Trackside Now: 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing
Saturday, February 7th, 2009 - Day Two of Nine at New Smyrna
New Smyrna Speedway - New Smyrna, Florida
Sunday, 12:15am ET - There is a song that states "After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out."  The racers let it all hang out today during the races, and while they are letting it all hang out at Pub 44 tonight, we are heading to our Ocean Properties condo to get rested up for tomorrow's events.

We will be back tomorrow for the third night of action at New Smyrna Speedway.

Sunday, 12:10am ET - The results have been posted:


Sunday, 12:05am ET - Driver Reaction:

Super Late Models – Jeff Choquette (1st)
“What an awesome racecar we had tonight.  I was just the lucky one holding the steering wheel.  I want to give a big thanks to all my guys, my dad and everyone has been a big help. We are a little shorthanded but we are getting the job done.”

Tour-Type Modifieds – Matt Hirschman (1st)
“I wish we were in victory lane both nights. What happened last night was unfortunate because it was not a racing incident. At about 2 or 3 in the morning we talked and contemplated what we wanted to do. We are all racers and that is what we came here to do. We came and worked hard all day right up to time trails and after. I appreciate what all of my guys did. They stuck with me and we made the effort and it paid off tonight.”

Is the slate clean after last night? “The slate is always clean with me.”

Crate Late Models – Landon Cassill (1st)

“I put two stickers on and a Pro Shocks sticker and that made the difference tonight. Seriously I have to thank Larry and Thor Anderson and Anderson Racing for lending me their engine. We felt like we got out-motored last night and we got the winning edge from a close friend of ours from Iowa tonight. They’ve made my week because I think we have a car that can win more races. Rich (Lushes) has the best turning car out there and I can’t thank those guys enough.”

Late Models – Jessica Murphy (in victory lane on a wrecker)

“Pickens was fast. I guess he didn’t want to be beat by a girl. I held my own and I guess he didn’t like it. I just held my own and won the race.”

Austin Pickens – 2nd place
“I couldn’t get around her. She kept blocking me. She’s my friend, it was my bad."

FL / IMCA Modifieds – Lee Collins (1st)
“We had a really good car tonight.  We tore it up pretty bad last night and all the guys worked really late into the early morning to get this thing to run again.  I have won races and championships here at the World Series.  Hopefully we are back on track to do it again.”

Saturday, 11:08pm ET - Jessica Murphy has won the Late Model feature, but her car is all tore up, sitting down in turn one.

Over the final laps, Murphy was pressured hard by Austin Pickens for the top spot.  Coming out of turn four on the final corner, Pickens got to the inside of Murphy by a nose coming off turn four, made contact with her car and pushed her sideways across the checkered flag.  Pickens' car made contact with Murphy after they crossed the flag stand as both appeared to be trying to save their cars, which sent Murphy's car into the inside wall.  A few cars then wrecked down in turn one after the checkered flag as they were racing for the finish.

Pickens took second, followed by Sam Watts and Drew  Brannon, who had a major battle for third over the final laps.

Do not go anywhere folks.  We will have driver reaction, winner's photos and race results, still coming up.

Saturday, 11:02pm ET - With five laps remaining, J.R. Mcmichael went around in turn two, bringing out the yellow.  Jessica Murphy still leads, but Austin Pickens was also fast once he got around Sam Watts for second, so the last five laps should be exciting.

Saturday, 10:59pm ET - At the halfway point, Jessica Murphy has a big lead over the field. Austin Pickens worked for many laps and finally went to the high side around Sam Watts for second.

Saturday, 10:53pm ET - AJ Curreli has bounced off the inside wall when he tried to work his way by Sam Watts.  Up front, Jessica Murphy leads over Watts with seven laps down.

Saturday, 10:52pm ET - Sam Watts took the early lead, but Jessica Murphy powered hard around the outside of Watts to take the lead with just a few laps in the books. 

Saturday, 10:48pm ET - Austin Pickens appeared to have accelerated just a bit too much as they had to restart the field.  Why? Drew Brannon had to get off the gas to keep from running over the pace truck.

