Trackside Now: UARA-Stars 150
Friday, 5/29/09  - Tour Goes for Six Winners in Six Races Today
Orange County Speedway - Rougemont, North Carolina
Saturday - 10:26pm ET  - So, Matt McCall wins and the big story was the scuffle that happened with eight laps to go.  Earlier we said it was an all out brawl between Richard Boswell and Stacy Puryear, that was mostly with the people surrounding the area in turn four.  We spoke with both drivers and they both said that no punches were thrown, what they said is a different story.  Be sure to check out next week to find out who said what.

Matt McCall is the winner after leading all 150 laps, this was his second win from the pole this season and he is the first repeat winner of 2009. That's all from Orange County, goodnight.

151Matt McCall150
259Coleman Pressley150
31Jake Crum150
450Jamey Caudill150
54Ryan Gray150
648Scott Turlington150
761Chris Lawson150
815Michael Rouse150
973Owen Kelly150
1011Joey Bryant150
1120Ryan Glenski150
1292Matthew Godley150
1376Darrell Wallace Jr.150
1475Paul Bryant148
1583Dylan Presnell147
1617Stacy Puryear143
1788Richard Boswell II142
1812Garrett Campbell142
1928Brandon McReynolds105
2081Paddy Rodenbeck83
2132Kyle Grissom70
225Brennan Poole66
2329Andy Loden0

Saturday - 9:33pm ET  - Matt McCall has won the UARA Stars 150 here at Orange County Speedway.  Stay tuned for more.

Saturday - 9:31pm ET  - The 76 of Darrell Wallace Jr. got a piece of th last yellow too, we are getting ready to wrap up the final few laps.

Saturday - 9:27pm ET  - We are RED now with 143 in the books the 88 of Richard Boswell was coming back up through the field pretty good and he had just gotten around the 17 Stacy Puryear.  Puryear then got into the back of the 88 sending him sideways into the wall.  The 12 of Garrett Campbell got clipped and hit the wall head on in turn four.  After the YELLOW came out Boswell went after Puryear and things got wild, pushing and shoving led to an all out brawl.  A mass group rushed the car and it was a mob scene for a minute or two, we'll see what we can find out after the race.

Saturday - 9:19pm ET  - With 10 laps to go McCall still leads. 

Saturday - 9:16pm ET  - YELLOW FLAG 129: Ryan Glenski has spun again in turn two.  This will bunch them up one more time.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET  - As we go clean and green on the restart it looks as if no one has anything for the 51 of Matt McCall tonight.  Coleman Pressley, Jake Crum, Jamey Caudill and Stacy Puryear are going to try as we have 25 laps to go.

Saturday - 9:11pm ET  - We are back YELLOW now and there was some cunfusion becasue Richard Boswell was trying to get his spot back, he has since gone to the rear seeing how his car stopped prior to the red.

We went back GREEN for a few laps only to have Ryan Glenski spin going into turn one. We are YELLOW again on lap 118.

Saturday - 9:05pm ET  - We have gone RED on lap 111 to clean up oil.  Richard Boswell was pushed around under the RED by his teammate.  We understand they are having fuel problems again. 

McCall leads Boswell (according to the scoreboard) Coleman Pressley, Jake Crum, and Jamey Caudill. Stacy Puryear is sixth after starting 19th, he's up to fifth.

Saturday - 9:02pm ET  - We talked about the bad luck for Roddenbeck, how about Brandon McReynolds, he just lost a motor on lap 107.  He's on pit road with smoke pouring form the 28 Dodge. This is something that has happen to him on multiple occasions in 2009. 

We are YELLOW on lap 107

Saturday - 8:57pm ET  - Matt McCall is really stinking up the show out front, we are at lap 100 and he's led them all.  Brandon McReynolds, Richard Boswell, Coleman Pressley and Jake Crum round out the top five.

Saturday - 8:55pm ET  - We are back GREEN on lap 80 and Brandon McReynolds shot around the Paddy Rodenbeck for second.  After a few laps we know why the pass was made so easily as Roddenbeck came to pit road and the team went under the hood to see smoke billowing from his number 81.  So the bad luck continues for Rodenbeck.

