that we have offered the CRA Super Series competitors and supporters reflects our support,” said Mike Delahanty, Program Manager-Sportsman Circle Track Racing for Ford Racing.

Ford Racing is also working closely with CRA officials and CRA racers to test and introduce its new 590 horsepower S374D Sealed Racing Engine for super late model competition.  Extensive research, testing and dyno work has been done leading up to this point, with performance levels to be equal to the existing levels utilized by the current Hamner and McGunegill Sealed Super Late Model engines.  Full production of the new engine will begin following early season on-track efforts of CRA competitors Chase Elliott and Jason Dietsch.  Dietsch will use the engine when it makes its competitive debut on April 17th at Anderson Speedway.

After a period of time following its full implementation, the Ford S374D Sealed Racing Engine will replace the current McGunegill Engine Performance Ford Sealed Engine.  At that time, the existing McGunegill Fords will be grandfathered for a limited period of continued use.

"The unique combination of the short, long and high speed tracks along with the high caliber of racers and competition makes the CRA Super Series the ultimate proving grounds for Ford's most powerful sealed racing engine.  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with CRA in developing an engine that not only provides high speed exciting racing but helps keeps costs in line" added Delahanty.

“We are very happy to have Ford Racing involved with the CRA Super Series,” remarked R.J. Scott, Managing Partner of CRA. “It’s great to have a manufacturer step up and reward teams for using their products.”

More information on the CRA Super Series is available at