Then, on the second restart attempt, Drew Brannon held the field back down the backstretch, then took off in turn three, forcing the officials to call off that start and sending them to the rear.

Sam Watts and Jessica Murphy will now be the front row.

Saturday, 10:43pm ET - GREEN FLAG: LATE MODEL FEATURE - Drew Brannon and Austin Pickens will lead the field to the green.

Saturday, 10:39pm ET - Night one saw a two-car show between Drew Brannnon and Austin Pickens. Brannon had the upper-hand last night, but Pickens, Sam Watts, BJ McLeod, and Jessica Murphy are chomping at the bit to pick off the Florida native.

Brannon and Pickens will lead the field to the green.

Saturday, 10:36pm ET - Lee Collins has won the Florida Modified feature.

While Collins ran around up front, the racers behind them had trouble racing clean and lining up for the restarts.  It got so bad that the race director said "Did you boys leave your brains in the underwear drawer tonight?" over the radio late in the race.

Rodney Brooks ran second for most of the race, but went to the back with some sort of issue.  That put Jerry Symons second at the checkered flag.

We will have the full race results, as well as the winner's photo and quotes, after the event.

The final race of the night is next, which is the Late Models.

Saturday, 10:26pm ET - With just a few laps remaining in the race, a yellow came out for a multi-car incident on the backstretch involving last night's winner Mike Stacey. 

Up front, the race has belonged to Lee Collins.  Unless something happens on the final laps, he should be the winner.

Saturday, 10:16pm ET - There are nine laps in the books, and we are under yellow once again for a few cars getting together off turn two.  Alan Bruns and Ryan Preece were both involved.  Prior to that, two cars got together in turns one and two to bring out a yellow then.

Larry Collins still leads Rodney Brooks.

Saturday, 10:06pm ET - Once back to green, it took two laps before a yellow came out for an incident in turn four with a few cars.  Up front, Lee Collins leads Rodney Brooks.

Saturday, 10:00pm ET - Last night the Florida Modifieds made it to turn one before a major pile-up stopped the action.  Tonight they didn't even make it to the flagstand before a big wreck occured.  It was unclear what happened, but a car got sideways coming toward the green flag in front of the field.  Mods bounced off the inside and outside wall before and after the flagstand.  Robbie Cooper and Ardell Kunzeman were two of the most damaged as they had to get pulled off the track.

Saturday, 9:55pm ET - GREEN FLAG: FLORIDA MODIFIED FEATURE - Lee Collins, Jr and Rodney Brooks lead them down towards the flagstand.

Saturday, 9:52pm ET - Timothy Moore was supposed to start on the pole, but he has dropped down on pit road.  He did go back on the track, but appears to have elected to start at the rear.

Meanwhile, the #36 of Nick Diano had some fire coming from it while on pace laps, so he has pulled down to the pits.  There also appears to be fluids on the track, so it will be a few moments before we go green.

Larry Lee Collins, Jr and Rodney Brooks appear to be the new front row.  Due to a few cars changing position, it is taking a few moments to get things lined up right before the green.

Saturday, 9:40pm ET - Mike Stacey in his wicked-looking black and green #6 dominated night one with a powerful performance. A first lap wreck took out a ton of cars last night. This will be the first chance for some of those cars to challenge for the win. Will Stacey out-power them again or will a Florida regular like Tank Tucker get it done? 

News sent via text message a short time ago from spotter Mike Herman Jr. says Bob Judkins’ #2x has a new engine and just made it back to the track from the shop. Judkins grandson, NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour driver Ryan Preece will jump in the seat and start in the rear of the field.  

Saturday, 9:35pm ET - Jeff Choquette dominated the Super Late Model feature and has won the 30-lap event. 

While Choquette cruised around up in front of the field, Johanna Long seemed to have second place locked up during the  race, but with two laps to go, she cut down a right front tire.  She ran around the track trying to find a hole to get to the inside as the officials let the race go green flag with her limping around the track.  As the field was on the white-flag lap, she was finally able to make it to pit road after showering sparks around the entire track.

Long's misfortune gave second to Wayne Anderson.  Tim Russell finished third after a hard battle with Jeremy Colangelo, who finished fourth.  David Rogers finished fifth.

