Trackside Now: 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing
Thursday, 2/12/09  - Day Seven of Nine at New Smyrna
New Smyrna Speedway - New Smyrna, Florida
Thursday - 11:55pm ET - Here are the final results from tonight.  We are going to head out and be back for tomorrow's action. Good night!

Crate Late - Feature
PosCar #Driver
198David Wagner
251Stephen Nasse
3127Kyle Maynard
435Joseph Gase
540Eric Chase
611Austin Kirkpatrick
769Josh John
846Nick Glaze
97Landon Cassill
1031 12Shaun McWhirter
1123James  Weller III
1290Rebecca Kasten
1343Tommy Martins
145Bryce Walker
154Thor Anderson
165XKyle Delisle
1728Terry Horak
1828BSean Bass
1993Brandon Johnson
2021XBlake Koch
219Kurt Jett
2291Patrick Laperle
233Cole Powell

Late Model - Feature
PosCar #Driver
18Drew Brannon
24BAlan Bruns
3141Travis Hanson
463Austin Pickens
526XJustin Larson
638Kirk Hooker
79ZZachary Donatti
82Curreli Inc
982Daniel Maddox
1051Landon Cassill
1126Jessica Murphy
1221XBlake Koch
1319Bobby Good

Northern Modifieds - Feature
PosCar #Driver
10Ted Christopher
29Robert Grigas III
379Ronnie Silk
459Matt Hirshman
522Charles Hossfeld
612Jimmy Blewett
758Eric Goodale
817Robbie Fuller
973Jonathan McKennedy
1050Kevin Goodale
1171Andy Seuss
1214Louie Mechalides
139NHPete Jarvis
142J.R. Bartuccio
1596Russell (Butch) Perry
1691John Jensen
171Darwin Green
1876Shelly Perry
1980Frank Ruocco
2072D J Chasse
2170Timothy Zacharias

SK Mods - Feature
PosCar #Driver
112Jimmy Blewett
209SKRobert Grigas III
391Frank Ruocco
48Tom Ferrell III
589Brad VanHouten
610Rob Schultz
771Jimmy Zacharias
814Wayne Arute
979Chris Jensen
1017Russell Savoy
1123Timothy Zacharias

Super Late - Feature
PosCar #Driver
110Jack Landis
211David Rogers
336Tim Russell
470Jeff Choquette
584Wayne Anderson
65Jeremy Colangelo
710XJohanna Long
873Sam Watts
9133Daniel Webster
1088Justin Larson
1184XMatt Bowers
12112Stephen Weaver Jr.
1375Don Keithley
1458John Coffman
157XPerry Lovelady
168Eddie Gainey
1751Michael Pope
1833Derrick Wood
1968Russell Shaw
2060XDavid Myer
217Jeff Scofield
2223Rusty Ebersole
237Doug Elliott
2458XEdward Nevin Gainey
259Frank Alberson
2618Bruce Gowland
2724David Rigan
2883Karl Willard
2960Chad Akins

Trucks - Feature
PosCar #Driver
163Austin Pickens
238Ricky Moxley
350Mark Evans
422Scott Bishop
524MMichael Pilla
655Daniel Scott Reeves
733BLogan Bordeau
896Ben Kennedy
911Robert Strader Jr
1030Christopher Huntoon
1125Jim Rahman
1245Zach Campbell
1388Joseph Locascio
1418Zachary Jarrell
1539Tyler Laing
1621XDerrick Reeves
1720Anthony Sergi
1832William Stacy
1940Jessica Green

Thursday - 11:02pm ET - David Wagner has won the Crate Late Model feature.

Thursday - 10:56pm ET - On the 10th lap Patrick Lapelre and Steven Nasse made contact and Lapelre went into the wall hard in the first turn.  This will shake up the points big time as Laperle came in having won three races in a row taking the points lead.

On the restart David Wagner gets away clean as the leader.

Thursday - 10:49pm ET - The yellow flag came out on the seventh lap for a spin by Jimmy Weller.   Right off the restart we went yellow again as Rebecca Kaston and Kyle Delisle got together going into turn one.  So we are yellow again.

Wagner, Nasse, Patrick Laperle, Kyle Maynard and Joe Gase are the top five on the restart.

Thursday - 10:43pm ET - As we go green David Wagner took the lead from the outside of the front row. Steven Nasse moved into second after starting fourth.