Saturday - 8:49pm ET  - YELLOW FLAG LAP 74: It looks as if Richard Boswell got into the back of Garrett Campbell causing him to spin.  We are are under yellow because of the loop by Campbell.

Saturday - 8:46pm ET  - All three of our leaders have gone to victory lane, it looks as if we could have a repeat winner here tonight at Orange County.

The point leader Jamey Caudill has worked his way up to eighth.  As we close in on lap 70 the 32 of Kyle Grissom came to pit road for an unscheduled stop.  He has returned, but he's underpowered. 

Saturday - 8:42pm ET  - On the restart Paddy Rodenbeck continues to try the low lane on Matt McCall, but he can't get it done.  The pack has strung out single-file back through the top 10.

Saturday - 8:39pm ET  - YELLOW FLAG LAP 44: Dylan Presnell has spun in turn one.  This will bring the pack back together as the top three had checked out just a little bit. McCall leads Rodenbeck, McReynolds, Garrett Campbell and Richard Boswell II.

Saturday - 8:35pm ET  - Coleman Pressley and Darrell Wallace Jr. are have a great race for sixth as the leaders are working lap traffic.  Andy Loden is the only car out of the race at this point.  Matt McCall leads, but Paddy Rodenbeck is all over him for the top spot.

Saturday - 8:32pm ET  - We are back GREEN and have clicked off some quick laps.  As we hit the 25 mark Matt McCall still leads over Paddy Rodenbeck, and Brandon McReynolds.

Saturday - 8:25pm ET  - The first lap found the 5 of Brennan Poole losing control off turn two and sliding into the the side of the 29 of Andy Loden.  Loden then pounded the inside wall on the backstretch.  We are under a RED FLAG in order to save laps. 

Saturday - 8:19pm ET  - GREEN FLAG IS OUT: we are underway here at Orange County.

Saturday - 8:15pm ET  - Michael McGuire a 12-year-old won the Limited Late Model feature.  They keep getting younger and younger.  McGuire led all 50 laps on his way to victory.  The UARA cars are on the track for driver introductions, we'll be racing soon. 

Saturday - 7:45pm ET  - Here are some pre-race notes from the pits:

Three is a magic number.  Brandon McReynolds has qualified third for three straight UARA events and hopes to keep his success going tonight here at Orange County.

Richard Boswell II overcame some bad luck in practice to post the fourth fastest time and hopes to put all of the trouble behind him with a strong run tonight.

Brennan Poole is a 17 year-old kid out of Texas and he’s never run here at Orange County.  After this race he’ll be flying back to Texas for some doctor visits.  He will then go to Costal Plains to test for the next UARA race.  It’s been a struggle to learn all these tracks for the first time.  It also helps to have Jamie Yelton working on your cars.

Ryan Glenski is running only his fourth Late Model race and he’s starting in the top five tonight.  The youngster from Utica, NY is not sure about his up coming race plans as they are currently on a hit or miss program.

Mathew Godley is the top rookie thus far in 2009, but he’ll have to come from the back tonight after a sub-par qualifying run. 

No Kings or Queens tonight.  A bit of a surprise is that Brad Queen and John King II are not here tonight, hopefully they will rejoin the tour in two weeks at Costal Plains.   

Saturday - 7:40pm ET  - To no surprise Daniel Hemric was the overall winner in the Legends feature while Grayson Massey was the overall Bandolero winner.  Check out on Monday for more info on all the happenings here at Orange County.

Saturday - 7:00pm ET  - There was a brief autograph session with all the drivers here on the frontstretch, now the Legends cars are on the track for their 25 lap feature.

Saturday - 5:35pm ET  - The local cars on now doing their qualifying laps, we'll be back closer to feature time.

Saturday - 5:15pm ET  - Not often does the first car go out, break the track record, and then hold on for the pole.  Matt McCall did just that as he now has the pole and the track record here at Orange County Speedway. For McCall it's his third pole of 2009.

Ryan Glenski in his first UARA race qulaified fifth.  Points leader Jamey Caudill will start 12th.  Here is the full rundown.

