Speed51.com's "The Big 10"
Our Take on the Week That Was in Short Track Racing
by Speed51.com Staff
Stuff 'Em In and Head to The Races

Loyal fans will always go to the track, but smart promoters really have to think outside the box to get the stands full of new fans - and PASS officials are definitely doing that for two upcoming events on their schedule.  The Orange Blossom 150 at Orange County and the Old Glory 150 at Concord will both offer free grandstand admission to fans.  A $10 parking fee per car applies and encourages car-pooling just like the old days of drive in movies.  So grab your friends and be sure to load 'em all into the minivan so everyone can share in the fun of some great Super Late Model racing.

Appealing to the Cup Crowd

We think that it is pretty awesome that short track racing got noticed during the recent NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol.  Not only were cars from the USARacing Pro Cup Series used in the Legends of NASCAR race, there were also displays set up at the speedway that promoted the UARA-Stars Series, Lonesome Pine Raceway (VA) and Legends car racing.  Maybe some of the Cup fans who saw those cars will head out to a short track or two soon.

Bouncing the Bossman

Wayne Anderson stepped up to become a co-founder of the Florida All Stars Tour for Super Late Models.  But after he won the first two races on the schedule, including the season opener where he started shotgun on the field, the conspiracy theorists started cried that there was favoritism.  Well, the young tour put any accusations of that to rest this past weekend when Anderson was parked and disqualified after two run-ins with fellow competitor Kevin Ingram. 

Full Exposure

Readers of Speed51.com are used to seeing photos of the #51 Super Late Model that Kyle Busch races.  Now race fans all around are going to get to see that same racecar - thanks to its Jamie Williams cover shot on Speedway Illustrated.  The headline on the cover calls it “America's Hottest Racecar”.  Given the fact that it has won two SpeedFests, a Winchester 400 and a Snowball Derby in the past 14 months, we'd have to agree.

A True Renegade

Doug Sexton finished first, and last, in the Renegade division event on opening weekend at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA).  In fact, he was the only driver in the division to show up for the race.  Track officials still made the victory a memorable one for Sexton though.  He got to run his ride during the Truck feature, got the full victory lane treatment and took home the same trophy he would have if he had beat 50 cars.  To help multiply the car count in the future, GMP announced just days after the race that DOT street car tires would be now be allowed in the division.

Curtis' Big Ride

Jeff Fultz's car owner Curtis Venable has one big adventure planned for this year.  Venable is planning to run the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge that is where Venable will ride a motorcycle from Key West to Alaska and then donate half of his prize winnings to charity.  What Venable will see on the trip is amazing.  It will go through 62 mountain ranges, 33 Indian reservations, 26 National forests, six national parks, eight deserts and four swamps.  We wonder what Trackside Now coverage from that event would look like!

Getting Some Attention

There are plenty of tracks out there that cry and complain about being ignored by local newspapers, television stations and media outlets.  California's Orange Show Speedway didn't waste time complaining.  Instead, they sent out an e-mail to the media acknowledging that times are tough and budgets are tight.  Then they invited media members to be their guests and welcomed any special requests to help make that happen.  We're willing to bet that brings in a lot attention than just whining about a lack of coverage.

Back to Its Roots…

We've gotten pretty used to the concept of rich kids in short track racing, but there are some signs of hope in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East these days.  One of last breakthrough drivers, Alan Tardiff shares something in common with 2010 newbies Derek Ramstrom, Joey Pole and D.J. Shaw.  All of these guys come from racing families and all of their fathers work on cars (either of the street or racing variety) to make a living.  We find that so much more refreshing than seeing more trust fund kids buy their way onto the tour.

…But Also Very Cup Like

When the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East pits open at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) this weekend, there will be entries from Joe Gibbs Racing, Michael Waltrip Racing, Team Red Bull and Richard Childress Racing, as well as one from the NASCAR Truck Series team of Germain Racing.  This might be a developmental series for the drivers, but definitely not for some of the teams.

Where's Corey?

We've got one final question this week - How in the hell can Corey Williams not have a ride for the PASS South Easter Bunny 150?