The winner photo, reaction from Choquette and the full results will be coming soon.

Next up is the Florida Modified feature.

Saturday, 9:29pm ET - At the halfway mark, Jeff Choquette has a commanding lead over the field.  Johanna Long runs second, followed closely by Wayne Anderson.  David Rogers runs fourth with Jeremy Colangelo slipping back to fifth.

Saturday, 9:25pm ET - The yellow flag flew just two laps into the event as John Coffman has stopped on the inside on the backstretch.  He had to be pulled off the track on the hook.

Up front, Jeff Choquette got the lead on the start with Johanna Long snagging second.  Jeremy Colangelo is third with David Rogers fourth.

Saturday, 9:20pm ET - GREEN FLAG: SUPER LATE MODEL FEATURE - Jeremy Colangelo and Jeff Choquette lead them towards the flagstand (thy said thre wasn't a redraw, but it appears now there is).

Saturday, 9:10pm ET - Right before the Super Late Model feature starts, a few familiar faces in the SLM world made an appearance up in the press and official's both: RJ Scott and Glenn Luckett of the CRA Super Series.  The two will have to get used to coming south from the midwest as the CRA South Super Late Model Series kicks off their inaugural season this year.

Saturday, 9:05pm ET - Seasoned Smyrna veteran Dave Rogers is on the pole for the Super Late Model 30-lapper. Last night’s winner Jeff Choquette will start on the outside of the front row. One to watch is Wayne Anderson, who is always a threat at New Smyrna. He faded in the late stages of the race on night-one, but hopes to have his #84 go the distance tonight.  Another Florida hot-shoe, Tim Russell, broke and hit the wall during the first night of action while running second. Russell starts seventh in his backup Childcare Network #36. Aside from the blackout, last night’s Super Late Model show was clean and green for the most part. Lets hope that trend continues tonight. 

Saturday, 9:01pm ET - It appears that Jimmy Blewett's good luck has returned as he has won the SK Modified feature.  

The back half of the race belonged to Blewett as no one could touch him.  Bobby Grigas, once he got to second, just didn't have enough to get to his bumper.  Kenny Horton was third followed by David Cranmer and Chris Jensen.

We will have quotes from Blewett as well as a victory photo and complete results at the end of the night.

Next up is the Super Late Model feature.

Saturday, 8:58pm ET - Jimmy Blewett made his way to the top spot on the restart. Bobby Grigas also worked his way to second around Kenny Horton, who runs in third at the halfway mark. 

Saturday, 8:56pm ET - Kenny Horton currently has the lead as we are under yellow for a single-car spin, but he is now looking in his rear-view mirror as Jimmy Blewett has raced his way all the way up to second. Jimmy Zacharias sits third while Bobby Grigas is back up to fourth.... and only two laps are complete.

Saturday, 8:53pm ET - Bobby Grigas got the jump on the start of the race and looked like he was going to set sail when his SK Mod took a violent snap-spin coming off turn four on the first lap, right in front of the whole field.  A tire appeared to go down on him, causing the issue.  Grigas gets the save of the day award for spinning and getting the car back straight, not causing any further issue.  He was able to change the tire and restart in the rear.

Saturday, 8:50pm ET - GREEN FLAG: SK MODIFIED FEATURE - David Cranmer and Bobby Grigas lead them towards the flagstand.

Saturday, 8:45pm ET - Frank Ruocco has just made it to the track and will be the 11th starter for the SK Modified feature tonight.

Saturday, 8:43pm ET - David Cramner and his immaculate #59 sits on the pole for tonight’s SK Mod race. He will have his hands full with NASCAR Whelen Mod Tour driver Bobby Grigas, who starts alongside. The high groove has come in at Smyrna and it could pay dividends for the outside row starters. The fans in attendance will have their eye on the back of the field as Jimmy “Showtime” Blewett  has to start in the tail after crashing during qualifying. 

The race will be 15 laps.

Saturday, 8:40pm ET - Landon Cassill has won the Crate Late Model feature. 

