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For the ASA Member Tracks and Sanctioned Series a successful night depends on many factors.  One of the important factors is weather, and so far Mother Nature hasn't been helping some of the tracks and series.  But promoters are staying positive in the early part.

Weather is one thing that promoters have no control over and sometimes are faced with making tough decisions as to whether or not to go forward with their race event.  But, when they have the green light to go, they hope that the weather is suitable and comfortable for the fans to come out and enjoy a great racing program.

In the Midwest this past weekend, with low temps and the threat of rain, many tracks made the tough decision to cancel their shows rather than attempt to get it in.  Some could have gotten the show in, but would they have had the crowds?  For some, not having it may be more cost effective than attempting it.

Out west, George Wade at Grays Harbor Raceway, an ASA Member Track in Elma, WA is excited that he got the last two weeks in after his first two events have been rained out.  Steve Beitler at Skagit Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Burlington, WA saw the rain as a positive as he learned that his new clay surface wasn't working as he hoped but was able to make some changes to what he thinks will be a great racing surface as the cars will get their grip yet not have a huge cloud of dust over his track.  And Southern Oregon Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Medford, OR, finally got their first event in for the season after their first two were rained out.

Over on the east coast, Brad Allen at Ace Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Elon, NC, once again had a great crowd on hand even though it was a cool night of racing.  He is optimistic that when it warms up that his crowd will grow and have a prosperous summer.  Harold Crook at Lonesome Pine Raceway, an ASA Member Track in Coeburn, VA, said that some gusty winds didn't keep many fans away and his support divisions had some high car counts.

"I recall when I was a track promoter, one of the more stressful things was competing with Mother Nature," Dennis Huth, ASA President said.  "The weather is always in play with how successful a race event will be.  Fans not only want to be entertained but they want to be comfortable as well.  But there are many diehard fans who are like our U.S. Postal Carriers, they will come to the track no matter what the weather conditions are and are optimistic that they will see some racing.  And the promoters have to make that decision to go or not to go for that event."

While weather is a big determining factor, promoters also have to look at the cost of going and not going, which is something many also have to remember when they question a track's decision.  It can be a tough choice at times.  Fans and competitors are encouraged to contact the track for the latest update if the weather is questionable on race day.  They will be glad to give you an update along with answering your questions about the schedule of events planned for that night.  You can visit for list of tracks and contact information.

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