Ford Racing Announces Short Track Contingency Programs
2010 Programs To Help Out Teams in ACT, ASA LMs, PASS and More
Fod Motor Company PR Report

Ford Racing has announced a posting of $66,400 in contingencies for asphalt and dirt circle track racing series in North America for the 2010 race season.  These postings underscore the commitment that Ford Racing has made to Short Track racing in both the US and Canada.  The contingency is posted for use of Ford Racing Sealed Racing Engines, Ford Racing engine block or cylinder heads and includes race win and season championship awards.

"Ford Racing wants short track racers across North America to know that we are very supportive of their efforts. Short tracks have been the backbone of auto racing for over 50 years, and Ford recognizes their importance. We believe the contingency program that we have offered for 2010 demonstrates that support,” said Mike Delahanty, Program Manager-Sportsman Circle Track Racing for Ford Racing.

The Ford Racing Short Track contingency program includes the following asphalt and dirt race series:

   * American Canadian Tour - ACT Tour (US) events and ACT Castrol Série events (Canada)
   * Pro All Star Series (PASS) Super Late Model North and South Series
   * Championship Racing Association (CRA) Super Series
   * ASA Late Model Series – Challenge and North Divisions
   * UARA-Stars

One of the highlights of the 2010 Ford Racing Short contingency program is the ACT "Ford Racing Blue Oval Cup".  This is a season long points championship for racers using the Ford Racing S347JR Sealed Racing engine and includes a total of 43 ACT events and all ACT affiliate weekly programs.  This will allow the weekly ACT racer to compete with the touring teams on an equal basis for the $3,000 first place award.

Ford Racing is also taking Spec Engine racing to new levels of power by introducing its S374 series of sealed racing engines in 2010.  These two new engines, with horsepower ratings of 540 and 590 horsepower, make it the most powerful line of sealed spec engines available for short track racing.  

Ford Racing is working closely with CRA officials and CRA racers to test and introduce its new 590 horsepower S374D Sealed Racing Engine for super late model competition.  Full production of the new engine will begin following early season on-track efforts of CRA competitors Chase Elliott and Jason Dietsch.  Dietsch will use the engine when it makes its competitive debut on April 17th at Anderson Speedway.

Ford Racing continues to build its presence in Asphalt Short Track Racing with the approval of the M-6007-D347SR Sealed Racing Engine by the UARA-Stars and PASS sanctioning bodies.  With UARA veteran Coleman Pressley behind the wheel, the UARA conducted the first track test of the new D347SR engine at Hickory Motor Speedway last weekend. This followed the extensive dyno work done to compare the D347SR to the existing engines that currently run in UARA, including custom built racing engines and crate engines.

Short Track Drivers are making the switch Ford Blue Oval Power

Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., rising young star of ACT said, “We made the switch to Ford for the 2010 season for a couple of reasons. We needed to try something different to compete with teams like Brian Hoar, Brent Dragon, and Brad Leighton.  This year the ACT Championship is our goal. The Ford Racing contingency incentive program is just great. Not only the race win and championship money involved, but racing against all the other Ford teams for the Blue Oval Cup gets our competitive juices flowing and gives us a bonus goal to shoot for.”

The premier Short Track Chassis builder, Port City Chassis of Muskegon Michigan, will be running both the Ford Racing S374W and D347SR sealed racing engines in its Ford Fusion Late Model house car for 2010.

Vermont native Steven Legendre was one of the first PASS racers to make the switch to Blue Oval power and will be competing in the PASS North and South Series with a Ford Racing D347SR Sealed Racing engine.

CRA Standout Jason Dietsch is changing over to Ford Power and will be one of the first racers to run the S374D in competition.

Legendary Dirt Track chassis builder and car owner CJ Rayburn has taken delivery of the first Ford Racing S374W Sealed Racing Engine and is already running it in competition.  Rayburn is running the S374W engine in one of his new lightweight Rayburn Late Models against competition that are using $30,000+ unlimited built engines.  As the founder of the new NASRA Dirt Late Model Series, CJ Rayburn is on a personal crusade to reenergize Dirt Track racing by championing a rules package that brings back affordability to Dirt Late Model racing.  By offering Sealed Racing Engines, and a weight break vs. unlimited built engines, CJ believes engines like the Ford Racing S374W can not only compete - but win.  At a price that is 1/3 the cost of the unlimited engines.  With a retail price of $11,000 and 540 horsepower, the S374W is a real value for the racer.

Specifics on the awards and requirements can be obtained from each sanctioning body.

Racers are should sign up for the Ford Racing contingency online at

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Joey Pole is one of the short trackers using Ford power in 2010.