ASA Late Model Camaro Bodies Hit The Street
ARBodies Are Building Skins for the Pony Cars
By Mike Twist
It used to be that every fall, the new car designs of the year would hit the streets.  People would stop by their local dealerships to see the new Chevrolets, Fords, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs.

Well, times have changed.  There are no more new Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs and cars are introduced for manufacturers from all across the globe pretty much any time of the year these days.  Still, there has been some anticipation lately when it comes to the debut of new designs, at least in the short track racing world, as the “Pony Cars” are set to invade what is currently known as the ASA Late Model Challenge Series.

Earlier in the off-season, it was announced that Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro body styles, which are unlike anything in racing currently, would be mandated in the Challenge Series for 2010 and beyond.  ARBodies was assigned the task of developing and building the bodies.  The Mustang body kit was released earlier in the year and now the Camaro body kit has also hit the street.

Earlier in the year, the Mustang bodies were introduced by ARBodies and now the second pony car is ready to roll as well.  The first set of molds for the Camaro bodies were finished two weeks ago and the first batches of body panels have been made and shipped.  ARBodies has been “thrashing” to shorten the develop time for this new product in order to help get race teams prepared for the 2010 season.  They've been taking orders for the bodies for nearly two months now and are continuing to take new orders.

Jerry Criswell from ARBodies reports that most of the bodies being ordered are pre-colored bodies, which are produced in a color other than white, and that to ensure high quality body panels, only one body per day can currently be built.  ARBodies is taking the approach of quality over quantity as Criswell told that making multiple parts from a mold in a single day is possible, but to do it can produce bad parts.

“We'd rather not do that,” said Criswell.

To find out more about the Camaros, Mustangs and all of the bodies made by ARBodies, please visit their website at

The Mustangs and Camaros of the ASA Late Model Challenge Series.