Paving Of New Gresham Motorsports Park Half-Mile Underway
New Track Will Host Debut Race in November
Track PR Report
The day everyone has been waiting for – the beginning of the paving of the new Gresham Motorsports Park – is here.

Work on laying down the new asphalt racing surface has begun and not a minute too soon for those looking forward to the reopening of the former Peach State Speedway. The first layer of pavement was laid down last week by Sunbelt Asphalt Services, Inc., an Auburn, GA company. The company hopes to complete the project – weather permitting – over the next two weeks.

Then, according to Gresham Motorsports Park general manager Dan Elliott, it will be time to put some race cars on the new track.

“We’re hoping to have a couple of test sessions in September,” said Elliott. “The tests will be open to all types of stock cars and will give us a good idea about tire wear and the types of divisions that will compete at the track.”

The all-new Gresham Motorsports Park will open with the 26th-Annual World Crown 300 weekend November 13-15.

To see some images of this process, as well as shots of other improvements at the newly minted GMP complex, check out the latest photos by clicking on the following GMP URL at
Paving is underway at Gresham Motorsports Park.  (GMP Photo)