151Matt McCall14.300
281Paddy Rodenbeck14.415
328Brandon McReynolds14.480
488Richard Boswell II14.530
520Ryan Glenski14.543
612Garrett Campbell14.544
776Darrell Wallace Jr. 14.562
859Colman Pressley14.568
961Chris Lawson14.577
105Brennan Poole14.585
111Jake Crum14.609
1250Jamey Caudill14.619
1332Kyle Grissom14.666
1483Dylan Presnell14.681
1529Andy Loden 14.712
1615Michael Rouse14.722
1748Scott Turlington14.723
1873Owen Kelley14.804
1917Stacey Puryear14.842
2075Paul Bryant14.862
2104Ryan Gray15.003
2211Joey Bryant15.094
2392Mathew Godley15.272

Saturday - 4:53pm ET  - Qualifying is underway here at Orange County Speedway Matt McCall is the first car to go out. Ross Furr has loaded the car and will not be racing today.

Saturday - 4:39pm ET  - Top Speeds from last practice.

Final Practice Top 10 Speeds
151Matt McCall14.336
281Paddy Rodenback14.393
376Darrell Wallace Jr. 14.464
417Stacey Puryear14.479
548Scott Turlington14.482
65Brennan Poole14.498
704Ryan Gray14.508
828Brandon McReynolds14.523
912Garrett Campbell14.541
1050Jamey Caudill14.557

Saturday - 4:32pm ET  - We are about to get underway with qualifying here at Orange County Speedway.  Who will set fast time today?  Matt McCall has been quick all season and won the pole at the Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) to open the season.  Paddy Rodenbeck took the award at Tri-County Speedway (NC) and point leader Jamey Caudill did the the trick at Dillon Motor Speedway (SC). 

Qualifying will get underway at 4:45pm

Saturday - 4:03pm ET  - Looking down pit road we see that Richard Boswell II is now going to the tech line, he had issues with the fuel cell and UARA officials were there so we don't think he will be penalized a lap.  Also Ross Furr has not yet gone to tech, we will investigate the situation.

Saturday - 3:39pm ET  - The support cars here have a packed field of Legends and Bandoleros.  We will tell you who wins the races tonight, but be sure to check out more on next week as the Summer Shootout at Lowe's Motor Speedway kicks into high gear on Tuesday night.

UARA cars are rollin through tech right now.

Saturday - 3:09pm ET  - Our pre-race schedule had Pro Challenge cars slated for this date here at Orange County Speedway.  However that is not the case. There is no Pro Challenge race tonight. The north division will hold their next race on June 17th at Concord Speedway (NC), that event will be on the quarter-mile.

Saturday - 2:45pm ET  - That's it for practice today as the 45 minute session has come to an end.  We'll have the speed shortly.  We can tell you that Richard Boswell II is having some fuel problems as the team is draining the fuel cell in order to put in a new one.

Saturday - 1:45pm ET  - We are heading trackside as the next UARA practice starts in 15 minutes. We'll be back in a while.

Saturday - 1:31pm ET  - Here are the speeds for the first round of practice.  Jake Crum ran 48 laps of practice as he was trying to dial-in his car. The top lap runner was Brennan Poole who logged 68 laps. His car owner Jamie Yelton (not racing tonight) won the race here a year ago.

128Brandon McReynolds14.406
217Stacey Puryear14.457
351Matt McCall14.464
420Ryan Glenski14.478
529Andy Loden 14.478
673Owen Kelley14.485
783Dylan Presnell14.488
81Jake Crum14.511
950Jamey Caudill14.534
1048Scott Turlington14.544
1159Colman Pressley14.555
1288Richard Boswell II14.563
1381Paddy Rodenbeck14.578
1404Ryan Gray14.643
1532Kyle Grissom14.644
165Brennan Poole14.655
1792Mathew Godley14.697
1861Chris Lawson14.708
1975Paul Bryant14.723
2076Darrell Wallace Jr. 14.741
2112Garrett Campbell14.743
2215Michael Rouse14.770
2325Ross Furr14.847
2411Joey Bryant15.178

Saturday - 1:01pm ET  - Practice is in the books and the track will be quiet for the next hour or so as we have a lunch break.  We'll be back shortly with some speeds and some stories form the pits.

Saturday - 12:55pm ET  - In the closing laps of the first practice Brandon McReynolds and Darrell Wallace Jr. did some side-by-side racing like we already underway.  We can expect they will be two of the cars to beat here tonight.  McReynolds won last weeks race at Dillon.

