ASA Racing: It's Better Than a Movie!
Summer Blockbuster Events Are Coming to a Track Near You
Series PR Report
Both start the same way, you walk up and pay an admission fee, get handed a ticket, then go find a seat.  The only thing is that one of the places, you find a seat in a theatre and the other is a seat that surrounds a racetrack.

They both provide the same action, suspense, drama, and sometimes comedy.  They both have stars showing off their talents in front of you.  But there is a difference, one is on a large screen in a dark room and the other is live and outdoors with no need for 3-D glasses or the best in stereo sound.

Short track racing provides some of the best family entertainment at a friendly price.  In fact, it's about the same cost as taking the family to see a movie.  "Short Tracks, in my opinion, give the best entertainment at an affordable price for the whole family," Dennis Huth, ASA President exclaimed.  "For anywhere from $8-$15, you will get on average about 2.5 hours of racing action featuring anywhere from three to seven different and unique divisions competing.  Some facilities even have two or more tracks to give you a great variety.  Remember this, the stars you see competing on television all had to start somewhere, and that somewhere is your local ASA Member Track and sanctioned series."

When a movie is over, you see credits rolling on the screen as you get up to walk out.  At the racetrack, you either walk out to our cars or go to the pits to get an up close look at the cars that competed in front of us and have the opportunity to meet the drivers.  Better yet, meet some fellow fans and have a friendly discussion about the racing action. 

A racetrack also gives you a sense of community where at a movie theatre, you are just sitting in a dark room with others watching the same show.  But there you have to be quiet, where at a racetrack, you can be loud and cheer on your favorite drivers as they compete for your entertainment with your friends and family sitting alongside of you doing the same.

This summer, visit your local short track and bring your family and friends with you.  You will feel the suspense of the start of a race, the drama as cars try to work their way to the lead, the action that short track racing is famous for, and the comedy of an entertaining track announcer who informs and shares in the excitement that you are witnessing live. 

Oh...and don't worry...if you liked what you saw and hope there is a sequel, there will be.  That sequel will come next week and the following week and after and after.  The finale is the crowning of track champions at the end of the year. 

Oh yeah, there is one thing about short track racing unlike some movies.  Every short track event is family friendly.

The ASA Member Track program is comprised of dirt and asphalt short tracks along with road courses around the United States, as well as a variety of regional and national touring series. For more information, call (386) 258-2221 or send an e-mail to For news and information from all the racetracks and tours involved in the ASA, visit

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