ASA Puts Growth of Racing as Their Number One Goal
Racing Organization Has Roots Going Back to the 1960's
ASA PR Report
Many sanctioning bodies start out as a single racing series or at one race track and it grows from there.  The idea that they had from that single form grows into a multiple form as more want to be a part of something unique, a part of a team.

The American Speed Association started like that in 1968 as a single midwest racing series.  Throughout the years, local stars became national stars as the ASA exposure grew throughout the United States.  Names like Trickle, Senneker, Eddy, Johnson, St. Amant and more became household names within the racing community.

42 years after ASA was created by the Robbins family, the American Speed Association is not about a single racing series but it's about how over 30 ASA Member Tracks and 11 sanctioned series are working together to promote some of the most entertaining and exciting short track race events all over the United States and even around the world.

With it's trademark slogan of "We Build Champions," ASA is working together with it's promoters and track owners to help each of their tracks and series grow and be beneficial to the sport of auto racing.

The ASA Member Track program is becoming one of the fastest growing programs with tracks in 20 different states.  The goal of the program is work with the tracks in promoting their tracks on a national level along with working with it's ASA Marketing partners.  One of those partners includes WSIB Motorsports Insurance who provide one of the best liability and personal accident coverages in the United States.

ASA also realizes that many dreams for drivers is to make it to the next level of racing.  Since 2008, ASA has teamed up with Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil and Joe Gibbs Racing to provide their ASA Member Track National Champion with a tryout with one of the top teams in racing today.

"ASA is a number one organization.  Dennis Huth and all of his group are great people to work with," Ron Wimmer, co-owner of State Park Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Wausau, WI said.  "We are going to continue with ASA without a doubt.  They have national notoriety, they provide us with uniforms for our officials, and more.  It's a professional run organization.  When you talk about ASA in racing, everyone knows it."

The ASA Member Track program has a variety of asphalt and dirt tracks that is part of their program.

There is also a diversity in the eleven different series that ASA sanctions from ovals, dirt to road courses.  Many of these series can be used as a stepping stone from where a local racer may want to run a touring series.  That variety includes: ASA Interstate Racing Association Outlaw Sprints in the Midwest, ASA Northwest Sprintcar Racing Series in the Northwest, ASA ProAutoSports and Bondurant Championship Racing Series sanctioned by ASA on the road courses in Southwest, ISCARS Dash Touring by ASA in the Southeast, ASA Truck Series in the Southwest, the ASA Midwest Tour Super Late Models, ASA Midwest Sportsman Tour and ASA Midwest Truck Tour in the Midwest and the ASA Transcontinental Series in other parts of the world.

"The American Speed Association has been a valuable supporter to the ISCARS DASH Touring Series," Randy Claypoole, ISCARS President said.  "The people who work for ASA are very passionate and they see the value of short track racing.  They see the entertainment part of it as well as the proving ground for those drivers who have dreams of making it big someday."

Another way that ASA is helping short track racing grow, is by getting the next generation involved in the sport through it's ASA - Student Educational Series.  Currently, 23 students are attending classes at Ohio Technical College thanks to the scholarships they received by working with a race team at one of our ASA Member Tracks.

"We see this program growing as more students are interested in the ASA - Student Educational Series," Larry Pond, National Director said.  "The teams who have opened their shop doors to the high school students have become great mentors.  The families of the students are seeing another value that short track racing provides."

The person leading the charge today is Dennis Huth, who bought the American Speed Association in 2005 after he knew that his heart belonged in oval track racing and left his position as the President of IMSA.  He spent 17 years at NASCAR where he worked alongside of Brian France Jr. where they developed their Weekly Racing Series and Truck Series.

"The American Speed Association is moving forward as we sanction over 800 events a year with our ASA Member Tracks and Series," Huth said.  "We are growing and want to do what we can to help short track racing grow and thrive overall.  It's great live action.  It's entertaining.  It's so intense that you are sitting on the edge of your seat.  It's affordable family fun.  We are here to help spread that word and help our tracks and series be successful with their own goals."

From just starting as a single series to what it is today, the American Speed Association is building champions at many short tracks and series not just in one series but at many tracks and series all across the United States.

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