51 Leftovers: Gulf Coast Championship Series
Casey Smith, Spinners and Speeders 
By Elgin Traylor
The Points Chase is On

Chase Elliott can look at the Gulf Coast Championship Standings and sees his name at the top of the list.  But many seasoned veterans are chasing the second-generation driver.  Elliott scored his first win at Five Flags Speedway and will look to hang on to the top spot when the series returns in June.

Gulf Coast Standings
Official Points after 3 of 10 races

1Chase Elliott    495
2Bubba Pollard  467
3Jeff Fultz          445
4Johanna Long  439
5Casey Smith    422
6Josh Hamner   422
7Donnie Wilson 404
8Augie Grill       400
9Mike Garvey    359
10Ryan Lawler   336
11Eddie Mercer 293
12Allen Karnes  284
13.Chris Davidson,       248
14.Dave Mader, III       240
15.Jeremy Rice            227
16.Danny Bagwell        201
17.    Wayne Niedecken, Jr.    174
18.Rocky Boyd    161
19.Brandon Carlson      158
20.Casey Roderick         149
21.Paul Kelly      144
22.Ron McDonald116
23.John Bolen,   106
24.David Rogers, 104
25.Steven Davis   99
26.Korey Ruble    76
27.Tyler Millwood          59
28.Mike Fritts        50
29.Dale Little       46

Augie Grill Still Searching For Right Combo

Augie Grill has been scratching his head all season long.  Nothing has changed on the house car for Grand American Race Cars, but that little bit of luck needed to win races is gone.  In April, Grill led 90 plus laps in the Blizzard Series opener and didn’t even finish the race.  The next night, he was leading when he got run over on the racetrack.  At Five Flags, the second time around he had an average fourth-place finish.   Don’t count him out, he could be a real factor soon.

Radar Guns and Penalties

Ricky Brooks hasn’t had to toss anyone out this season in the Gulf Coast Championship Series, but he’s already made some changes for the next event.   Brooks told the drivers at Mobile that radar guns will now be used on pit road after Josh Hamner sped off pit road at a high rate of speed raising everyone’s eyebrows. 

“That was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on pit road,” said Brooks. 

Many questions were asked, but the drivers got the message.  We’ll see who get’s stopped by Brooks’ officials first in June.

Points Leader Has Bad Night

Many people are wondering what happened to Jeff Fultz at Five Flags Speedway.  He went into the race as the point leader, but was never a factor in the race.

“That was embarrassing,” said Fultz. “We broke something in the rear end.  We got it fixed, but we were lucky to still get a top 10 at the end of the night.” 

Fultz slipped to third in the overall standings, but still leads the Miller Lite Standings at Mobile international Speedway.

Lucky Me

Casey Smith, John Bolen, Mike Garvey, Eddie Mercer, Allen Karnes and several others had problems that left them without a chance to race in the Miller Lite 100 on Saturday. However, the weather was the saving grace for them as the event was not run keeping them in the hunt for both the Gulf Coast Championship Series and the Miller Lite Series at Mobile. 

Hamner Turns the Corner with KBM

Don’t look now, but it seems as if Josh Hamner has turned the corner and his effort with Kyle Busch Motorsports.  After an off qualifying run, Hamner worked his way to fifth and then got the lead on a great pit stop.  Hamner help on to the top spot for a few laps and then slipped back to second. 
Hamner was also very fast at Mobile which means he could be the next winner in the Gulf Coast Championship Series.

Video Leftovers
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Chase Elliott beats Josh Hamner and Bubba Pollard to the line in the Blizzard Series Papa John's 100 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola,
Casey Smith made the most out a wrecked racecar and race back to the top five before a pit stop set him back several spots. Still with a banged up car he finished 11th.
Ryan Lawler went for a wild flip in the first Super Late Model event of the season at Mobile International Speedway (AL). Lawler tells Speed 51 how it went down. 
Chase Elliott leads the Gulf Coast Standings. (51 Sports Photo)
Josh Hamner didn't get a ticket, but he raised some eyebrows going off pit road.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Fultz didn't have the type of weekend he would like to have had.  (51 Sports Photo)
Casey Smith finished the race with his door banged up.  (51 Sports Photo)
Five Flags Blizzard Standings
Official Points after 2 of 5 races

1   Bubba Pollard
2   Chase Elliott
3   Johanna Long
4   Jeff Fultz
5   Donnie Wilson
6   Josh Hamner
-   Casey Smith
8   Augie Grill
9   Chris Davidson
10   Mike Garvey
11   Ryan Lawler
12   Jeremy Rice
13   Danny Bagwell
14   Allen Karnes
15   Wayne Niedecken, Jr.
16   Eddie Mercer
17   Rocky Boyd, II
18   Brandon Carlson
19   Paul Kelley
20   Dave Mader III
21   Ron McDonald
22   John Bolen
23   David Rogers
24   Korey Ruble
25   Tyler Millwood
26   Mike Fritts
27   Dale Little

Mobile Miller Lite Standings
Official Points after 1 of 5 races

1   Jeff Fultz
2   Chase Elliott
3   Josh Hamner
-   Casey Smith
5   Casey Roderick
6   Johanna Long
7   Augie Grill
8   Donnie Wilson
9   Bubba Pollard
10   Mike Garvey
11   Eddie Mercer
12   Dave Mader III
13   Ryan Lawler
14   Allen Karnes
15   Steven Davis