Thursday - 10:39pm ET - A total of 23 Crate Late Models are on the track for the warm-up laps.  They will be going 25 laps tonight.

Thursday - 10:30pm ET - Austin Pickens has won the Pro Truck feature.  The Crate Late Models are up next and it will be the final feature race of the night.

Thursday - 10:15pm ET - We're off to a slow start for the Pro Truck feature race.  After a lap three red flag for a backstretch wreck, Mark Evans leads Ricky Moxley.

Thursday - 10:10pm ET - Lesa France-Kennedy of NASCAR's first family is on hand here tonight to watch her son Ben Kennedy in the Pro Truck race. 

Thursday - 9:49pm ET - Jimmy Blewett has won the SK Modified feature and remains undefeated in that division this week.  Bobby Grigas, III and Frank Ruocco finished second and third.

Thursday - 9:41pm ET - Jimmy Blewett has taken the lead of the SK Modified race on lap three.

Thursday - 9:40pm ET - Frank Ruocco led lap one of the SK Modified race, but Jimmy Blewett has moved up to second after starting on the second row.  He is now pressuring Ruocco for the lead and it is only lap two.

Thursday - 9:31pm ET - We're in a little bit of a holding pattern right now, so we'll take the chance to thank everyone who has been tuning in this week - from Montreal to South Florida.  Thanks for the hits!

Thursday - 9:28pm ET - The SK Modified feature is up next.  Stay tuned.

Thursday - 9:27pm ET - Drew Brannon has scored a dominating victory in the Limited Late Model division.  Daniel Maddox finished second with Alan Bruns.

Thursday - 9:17pm ET - We have finally gotten the Limited Late Model feature underway although Justin Larson was penalized for jumping the restart. Drew Brannon currently leads Alan Bruns.

Thursday - 9:13pm ET - Attempt number two at a start for the Limited Late Models failed.  Zachary Donatti spun on the frontstretch and brought out the caution again.

All of this mayhem has been good for A.J. Curelli.  He has repaired his car and got back on track.  Since no laps are in the books, he will still be on the lead lap.

Thursday - 9:07pm ET - There are only 13 Limited Late Models on the track and most of them were involved in a lap one incident.  The top five cars had an uneventful lap, four other cars stacked themselves into the turn four wall and the remaining five stopped on the track to avoid the mess.

The damged cars included Landon Cassill and Jessica Murphy.

Thursday - 9:00pm ET - A bizarre incident had occured in preparations for the Limited Late Model feature.  Polesitter A.J. Curelli, who won last night's feature race, got together with Daniel Maddox in turn two during hot laps.  Maddox drove away, but Curelli needed the help of a wrecker to make it back to the pit area.  This will put Alan Bruns and Drew Brannon on the front row.

Thursday - 8:47pm ET - Ted Christopher has won the Tour-type Modified feature over Bobby Grigas, Ronnie Silk, Matt Hirschman, Chuck Hossfeld, Jimmy Blewett, Eric Goodale, Rob Fuller, Jon McKennedy and Kevin Goodale.

Thursday - 8:43pm ET - On lap 17, Ronnie Silk roughed up Ted Christopher just a little bit to take the lead.

On lap 22, TC returned the favor and Hossfeld slid up the track as a result.  Christopher leads, Bobby Grigas now runs in second and Silk dropped to third.

Thursday - 8:40pm ET - The caution is out at lap 14 for the #91 of John Jensen who is parked against the frontstretch wall.

Ted Christopher had a comfortable lead over Ronnie Silk, but that has now gone away.  Silk has been very quick, so this could be a great battle for the lead once the race goes back to green.

Thursday - 8:39pm ET - Ronnie Silk has passed Chuck Hossfeld for second place.

Thursday - 8:38pm ET - Ted Christopher leads Chuck Hossfeld, Ronnie Silk, Jimmy Blewett, Bobby Grigas, Matt Hirschman, Robbie Fuller and Jon McKennedy at lap eight.

Thursday - 8:32pm ET - We are under caution for Frank Ruocco, who has hit the backstretch wall with his #80 Brady Bunch Modified.

Thursday - 8:31pm ET - The Tour-type Modified race has gone green and Ted Christopher has taken the early lead over Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Hirschman, Jimmy Blewett and Bobby Grigas, III.