After a few late restarts for incidents on the track, Cassill ran out front and couldn't be touched.  The end of the race ended up fairly clean with David Rigan finishing second.  Patrick Laperle tried to make a move for second, but ended finishing third.  David Wagner and Stephen Nasse rounded out the top five.

We will have the full results, winner photo and quotes at the end of the night.

Next up is the SK Modified feature.

Saturday, 8:31pm ET - Just after the restart, Landon Cassill showed some power by swinging to the outside of David Rigan for the lead.  Patrick Laperle rides in third behind Rigan as we go back under yellow at lap 18 for a two-car wreck on the backstretch involving Thor Anderson and Sean Bass.

Saturday, 8:26pm ET - On the restart, Joseph Gase tried to hold onto the lead, but after a few laps of trying, David Rigan was able to work his way to the front.  Landon Cassill worked his way to second while Gase dropped back a bit.

Cassill settled in behind Rigan for a few laps, but then started putting hard pressure on him for the top spot.  Cassill made the move to the inside for the lead off turn two, but in turn three, Rigan came across his nose, forcing Cassill to back off. 

We are currently under yellow with 16 laps in the books after a single car spin on the backstretch.

Saturday, 8:17pm ET - On the restart, Joseph Gase got the jump and the lead on the field. David Rigan made a charge to the front of the field and had the lead, but a spin at the back of the pack involving Terry Horak put the yellow out, and since the restart goes back to the last completed lap, Gase will hold the lead on the next restart.

Saturday, 8:14pm ET - Joseph Gase got sideways off turn two and just about spun up into the whole field.  Thankfully, he spun to the inside of the track and kept going without further incident.  The yellow was thrown right away.  The officials will do a complete restart of the race.

Saturday, 8:11pm ET - GREEN FLAG: CRATE LATE MODEL FEATURE - Justin McLellan and Joseph Gase lead  the field to the green flag.

Saturday, 8:04pm ET - Since the Crate Late Models didn't qualify, they will line up by points, or how they finished last night, except they will invert the top nine.  That puts Justin Mclellan first with Joseph Gase second.  Patrick Laperle, Stephen Nasse, David Wagner, David Rigan, Aj Fulgenzi, Landon Cassill, James Weller (last night's winner) and Thor Anderson is the first 10 starters.

Saturday, 8:00pm ET - Landon Cassill looked to have last night’ race won until Jimmy Weller cruised around him. Cassill said he “was out horse-powered.” The engine in the #7 was an old one, so Cassill and crew put a refreshed crate engine in the car for tonight’s race. Weller will be tough to beat as he’s been one of the fastest cars both days. The ASA Crate cars have the strongest car count of all divisions at Speedweeks. Will a new name step up and grab a trophy during night two?

Saturday, 7:55pm ET - Matt Hirschman has won the Tour-Type Modified feature. 

In a relatively calm event, considering last night's mess of a race, the Modified drivers behaved and ran a great race for the fans. 

Up front, no one had anything for Hirschman, but while he was out front with the lead, the battle was for second the whole race between Chuck Hossfeld and Ted Christopher.  The battle was hard and tight, but after many attempts, Christopher made the move around Hossfeld for the second spot.  Hirschman was too far out for Christopher to make a run, so he had to settle for the runner-up spot.  Hossfeld finished third with Kevin Goodale fourth. Jon McKennedy finishing fifth with Bobby Grigas sixth.

We will have reaction from the driver, photos and results at the end of the night.

Next up is the Crate Late Model feature.

Saturday, 7:50pm ET - On the restart, Matt Hirschman and Robbie Fuller went side by side for the lead, but Fuller slid back a bit, giving the lead firmly to Hirschman.  Meanwhile, the battle for second is heating up as Chuck Hossfeld is being pressured hard by Ted Christopher.  Those three occupy the top-three spots at halfway.

Saturday, 7:48pm ET - Jimmy Blewett's rough day continues.  On the first lap, he slid up the track in turn four, appearing to nick the wall.  He was able to continue, but it put out a yellow flag early and sent him back many spots.

Saturday, 7:44pm ET - GREEN FLAG: TOUR-TYPE MODIFIEDS - Matt Hirschman and Robbie Fuller lead the field under the flagstand to start the feature with 20 other Mods right behind them.

