Racing Will Continue at Orange Show Speedway
Improvements To Adjoining Center Won't Affect Current Lease
PR Report

There will be automobile racing at Orange Show Speedway (CA) for at least the next four years.  Rick McCray, the owner of Best in the West Racing and the promoter for the historic quarter-mile oval adjacent to the National Orange Show Events Center, said Wednesday that he signed a “hard, hard 5-year lease” with a 3-year option in February and plans to continue staging weekly racing programs at the 62-year-old track even if there is development on other portions of the NOS property.

McCray, who also owns a successful truck repair business in San Bernardino, made his remarks to answer any questions about the speedway's future that may have been raised by Tuesday's press conference regarding the possible future sale and development of NOS grounds.

San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris and NOS board of directors chairman Bob Balzer were among those attending the press conference to announce plans to sell portions of the state-owned fair grounds to the Lewis Group of Companies, which would undertake various commercial, industrial and office projects.

Balzer, in his comments, said any decisions regarding the speedway will be based on its future economic viability and that “we'll know down the road if the raceway stays or not.”

However, terms of the sale have not been finalized and no firm timelines have been established for either the sale or development. McCray said that while the long-term and often-rumored project would be a tremendous boost to the city, which currently gets no tax revenue from NOS, he questions whether it is feasible given San Bernardino's depressed economy.

McCray, who has made a tremendous financial investment in improvements to the facility, said that from his standpoint, it will remain business as usual. The terms of his lease give him complete control of the speedway beginning in 2010 and provide for significant financial indemnity if the lease if terminated or altered.