Thursday - 8:28pm ET - There are a lot of fans in the stands who stopped by New Smyrna Speedway after work tonight and Mark Martin is one of them.  Martin raced in the Gatorade Duals at Daytona today driving for Hendrick Motorsports.  He then headed over here to take in some short track racing.  Martin lives locally and also maintains a raceshop near the track.  He owns the #05 Super Late Model driven by Jeremy Colangelo and the #96 Pro Truck driven by Ben Kennedy.

Thursday - 8:17pm ET - Jack Landis has won the 50-lap Super Late Model feature over David Rodgers, Tim Russell, Jeff Choquette and Wayne Anderson.

The Tour-type Modifieds will be up next.

Thursday - 8:06pm ET - The caution is out on lap 36 for a solo spin for Justin Larson, who had been running in the fourth position.  Larson's car snapped around quickly, so something may have broken on his #88.

Jack Landis, Tim Russell, David Rodgers, Jeremy Colangelo and Johanna Long are your current top five.

Michael Pope has pitted again for chassis adjustments.  Justin Larson has returned to the track.

Thursday - 8:03pm ET - Michael Pope pitted under the previous caution for a chassis adjustment.  He did not get out that far ahead of the leaders and has now gone a lap down.

Jeff Scofield is done for the night.  His team was not able to repair the damage from his incident with Choquette and the car was towed behind the wall.

Jack Landis now leads at lap 30 over Tim Russell and David Rodgers.

Thursday - 7:59pm ET - On the lap after the restart, Jeff Choquette rocketed by Jeff Scofield for the lead with an outside move on the backstretch.  On the frontstretch, they were side-by-side again.  This time, contact was made and Scofield spun around without hitting anything.  The caution came out.

As the field went back around, Schofield stopped on the backstretch.  Choquette saw him parked up ahead and stopped as well - possibly fearing retaliation.  The field went by and Scofield went to pit road for repairs.  Choquette was then directed to either pit or stay at the rear of the field.  He went to the rear and will retsrat 11th - ahead of the lead lap cars that pitted.

Jack Landis now leads.

Thursday - 7:50pm ET - We have gone back green.  Jeff Scofield still leads, but Jeff Choquette is applying heavy pressure to battle him for the lead.

John Coffman has pulled his car down pit road and appears to be done for the night.

At lap 16, the caution is out again for Doug Elliott, who just hit the outside wall in turn two hard.  Elliott is okay.

Thursday - 7:45pm ET - Jeff Scofield currently leads Jeff Choquette, Jack Landis, Justin Larson, Jeremy Colangelo, Tim Russell, David Rodgers, Johanna Long, Sam Watts and Derrick Wood.  We are still under caution with 13 laps on the board.

Thursday - 7:43pm ET - At lap 13, the lapped car Bruce Gowland got together with race leader Jeff Scofield on the backstretch.  Gowland got into the outside wall hard.  He is okay. Scofield continues on as the leader and does not appear to have any damage.

Thursday - 7:38pm ET - At lap 10, Jeff Scofield leads Jeff Choquette, Jack Landis, Justin Larson and Jeremy Colangelo.

Thursday - 7:38pm ET - Coming around for lap two, the cars of Wayne Anderson, Jeremy Colangelo and Tim Russell got together in turn four.  Anderson and Russell spun down low and Anderson will have to go to the rear of the field for the restart.

Thursday - 7:36pm ET - Jeff Schofield got the jump on the start of the Super Late Model race.  In only one lap, he pulled away to a healthy lead over Jack Landis.

Thursday - 7:36pm ET - The lights are out on the pace truck and we are about to go green for the 50 laps Super Late Model feature.

Thursday - 7:32pm ET - The Limited Late Model feature has been shortened from 50 laps to 30 laps tonight.

Thursday - 7:31pm ET - The #83 of David Willard has been added to the rear of the Super Late Model starting grid.  Right now, there are 29 racecars rolling off.  They'll have a few hot laps to put heat into their tires and then lined up for the start of the race.  Tonight's event is 50 laps in length.

Thursday - 7:25pm ET - The anthems have been sung and the Super Late Models are lining up on pit road for their 50-lap feature.  It will be the first race of the night.  Jeff Scofield and Justin Larson will lead the field to green after the redraw.