Saturday, 7:32pm ET - Matt Hirschman has been a hard guy to find all day. Why? He’s been thrashing on his car. When we went to speak to him before the features (during the break), the young driver was in the dirt under his car getting it ready for tonight’s feature.

How bad was Jon McKennedy’s wreck last night? The clip on the right side was buckled bad. Jon told that the engine was also moved over considerably. Amazing that the repairs were made and the #73 set fast time. McKennedy re-drew third (Matt Hirschman starts first with Robbie Fuller second).

Saturday, 7:30pm ET - The National Anthems have been sung, so up next is the first feature of the night, the Tour-Type Modifieds.

Last night, the Tour Mods had some issues running a clean race.  Multiple drivers ended up on the hook after a mess of a race.  In the driver's meeting, Dick Brooks told the drivers that last night's events were some of the worst he had seen.  Tonight, he is calling the race from the tower, and if the drivers do not behave, they are going to force him to be the bad guy and put racers to the back if they wreck someone else, or even worse.

Saturday, 5:50pm ET - Since there is a break in the action here at the track, we are going to take a break from the keyboard, head down to the pits and check in with the drivers and teams.  We will be back before the 7:30pm features for coverage of tonight's races.

Saturday, 5:45pm ET - SK Mods – The damage on Jimmy Blewett’s #12 SK Mod was pretty extensive. The crew reports that it may have bent the clip, the motor plate and the radiator. Look for the #12 to be fixed and ready to go though for the feature tonight. Through a crew member, Jimmy told us that he is “ready to disappoint all the people that were clapping in the infield when he wrecked.”  
“Showtime” will have to start in the rear of the field come feature time. 

Saturday, 5:30pm ET - ASA Crate Late Models – NASCAR star Landon Cassill has a familiar voice guiding him on the racetrack this week. His mentor, Short Track veteran Gary St. Amant, is spotting for the young driver. The two drivers bonded several years ago at the Snowball Derby and have been friends and supporters of one another’s racing career.

Saturday, 5:25pm ET - David Rogers is always fast at New Smyrna Speedway. He may be one of the oldest of the Super Late Model drivers during Speedweeks, but he is taking a lot of young drivers to school. Rogers set fast time in the Super Late Models for the second night in a row. Rogers told fellow Short Track veteran Gary St. Amant that he likes his #11 car. It’s the same car he ran at the Snowball Derby. “It’s a good old guy car. It’s real easy to work on and easy to drive,” said Rogers.
John Coffman and Nevin Gainey’s cars are very hard to decipher between. The identically prepared #58 cars took the track for qualifying back-to-back. Gainey timed the quickest of the two with the ninth-quickest lap, while Coffman was 12th out of the 17 cars that took time..

Steady as she goes is Jeremy Colangelo. The young driver showed a lot of poise by staying out of trouble for a strong fourth-place run during night number one. Look for a strong night for Colangelo after timing third in qualifying.

We are only one night into this year’s World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing and some drivers are planning their 2009 schedule.  Jeff Choquette will be racing for points in the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour.  Choquette ran several events in 2008 and hold the record for most series poles with four.

Super Late Models  Qualifying Results
1#11David Rogers17.292
2#70Jeff Choquette17.429
3#05Jeremy Colangelo17.499
4#10xJohanna Long17.511
5#84Wayne Anderson17.63
6#10Jack Landis17.666
7#36Tim Russell 17.744
8#73Sam Watts17.867
9#58XNevin Gainey18.111
10#24David Rigan18.271
11#23Rusty Ebersole18.296
12#58John Coffman18.343
13#33Ricky Wood18.44
14#7Doug Elliott18.573
15#18Bruce Gowland18.647
16#112Stephen Weaver 18.705
17#68Russ Shaw19.886
Saturday, 5:00pm ET - Double Duty Do-gooders?
Kenny “Cannonball” Horton qualified third in his SK Mod. In the Tour-Type he set eighth quickest on the stopwatch. Horton, who typically runs Chassis Dynamics cars, is running a brand-new 2009 Troyer Tour-type Mod.
Bobby Grigas has enjoyed a great Speedweeks thus far. During night one he impressed with a comeback performance that landed him a fourth-place finish. He qualified second in his SK Mod and 10th in the Tour-Type.
After crashing before taking the green in his SK Modified, Jimmy Blewett had a decent run with in the Tour-type Mod that was 7th quick. Can Blewett change his day around when the sun goes down?

