Wimmers Buy Wisconsin's State Park Speedway
Involvement Ensures Future of a Short Track
Track PR Report
NASCAR driver and Wausau native Scott Wimmer along with Wausau area land developer Ron Wimmer announce their purchase of State Park Speedway.  The Speedway, located in the Town of Rib Mountain, just outside of Wausau, WI was put up for sale at the end of the 2009 race season and many people in the community questioned its future and whether anyone would ever race there again.  That’s when the Wimmer’s stepped up and decided it was time to call it their own. 

“State Park Speedway has always been special to me,” says Scott Wimmer, “It’s where I got my start in racing, so to be able to keep SPS as a racetrack and support the racing community that supported me is pretty exciting.”

“There was a lot of talk about what would happen with the track,” says Ron Wimmer, “Would it stay a racetrack?  The bottom line was we didn’t want to see it go away.  Two of my sons grew up racing there and I think it’s also a great business opportunity.  I’ve worked with a lot of land developments in this area and see good things for State Park Speedway.”

It’s no secret SPS ha been fading over the past few years.  The racetrack struggled to fill the stands and generate interest in the Wausau area, but expect that to change. 

“We’ve talked about a lot of different things to make State Park part of the community again,” says Ron Wimmer, “You’ll see lot of fan promos and we’re working on some pretty neat things to get people to the track and excited about racing in Wausau and at State Park Speedway.”

Also expect to see a higher driver count.  Last year SPS averaged just four super late model cars every Saturday and about the same number of limited late models.  The four-cylinder class was strong, but bringing drivers to the racetrack is an area of focus for the Wimmers.  

“Without the cars and drivers, there is no show,” says Scott Wimmer, “We’re working on options to increase the purse and get drivers back out to State Park.  For a quarter-mile track it’s really racy.  I want fans to be able to experience some exciting racing this year and that all starts with talking to drivers and getting them interested, and that’s what we are going to do.”

Unlike other local tracks in Wisconsin, State Park Speedway will not run weekly shows.  Instead, the focus is on rebuilding and putting together eight to ten specials. 

“There’s a lot of work in essentially rebuilding a racetrack,” says Ron Wimmer, “We need to get fans back and more cars.  We think the best way to do that is to have a select number of specials and do them well, then in the next few years we can look at possibly returning to weekly racing.”

Race dates and times will be announced in the next few months and continue to look for updates on the 2010 race season at SPS. 

“There’s still a lot to do and we are just in the beginning phase,” says Scott Wimmer, “There are a few races we would like to get or keep at State Park and all the specifics will continue to fall in to place.”

State Park Speedway begins its search for sponsors for the 2010 race season.  There are many different opportunities including billboards and sponsorship nights at the track. For more information on sponsorship  please contact Jana Jurkovich at (612) 819-4564 or jjurkovich@gmail.com