Thursday - 7:05pm ET - Peter Jarvis will start tonight's Tour-type Modified feature in the final position.  Jarvis did not take part in time trials as his crew repaired wreck damage from a practice incident earlier in the day.

Thursday - 5:51pm ET - There will be no time trials for the Pro Trucks tonight. Racing action will begin with the 50-lap Super Late Model race at 7:30pm.

Thursday - 5:43pm ET - Bryce Walker's Crate Late Model is out on the track for a few hot laps.  There are also a number of Pro Trucks on the track for the same reason.

Thursday - 5:41pm ET - Robbie Fuller was the final car on the track and set fast time for the Tour-type Modifieds.  The Pro Trucks will qualifying next.

Here are your full qualifying results for the Tour-type Modifieds: 

117Rob Fuller17.120
279Ronnie Silk17.132
312Jimmy Blewitt17.169
422Chuck Hossfeld17.175
573Jon McKennedy17.197
600Ted Christopher17.212
759Matt Hirschman17.261
809Bobby Grigas17.266
958Eric Goodale17.400
1080Frank Ruocco17.430
1150Kevin Goodale17.495
1270Andy Seuss17.591
132JR Bertuccio17.679
1491John Jenson17.784
1514Louie Mechalides17.872
1696Butch Perry17.904
1776Shelly Perry17.923

Thursday - 5:31pm ET - Shelly Perry has spun in turn two on her qualifying lap during time trials for the Tour-type Modifieds.  She did not hit anything and time trials will continue without much of an interuption.

Thursday - 5:25pm ET - The Tour-type Modifieds are now on track for their time trials.

Thursday - 5:15pm ET - Here's a surprise...Jimmy Blewett set fast time in SK Modified time trials.  Blewett has won every single SK Modified race this week.

Here are the results of qualifying for the SK Modifieds:

112Jimmy Blewitt17.490 Seconds
291Frank Ruocco18.032
3O8Tommy Ferrell III18.164
471Jimmy Zacharias18.187
589Brad Van Houten18.240
610Rob Shultz18.531
779Chris Jensen18.729
817Russell Savoy18.967
914Wayne Arute19.178

Thursday - 5:13pm ET - Bobby Grigas, III did not take part in time trials for the SK Modifieds tonight.  He is having engine problems with his #09 and might be done for the week in that division.  Grigas will continue on with his Tour-type Modified though.

Thursday - 5:10pm ET - Wayne Arute half-spun on his first qualifying lap in SK Modified qualifying  He didn't hit anything and continued on, but the lap suffered greatly as it was in the 24-second range.

Thursday - 5:00pm ET - Here are the results of time trials for the Limited Late Models on Thursday at New Smyrna:

12AJ Curreli18.400
2O8Drew Brannon18.453
326XJustin Larson18.609
44BAlan Bruns18.609
563Austin Pickens18.614
6141Travis Hansen18.614
719Bobby Good18.731
851Landon Cassill18.738
99ZZachary Donatti18.761
1026Jessica Murphy18.781
1138Kirk Hooker19.048
1282Daniel Maddox19.345

Thursday - 4:55pm ET - The Limited Late Models are currently taking part in their time trials.

Thursday - 4:35pm ET - Here are the qualifying results for Thursday's Super Late Model 50-lap feature:

184Wayne Anderson17.595 Seconds
236Tim Russell17.617
370Jeff Choquette17.749
405Jeremy Colangelo 17.816
510Jack Landis17.845
688Justin Larson17.887
707Jeff Scofield17.936
810Johanna Long17.991
984Matt Bowers18.084
1011David Rogers18.094
11133Daniel Webster18.099
1273Sam Watts18.100
1324David Rigan18.148
1458xNevin Gainey18.174
158Eddie Gainey18.278
1651Michael Pope18.352
1775Don Keithley18.704
189Frank Alberson18.723
1918Bruce Gowland18.739
207Doug Elliott18.753
2133Derek Wood18.796
227XPerry Lovelady19.086
2358John Coffman19.132
24112Steve Weaver19.207

Thursday - 4:30pm ET - Justin Larson is here tonight with his #88 Super Late Model.  Larson has been racing this week in the Limited Late Model class as a teammate to Jessica Murphy.