Saturday, 4:57pm ET - Jon McKennedy is a man on a mission. After his big crash last night, the team looked as if they were going to pack up and go home with a badly bent up chassis. The team decided to work hard and amazingly got the car fixed for action today. Their efforts were rewarded with the fastest time in Mod qualifying.

Tour-Type Modifieds Qualifying Results
1#73Jon McKennedy17.086
2#00Ted Christopher17.118
3#59Matt Hirschman17.14
4#17Robbie Fuller17.24
5#50Kevin Goodale17.248
6#22Chuck Hossfeld17.252
7#12Jimmy Blewett17.261
8#29Kenny Horton17.384
9#76Tim Zacharias17.426
10#09Bobby Grigas17.433
11#58Eric Goodale17.444
12#91John Jennson17.501
13#9Pete Jarvis17.644
14#2JR Bertuccio17.755
15#1Darwin Green18.326
16#40Louie Mechalides18.361

Super Late Model qualifying is next.

Saturday, 4:30pm ET - David Cranmer has set fast time in the SK Modified qualifying session.

SK Modifieds Qualifying Results
1#59David Cranmer18.167
2#09Bobby Grigas18.185
3#19Kenny Horton18.287
4#71Jimmy Zacharias18.854
5#14Wayne Arute18.964
6#79Chris Jensen 19.161
7#17Russell Savoy19.321
8#23TJ Zacharias20.717
9#12Jimmy Blewettno time
10#10Rob Schultz time

Tour-Type Modified qualifying is up next.

Saturday, 4:15pm ET - Yesterday was Jimmy Blewett's day here at the track, winning both the SK Modified feature and the Tour-Type Modified feature.  Today though is another story.  During the second Tour-Type Mod practice, his radiator cap blew off after only a few laps.  Now, in SK Mod qualifying, Blewett lost it coming off turn four, tried to correct it and nosed it hard into the outside wall.  He is ok, but the front of his brand new 2009 Troyer car isn't.  It has right front damage and the nose in crunched in.

There are four cars left in qualifying for the SK Mods.  We will have results shortly.

Saturday, 4:00pm ET - We are back here after eating some great food at Pub 44, so we are ready for qualifying.  Up first is the SK Mods.  We will have qual results shortly.

Saturday, 2:55pm ET - Practice has concluded.  Since there is a break in the action until the 4:00pm qualifying, we are going to step out from the track and head over to Pub 44 for some great food.  We will be back for qualifying.

Saturday, 2:50pm ET - Dick Anderson is in his golf-cart pushing his famous #92 down the frontstretch. He has tabbed Matt Bowers to drive the legendary ride. It's the first time we have seen the black #92 this week.

Saturday, 2:15pm ET - Sam Watts was on track during the second and final Super Late Model practice.  He was minus a hood, but his car was back up to speed after nosing it in the wall earlier.

Saturday, 2:10pm ET - If you missed the results from last night, check them out.


Saturday, 2:00pm ET - As we are watching the SK Modifieds go around the track for practice, we see that Robbie Fuller came out on to the race track to check his car out.  After making a few laps at slow speed, he came to the attention of his crew.  After a few quick adjustments, he went back on the track and went full speed.  Looks like he will be racing tonight.    

Saturday, 1:30pm ET - You would figure the big buzz around the Super Late Model pits was the blackout that happened prior to their race.  It was definitely talked about, but it was the Tour Type Modified race that was the buzz in the north pits as several drivers and teams were walking out when Robbie Fuller almost went upside down on the back stretch.  One driver said that was one of the wildest races he had ever seen here at New Smyrna Speedway.     