Saturday - 12:45pm ET  - We see some good looking cars here today, Series announcer and 51 Radio partner Doc Love told us that Matt McCall has the "Good Car" back and ready to roll with it here today.  Also Paddy Rodenbeck is back after he really tore his car up last week at the DIllon Motor Speedway.  We also understand that the 11 of Joey Bryant has his own car ready to go today.  Bryant had borrowed some rides to make a few starts this season.

Saturday - 12:40pm ET  - We have 24 cars on hand for today's race.  Perhaps the most interesting this about today's line-up is that this is the first time that 2008 series champ Jake "The Snake" Crum and 2007 series champ Ross Furr will run a race together.  The previous time dates back to 2008. 

Late Model Stocks in the pits today
183Dylan Presnell
251Matt McCall
381Paddy Rodenback
450Jamey Caudill
515Michael Rouse
632Kyle Grissom
748Scott Turlington
888Richard Boswell II
928Brandon McReynolds
1004Ryan Gray
1111Joey Bryant
1225Ross Furr
1376Darrell Wallace Jr.
1492Mathew Godley
1517Stacey Puryear
1651Chris Lawson
1775Paul Bryant
1828Ryan Glenski
1912Garrett Campbell
201Jake Crum
2129Andy Loden
225Brennan Poole
2373Owen Kelley
2459Colman Pressley

Saturday - 12:30pm ET  - Good afternoon from Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina.  Today we, along with the UARA-Stars Late Model Stocks are in town for the UARA-Stars 150.  It's been a another fine season of racing thus far on the UARA tour.  Five races have produced five different winners and today they are going for the six-pack!  Practice is already underway and it's been clean so far.  

Here is today's Schedule

10:00 am Sign In / Pit Gate opens
10:30 am Inspection Begins
10:00 Tire Truck Opens for Practice Tires
Race Tires will be sold, AS SOON AS Practice Tires are complete

10:15-11:15 UARA Draw for Qualifying
11:45 Safety Meeting Local officials
12:00 – 1:00 UARA Practice
1:00-1:45 Lunch
1:00 Gates Open for Local Divisions
1:20-1:35 Chapel Service

2:00- 2.45 UARA Practice
2:45-3:15 Pro Challenge Practice
3:15- 3:35 Limited Practice
3:15 UARA Tech Line Opens
3:45 UARA Tech Line Closes (if not in line by 3:20 lose 1 lap qualifying)
3:35-3:45 Legends
3:45-3:55 Bandoleros Practice
3:55-4:05 Limited Practice
4:05-4:15 Pro Challenge Practice
4:15- 4:25 Legends Practice
4:25-4:35 Bandoleros
4:30 Grandstands open
4:05 UARA Drivers and Spotters meeting at the UARA Trailer (only drivers and spotters) (miss meeting start in rear – there will be a roll call )

4:45 UARA Qualifying

5:15- 6:00 Pro Challenge Qualifying followed by Limited…. Legends
6:10 Local Division Drivers/Spotters meeting
6:15-6:45 Autograph Session

6:45 Invocation followed by National Anthem

7:00 Gentlemen start your Engines
UARA Heat race if necessary
Pro Challenge 35 laps

Legends 25 laps
Bandoleros 12 laps
Limited 50 Laps

Early practice action. (51 Sports Photo)
Matt McCall with a cool hood. (51 Sports Photo)
Brandon McReynolds (R) was the fastest car in the first practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Legends and Bandoleros will be on the under card today.  (51 Sports Photo)
Richard Boswell II leads the effort to get all the fuel out of his car to replace the fuel cell. (51 Sports Photo)
Coleman Pressley helps his team with the rear end. (51 Sports Photo)
Brandon McReynolds at speed. (51 Sports Photo)
Darrell Wallace Jr. taking a breather while the crew works on the car.  (51 Sports Photo)
Matt McCall will start on the pole tonight. (51 Sports Photo)
12-year-old Michael McGuire won the Limited Late Model feature. (51 Sports Photo)
Richard Boswell leans in to speak to Stacy Puryear. (51 Sports Photo)
The crowd around the two drivers. (51 Sports Photo)
Matt McCall in victory lane. (51 Sports Photo)