Thursday - 4:25pm ET - On Wednesday night, Ronnie Silk dominated the John Blewett Memorial 50 for the Tour-type Modifieds.  The victory was a special one for the Connecticut driver.

"It means a lot," sid Silk. "I have won a few SK races down here, but it means a lot to win a Tour race, especially John's race.  I have become pretty good friends with Jimmy Blewett over the last year and a half.  I am sure if he couldn't win it, he is happy I won it."

Silk enjoyed a lead of up to a full straightaway at times in the race, but saw that lead evaporate when the caution came out.  with just a handful of laps left in the race, Silk had none other than Ted Christopher behind him.  That made things exciting.

"Every time you look up and Ted Christopher is in your rear mirror, you have to get on it.  That was my weakest part.  It just took a few laps to get going, and every lap it would get better and better.  I just had to hold them off for a lap or two. 

Thursday - 4:10pm ET - So far, there have been 146 cars that have qualified for feature races this week - not counting the winged Sprint Cars or any of the new teams today.  Tonight's 50-lap Super Late Model race has 28 entries.

Thursday - 4:05pm ET - Tanner Berryhill's team has loaded up their Crate Late Model.  Last night, Berryhill substained major damage in a first lap wreck and it appears that he is done for Speedweeks this year, although the team's hauler is still in the pits.

Thursday - 3:45pm ET - Practice has concluded here at New Smyrna Speedway.  Qualifying will begin shortly after the top of the hour with the Super Late Models.

Thursday - 2:45pm ET - As the laps clicked down in Wednesday night's Tour-type Modified event, a fierce battle for second place was being fought between Eric Goodale and Ryan Preece.  Goodale had the spot, but Preece had what appeared to be the faster racecar.  Finally, the two made contact and wrecked on the backstretch.

Both drivers recovered to finish in the top 10 and neither ended up being mad about the incident.

"My car was just tight...tight from the center of the corner off," said Goodale.  "I was hangin' on to it and made it three wide on that one restart in the middle getting under Chucky [Hossfeld]. The car felt good for about five laps after that. From that point on my car was just real tight. If it was any other driver besides Ryan they would have gotten into me earlier. He raced me clean. I was just coming down and trying to keep it off the wall and he was looking under me. It was a racing incident. It just sucks for me and him because he had to come to the pits too. We came back and I think we finished seventh so it is what it is."

"He's my buddy and I was going to race him clean," said Preece.  "I got a run on him coming off of two. He was tight off of two and I think when he pushed up to the wall it got a little loose on him and he came down. I know it was just a racing deal because I was trying high and trying low and was happy running third."

Thursday - 2:40pm ET - Wednesday night was the final evening of racing for the Florida Modifieds and Nick Diano, a third generation driver out of Canton, Ohio, finished in the top five to clinch the 2008 New Smyrna Speedway World Series of Short Track Racing Florida Modified Championship.

Diano had to work hard for his title.

"It's tough racing out there," said Diano.  "There are a lot of great drivers out there. It's my first year running down here so to go out there and finish first (championship) is great. I wanted to get a win though. We were lucky to stay out of all of the trouble and all of the wrecks out there. This is real big. This is one of the biggest races of the year."

Thursday - 2:30pm ET - Wayne Arute is back on track today with the #14 SK Modified.  On Tuesday night, Arute took a hard hit and had to skip last night's feature as his car was being repaired.  He has been practicing this afternoon though and is ready to roll for tonight.

The paint scheme on the #14 brings back some memories for longtime Modified fans.  It is styled after the cars that were owned by Arute's late father Jack and driven by racers such as Eddie Flemke, Sr. Jack Arute was best known for his role in building Stafford Motor Speedway into one of the most successful short track in the country, but he was also a noted Modified car owner for years as well.

Thursday - 2:12pm ET - It might be hard to find anyone at Speedweeks who has had more bad luck over the past few nights of racing than Chuck Hossfeld.  Last night, Hossfeld was the innocent victim when Ryan Preece and Eric Goodale got together battling for second-place.  Hossfeld's car appeared to be heavily damaged, but he was able to get it repaired and has been out practicing this afternoon.

Thursday - 2:08pm ET - Another new face here today is Michael "Superpope" Pope in the BDI Racing Ocean Properties/Pub 44 Chevrolet.  Pope rode down to Florida yesterday and is now out on the track practicing the car owned by SPEED's Bob Dillner.  Plans call for Pope to race in tonight's 50-lap feature and Saturday's Peter Orr Memorial 100.