Saturday, 1:00pm ET - Tim Russell had to switch to a back-up car after last night’s wreck in the Super Late Model feature. After looking over the damage, the crew found that they had suffered major suspension damage. Russell is now piloting the car he won with here last year at Speedweeks.  At the same time, this car is also the primary car he lost last year after that victory in a practice crash.  Hopefully for Russell, all the bad luck is out of the way.     

Saturday, 12:20pm ET - We're a little Mod-heavy right now but that is because of the fallout from last night's race.  Speed51's Elgin Traylor is in the pits. He has told us that Hirscman's crew is fixing their #59 Modified to run tonight. Even though Jon McKennedy's chassis had severe damage, the team is hard at work and has told us they are going to get the car back on track. Robbie Fuller's team is hard at work on their car.

Ryan Preece is the biggest casualty from Night-one. After a huge wreck in turn-four, the young Modster and his 2X team have loaded up and pulled out and will not be competing during Speedweeks. While his Tour-type car is gone, Preece will be back behind the wheel of his Grandpa's 2X Florida Modified tonight.

Saturday, 12:15pm ET - Night one at New Smyrna Speedway’s Speedweeks was not flawless, especially with the Tour-type Modified Division. The Ground-pounders had moments of spectacular racing but mostly ferocious wrecks. Several top-contenders were taken out in spectacular wrecks. As always during Speedweeks, tempers flared. No fists were thrown but drivers and teams were not happy with each other. Matt Hirschman made his displeasure known to Mod Race Director Dick Brooks, who was standing behind the wall on pit road. Jon McKennedy and his father gave Ted Christopher and earful, which was easy to do since they’re pitted next to each other.

We are in the pits getting some info on the fallout from last night’s mayhem. Until then, here is some of the “He said, He said” from last night’s Mod madness.

Matt Hirschman – Jimmy Blewett Incident

Matt Hirschman – "I was leading the race. Jimmy went down into one and looked high. Then he tried to cut under me. He clipped me in the left rear and put me in the wall. At places like this nobody has control over him (Blewett). He just doesn’t get it. Of all people he doesn’t get it. He’ll wreck anybody to win. Nobody is going to control him and that is the way he races. When somebody controls him he thinks about it. It’s a shame."

Jimmy Blewett – "Obviously he’s gonna do nothing but bash me, but that is besides the point. The point is… we went down into turn one and he went in way too low and I went in high. I crossed him up in the center and went to go under him. He came off the wall and drove into my right front and then drove back into the wall. We left the call up to the officials and they said he bounced off the wall and back into the me and back into the fence. Everyone knows the Hirschmans. They never do anything wrong. They are perfect. Whatever. Hats off to my guys, we blew a clutch in practice and came back and won."

Robbie Fuller – Chuck Hossfeld Incident

Robbie Fuller – "It’s pretty simple. We were outside of Chuck (Hossfeld) and thought we were gonna race side-by-side with him. I thought I could race with him so that is why I was on the outside of him in the first place. I found out that I can’t. The car is pretty twisted up. It was by far the fastest car here. I think these guys are a glutton for punishment and are going to work on it and we’ll probably be back."

Chuck Hossfeld – "Apparently (I) touched him. I apologized about that because I certainly didn’t mean to. He’s a friend of mine. Hopefully he’ll calm down and we can still be friends. Maybe yes or maybe not. I didn’t mean to touch him. I didn’t know he was going to have a run like that on the outside. All I can do is apologize."

Jon McKennedy – Ted Christopher Incident

Teddy Christopher – "I guess the second place guy can take out the leader but you can’t tangle with anyone else to get to the front. It was pretty rough out there man. I got inside of him (Jon) and we came off and touched wheels and went up. I mean, I like the kid and we race fun together. It’s pretty quick here you just touch and off you go."

Jon McKennedy - "We had a second place car. Me and Teddy were racing there and we got put in the wall, plain and simple. Now we have a junk car. He says he didn’t mean to. He’s been racing a lot longer than I’ve been alive. He knows what he did."

Saturday, 12:10pm ET - Sam Watts hasn't quite had the start to Speedweeks that he wanted.  Last night, he finished third in the Super Late Model event, but the officials said he was disqualified for a tech infraction.  Hoping to start off today better, he went out for the first SLM practice and spun in turn three, nosing it into the wall, damaging the front of his car.  It could just be cosmetic, but repairs is not something he wanted to be dealing with today.

