Ford Racing Technology Joins Forces With ASA Midwest Tour
Phil Harper Motorsports Builds Test Engine
Series PR Report
The American Speed Association® Kwik Trip Midwest Tour presented by ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment and is working with Ford Racing Technology on a racer-friendly engine that will reduce costs without sacrificing horse-power; something every driver is looking for. Ford is looking to expand their sealed engine racing line-up with the higher horse-power market and the ASAMT is just the place to do that.

Last October Mike "Lumpy" Lemke started working with Ford Racing Technology's Program Manager, Sportsman Circle Track Racing, Mike Delahanty on a state-of-the art engine package designed for competitiveness and cost savings. Lumpy discussed with Mike how strong the ASA Midwest Tour program is, and explained the 2-barrel carburetor program currently in place. After several discussions, Lumpy told Delahanty that the ASAMT would be happy to work with Ford Racing.

As the engine package process progressed, Lumpy and Delahanty stayed in close communication. Gene Coleman of Coleman Racing Products flew Lumpy up to see the dyno test. Both were impressed with the results and Coleman is even interested in getting a S 374 W engine. As Delahanty said, "The bottom-line is to make it more affordable, expand Ford racing down to the weekly venues and keep short track racing alive. These are not just potential Ford Racing customers, but these are our vehicle customers as well."

ASA Midwest Tour Swiss Colony Touring Star, Jamie Iverson and wife Julie were asked if they would be interested in trying out this new style of engine. Jamie has been a Touring Star all four years and has never missed an ASAMT event. Iverson was also a good candidate because of his consistency and officials felt that they could get good feedback for both Ford Racing and the ASAMT. "I'll give them feedback on what I feel, how the car is handling, what the RPMs are turning and my overall likes and dislikes," said Iverson.

Lumpy is confident in the feedback that Jamie Iverson will communicate. "We know Team Iverson will be a great team to showcase this new product for Ford Racing, and they will have great feedback for Ford and the ASAMT. It will also be fun for me to work with them in our races and other short tracks in the area. Thanks to Ford and Team Iverson for all of their support."

The motor made its debut at Madison International Speedway, Tuesday, June 29th for the "Swiss Colony All-Star Challenge 100." After practice Jamie said that they struggled a little bit early, but it got better as they went. Iverson also added, "Of course we would like to win, but the goal is to just keep getting better because no one really knows what the motor will do yet." The goal according to Delahanty is not to dominate, but to be competitive and equal to the other engines that are running out there.

Iverson has also been running the engine package at his local short track, Norway Speedway. Most recently he was the quick qualifier, finished third in his dash and third in the feature. This is a testament to the Ford engine package and its competitiveness.

This engine, the second such engine package like it in the country, was built by Phil Harper of Phil Harper Motorsports. Ford has a lot of great ideas to go along with the package and in the end will produce the engine themselves. "The idea behind the test engine from Ford is to have Jamie put as many laps as possible on it. Then it will come back to us and we will dissect it" Harper said. "The purpose of this engine program is to make sure that people know that Ford has something out there like this and to get Ford involved in grass-roots circle track racing."

Lumpy has enjoyed working with Mike Delahanty and Phil Harper on this latest Ford engine package. "It is really cool that Ford chose the ASAMT to help develop the future of short track auto racing. We hope we can help Ford and the ASAMT to always be a leader in new products and cost savings with new ways of doing our sport of auto racing.  We have one of  the best, if not the best, touring series in the country. We have proved over the years that if you want to go short track racing, the ASAMT is the place."

ASA Midwest Tour President, Tim Olson, is also excited about the program and hopes for a long relationship with Ford Racing. "We are happy that Ford Racing chose to work with the ASAMT, not only to help with the engine program, but also to promote and continue to support short track racing, through the use of many of our current series sponsors' products and services."

"Ford's new S 374W/D Engine is produced with manufactured parts from many of our current series sponsors and that is our main focus for continuing our relationship with Ford and those companies that support the series. Companies like (Mahle, Eagle, Callies, Comp Cams) plus many more are the core parts in this motor program," added Olson.

In addition to the relationship with the ASAMT, Ford is also working with Lumpy and Dennis Huth to take the engine package and make it fuel injected for the ASA TS series overseas, another step ahead in auto racing.

This entire program would not be possible without the support of all of those involved in putting it together.

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