Thursday - 2:05pm ET - Jason Hogan has been practicing the #21 Super Late Model today and is a likely entrant into tonight's 50-lap feature race.

Thursday - 2:01pm ET - The Pro Truck of Scott Reeves has a new look to it today.  The truck has been renumbered as the #55 as a tribute to Scott's father, Florida Racing Legend Speedy Reeves.  It also features one of his old paint schemes from the early 1970's.  The elder Reeves was completely surprised when he got to the track today and saw the paint schme on his son's Truck.

Thursday - 1:55pm ET - A new addition here today is the #70 Modified of 2006 Speedweeks champion Andy Seuss.  It looked like Seuss might be skpping this year's races at New Smyrna, but his tight crew of family and friends just couldn't stand do to that.  So they cut back their schedule to hit the final three nights of racing instead.

Thursday - 1:55pm ET - The TV Cameras will be at New Smyrna Speedway once again on Thursday night.  This time Bob Dillner, Sara Jane Hunt and the crew will be finishing off a feature on some of the short track racers competing during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  The SPEED crew will also be following Ben Kennedy at New Smryna as he competes in the Florida Truck Series Thursday night.  Ben is the great-grandson of Bill France, the founder of NASCAR.

Thursday - 1:45pm ET - On Wednesday night, the late John Blewett, III was remembered during a 50-lap Memorial race of the Tour-type Modifieds.  But it wasn't just during that feature when Blewett was remembered by a fellow racer.

Patrick Laperle, who won the Crate Late Model feature for the third night in a row met Blewett at Speedweeks a few years back and dedicated last night's victory to him.

"This is for John Blewett III," said Laperle. "Tonight was the race for him in the Modified. One of his guys was here tonight (in victory lane). My first time I was here a few years ago he was here with John. He asked to run with my dogs. He saw me today and asked where my dogs were. Then I remembered he was with John and I almost cried. He said you have to win your third race for John Blewett III and I did."

Laperle was almost in disbelief after winning a third straight race and the Canadian used a hockey term right away in describing it.

"Unreal! It's a hat-trick. I was looking for one win and the championship.  Now we have three!"

Thursday - 1:42pm ET - The yellow flag is out during Tour-type Modified practice for the #9NH of Peter Jarvis, whose car is sitting up against the outside retaining wall in turn two.  Jarvis is okay, but his car took a fairly hard hit into the wall.

Thursday - 1:40pm ET - While the action continues here at New Smyrna Speedway, there are other tracks in the area with action this week.  Orlando Speedworld is in the middle of Winternationals 2009, which is five days of racing for the Legends Cars, Bandoleros and Thunder Cars.  Today is day three of five over at Orlando, and the action has been fast and furious with multiple winners and a slew of wrecked race cars.  Friday and Saturday, the Pro Challenge Series (3/4-scale NASCAR-style race cars) will join the Winternationals to complete out the week.

Many of the heavy hitters in the Legends Car realm are at Orlando this week, including Clay Hair, Kyle Beattie, Daniel Hemric, Chad Finchum, Cody "The Bull" Blackburn, Dillon Bassett and local racer Kory Abbott.  Also racing the Winternationals is Chase Elliott, son of NASCAR racer Bill Elliott, as well as Casey Roderick (Bill Elliott Development driver) and Jesse Little, son of former racer and current NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Director Chad Little.'s sister site is the official site for the 2009 Winternationals, and you can catch up on all the action so far and follow along through the end of the series, which is Saturday, by checking out LN's "Winternationals Daily" updates.


Thursday - 12:45pm ET - With all the information below we hope we can keep you busy reading as we hit the pits in search of what's going on today at the track.  We'll be back shortly.

Thursday - 12:40pm ET - As we hit the final three nights of action here at the World Series of Short Track Racing the point battles are heating up in some classes.  Patrick Lapelre (Crate Late Models) used a three race win streak to gain a 12 point lead over David WagnerJeff Choquette (Super Late Models) has a 16 point lead over David Rogers, despite winning four of the first five races.  Other division point leaders Ted Christopher (Tour-type Modifieds), Jimmy Blewett (SK Modifieds) and Drew Brannon (Late Models) all have comfortable leads, but anything can happen in the final three nights. 