Saturday, 11:35am ET - Practice finally started, but there was only one car that went out on the track.  JR Bertuccio, in his lime green machine, was the only driver sitting on pit road and the only one to go out on the track.  It appears everyone else is in the pits, either still waking up after a long night or still fixing their cars after the day-one wreck-fest.

Saturday, 11:15am ET - Practice was supposed to start 15 minutes ago, but there isn't anyone on pit road, ready to go out on the track.

Saturday, 11:00am ET - Today, there are six divisions racing: Tour-Type Mods, Crate Late Models, SK Mods, Super Late Models, Florida Mods and Late Models, which are the same divisions that raced yesterday.  Here is today's schedule and a link to a PDF of every day's schedule for you to view, download and print.

Today's Schedule
8:00am - Gates Open / Tech Open
10:00am - SK/Tour-Type Mod Tech Open & Tire Room Open
10:30am - Fuel Open
11:00am - Practice begins (rotating divisions until 2:55pm)
4:00pm - Qualifying (SK Mods, Tour-Type Mods, SLM)
6:15pm - Driver's Meeting
7:20pm - Opening Ceremonies (Invocation and National Anthems)
7:30pm - Feature Races:
Tour-Type Mods (25 laps)
Crate Late Models (25 laps)
SK Mods (20 laps)
Super Late Models (30 laps)
FL/IMCA Mods (25 laps)
Late Models (25 laps)


Saturday, 10:50am ET - Make sure to read the Trackside Now here and at the same time, jump over to the Speedweeks discussion forum at to comment about our coverage and the action here at New Smyrna.


Saturday, 10:45am ET - Good morning from New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Florida, for the second day of racing action at the 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing.  After last night's late night of racing and wreck-fest, we are hoping to have a cleaner race day today.

Trackside Now: Friday, February 6th, 2009 (click here)


Sam Watts nosed his car into the wall during this morning's practice session.  (51 Sports Photo)
Matt Hirschman's car was junked yesterday, but he will be back today.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jon McKennedy and Ted Christopher argue in the pits after last night's action.  (51 Sports Photo)
The wall here at New Smyrna Speedway saw a lot of action last night.  (51 Sports Photo)
Eric Chase at speed.  (51 Sports Photo)
Robbie Fuller's crew is working on his car this morning.  (51 Sports Photo)
Matt Hirschman's car looks a bit better this morning.  (51 Sports Photo)
The Jon McKennedy crew is working on getting his #73 back together.  (51 Sports Photo)
Jimmy Blewett's two cars that he won with last night (SK on hook, Tour in background).  Today, the SK hit the wall during qualifying.  Will the Tour car suffer the same fate?  (51 Sports Photo)
Did we need to see this?  Well, the good news is that the weather is great today, so some folks are going shirtless.. (51 Sports Photo)
Crate late Model practice today has gone pretty smooth today. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Choquette was fast during practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Kenny Horton. (51 Sports Photo)
The Modifieds during practice. (51 Sports Photo)
Jessica Murphy won the Late Model feature of the night. (51 Sports Photo)
Lee Collins won the Florida Modified feature. (51 Sports Photo)
Jeff Choquette landed his #70 SLM in victory lane once again tonight. (51 Sports Photo)
Wayne Anderson and David Rogers raced close during the SLM feature.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
Two nights, two wins for Jimmy Blewett in the SK Modified feature.   (51 Sports Photo)
Landon Cassill won the Crate Late Model feature.   (51 Sports Photo)
A wreck on the backstretch sent a barrel over the fence into the infield.  It struck a truck, breaking the fender and the back window.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
The Crate Late Model drivers battled hard up front for the lead.   (51 Sports Photo)
Matt Hirschman celebrated his victory with the team.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
Chuck Hossfeld and Ted Christopher battled for position on the track.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
The voice of New Smyrna Speedweeks is Mark Keeler.  He sported a sticker on his hat tonight.  (51 Sports Photo)