Gresham Motorsports Park Renovation
Project ‘Digging’ Toward Completion
Georgia Track is Undergoing a Facelift
Track PR Report

Gresham Motorsports Park (GMP) is undergoing a major transformation that according to GMP General Manager Dan Elliott is anything but incredible.

“To move the massive amount of dirt in the time that we’ve done it in has been pretty amazing,” Elliott stated. “The weather has held us up a little bit recently and we have a ways to go. We know what we have to do and we know what the deadlines are. Still, I can’t say enough about the job Simpson Trucking and Grading have done here.  They’ve done an outstanding job and the place changes every day.”

Several excavations have been completed including the pad for the new main grandstand on the former back straight of the old Peach State Speedway oval. Additionally, the infield has been graded and prepared for the construction of a new quarter-mile Legends Car track, transporter rigs, inspection, concession and rest room facilities while the site of the old main grandstand has now been graded for terraced trackside parking on the new back straight.

“All of the construction is coming together nicely,” said Elliott. “We’ve got the main grandstand in place, the racetrack walls are going up and the plans for the buildings we’re going to have – rest rooms and concession stands are all moving along. We had to get to a certain point with the construction of the grandstand before we could start with plans for the control tower. It’s kind of like a huge jigsaw puzzle.”

When completed and opened this fall with the 26th-Annual World Crown 300 (November 13-15), Gresham Motorsports Park will have undergone a major transformation – fresh from the ground up. If Elliott and the Gresham family ownership of the project have their way, it one of the nicest, most fan, competitor and community friendly racing and entertainment complexes in the emerging Jackson County (GA) area.

“Anyone that has ever built a complex like this has their own vision of what it needs to be,” said Elliott. “Honestly, everyone comes up with something different despite the fact that they want it to be fan and user friendly. At the end of the day, you want it to be the best it can possibly be. That’s what we have been working hard on here. We’re working on easy access, good visibility and convenience – all the factors that go into planning a project as big as this. It just takes time.”

Along with the progress of the grading and physical grounds transformation, Elliott indicated Gresham Motorsports Park’s management team is starting to focus on competition and event dynamics for this year and next.

“We’ve been really concentrating on getting the facility done and we’re starting to shift gears toward the competition side and the 2009 World Crown 300 and beyond that for the 2010 season,” said Elliott. “We’re going to be getting together this week to discuss some things like the rules, advertising and promotion for the World Crown and what other kinds of events – racing and otherwise – that we are going to have here next year. We’re going to have more than just racing here. We’ve got a lot to chew over in the next couple of weeks planning for the future.”

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Gresham Motorsports Park has been undergoing a facelift lately.  (GMP Photos)