Here are the full point standings from the week so far:


Thursday - 12:30pm ET - Hello once again from New Smyrna Speedway (FL), where we are here for the Thursday edition of Trackside Now from the 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing.  We have a few new arrivals as the Pro Trucks will join the racing card for the first time this week and several new Super Late Model teams are here for tonight's 50 lap event.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of other racing action around the area this week.  We all know about the action over at Daytona International Speedway, but the short tracks in the area are alive too.

Not too terribly far from New Smyrna, the Orlando Speedworld is in action this week with their annual Winternationals for Legends, Bandoleros and Thunder Roadsters.  Our sister website, will be at the track to provide live updates throughout the day.


The racing has been down and dirty over at Volusia Raceway Park this week as well, with Sprint Cars, Late Models and Modifieds are tearing up the dirt track.  Even though we're a little partial to asphalt racing and limit our dirt fun to playing with tractors, we have heard that there is some great racing action that has taken place over there this week.  Best of all, our friends over at DirtRacingDigest have been covering the action extensively.  So be sure to check out that coverage


And finally, here are a few housekeeping items:

Here is today's schedule and a link to a PDF of every day's schedule for you to view, download and print.

Today's Schedule
9:00am - Gates Open / Tech Open
10:00am - SK/Tour-Type Mod Tech Open & Tire Room Open
10:30am - Fuel Open
11:30am-3:00pm - Practice (rotating divisions)
4:00pm - Qualifying (Super Late Model, Tour Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Pro Trucks)
6:15pm - Driver's Meeting
7:20pm - Opening Ceremonies (Invocation and National Anthems)
7:30pm - Feature Racing Begins
Feature Races:
Super Late Models (50 laps)
Tour-type Modifieds (25 laps)
Late Models (50 Laps)
SK Modifieds  (20 laps)
Pro Trucks (25 Laps)
Crate Late Models (25 laps)


If you see something that raises your hackles, jump over to the Speedweeks discussion forum at and share your opinions.  It is a great place to interact with other fans and comment about our coverage and the action here at New Smyrna.


You can catch up and see what has been going on here so far this week, by reading our Trackside Now coverage of the first four nights of racing.  There is also a index page of all the stories leading up to Florida Speedweeks for your reading pleasure.

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Patrick Laperle goes for four in a row tonight in the crate Late Models. (Jim Dupont Photo)
BDI driver Michael Pope is here for the first time this week.  The Georgia native will race the 50 lapper tonight and the Pete Orr Memorial 100 on Saturday. (51 Photo)

The Tour type Modifieds have not had a repeat winner this week.  Tomorrow night is the Richie Evans Memorial 100.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
The Pro Trucks are here for the first time this week as well. They will replace the Florida Modifieds who finished up last night.. (51 Photo)

Eric Goodale (#58) and Ryan Preece diced it up on Wednesday night.  The results weren't pretty.  (Jim Dupont Photo)

Ronnie Silk works turn two. (51 Photo)

We have not talked a lot about David Wagner, but he is currently second in the Crate Late Model point standings. (51 Photo)

Nick Diano won the Florida Modified championship after finishing third here last night.  (Jim Dupont Photo)

Brandon Johnson (51 Photo)

Andy Seuss works on his Modified.  (51 Photo)

Why is this girl smiling?  Because she rides on the back panel of Jeff Choquette's #70 Super Late Model - which has won four features already this week. (51 Photo)

Wayne Anderson's bunker in the pits.  (51 Photo)

The paint scheme on Scott Reeves' #55 Truck pays tribute to his father Speedy Reeves.   (51 Photos)

Crate Late Models line up on pit road.  (51 Photo)

Peter Jarvis' 9NH team was hard at work repairing their car this afternoon.   (51 Photo)

Can Patrick Laperle win again in the Crate Late Models tonight?  He's bagged the last two victories in the division.  (51 Photo)

Mark Martin is a fan tonight here at New Smyrna.   (51 Photo)

Here is the hardware that everyone is racing for tonight.  (51 Photo)

The Choquette and Scofield camps weren't very happy with each other after the Super Late Model feature. we'll have more on their thoughts in tomorrow's Trackside Now coverage.  (51 Photo)

Jack Landis in victory lane.  (51 Photo)