Trackside Now: 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing
Monday 2/9/09...and a Bit of 2/10/09 Too -
Day Four of Nine at New Smyrna
New Smyrna Speedway - New Smyrna, Florida
Tuesday - 1:45am ET - Here are Monday's official results from the 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Auto Racing fresh from the track.  The information is straight from the track as listed by the track - spelling and all.  That's it for tonight...uh...this morning....from us.  Stay tuned for Night Five's Trackside Now coverage from New Smyrna later on.

Crate Late Models - Feature
PosDriverCar #
1Patrick Laperle91
2Landon Cassill7
3David Wagner98
4David Rigan24
5Joseph Gase35
6Bryce Walker5
7James  Weller III23
8Eric Chase40
9Kyle Maynard127
10Stephen Nasse51
11Nelson Sweeney III82
12Cole Powell3
13Austin Kirkpatrick11
14Terry Horak28
15Kurt Jett9
16Nick Glaze46
17Kyle Delisle5X
18Tanner Berryhill17X
19AJ Fulgenzi17
20Tommy Martins43
21Matt Cohen46B
22John Josh69
23Thor Anderson4
24Sean Bass28B
25Steve Smith25
26Michael Pilla4X
27Rebecca Kasten90

Modified - Feature
PosDriverCar #
1Jerry Symons66
2Rodney Brooks7X
3Nick Diano36
4Larry Lee Collins, Jr89
5Kevyn Terry13
6Scott Bishop22
7Alan Bruns4B
8Ryan Preece2X
9Jeff Ganus5X
10Robert Deal15X
11David Hite54
12Dean Slappey91
13Don Morse6X
14Ed Hartin5
15Monty Morgan46
16John Zidek31
17Ardell "Art" Kunzeman9
18JR Bertuccio0

Tour Modifieds - Feature
PosDriverCar #
1Ryan Newman7NY
2Ted Christopher0
3Eric Goodale58
4John Jensen91
5Jonathsn McKennedy73
6Louie Mechalides40
7Pete Jarvis9NH
8Richard Savory21
9Shelly Perry76
10Darwin Green1
11Ryan Preece2X
12Timothy Zacharias70
13Robbie Fuller17
14Kevin Goodale50
15David Cranmer89
16Charles Hossfeld22
17Robert Grigas III9
18Jimmy Blewett12
19Frank Ruocco80
20Russell (Butch) Perry96
21J.R. Bartuccio2
22D J Chasse72
23Matt Hirshman59

SK Mods - Feature
PosDriverCar #
1Jimmy Blewett12
2Robert Grigas III09SK
3Frank Ruocco91
4Jimmy Zacharias71
5David Cranmer59
6Rob Schultz10
7Wayne Arute14
8Chris Jensen79
9Russell Savoy17
10Timothy Zacharias23

Tuesday - 1:20am ET - We have received word that all of the Florida Modifieds have cleared tech without any problems.  So those results are official.  We should have full results from all of the divisions shortly.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday - 12:52am ET - The final lap of racing has been completed for Day Four of the 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing.  Jerry Symons has won the Florida Modified feature that actually went the full 25-lap distance.  After the first two early cautions, these guys stayed clean and green for the rest of the event - much to the delight of the fans who stuck it out and stayed until the end of the racing festivities.

Rodney Brooks finished second and was followed by Nick Diano and Larry Lee Collins.

Tuesday - 12:39am ET - Track officials deserve a pat on the back.  It only took them six minutes to clean up the mess from a blown engine in turn one.  Meanwhile, some fans in the stands might think that the drivers in the field deserve a slap in the back of the head.  It only took two turns on the restart before there was a major wreck on the backstretch.  We're under our second caution of the feature on lap two.

Tuesday - 12:37am ET - Florida race fans have the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring.  Today, it's been the 13 Hours of New far.  Over 13 hours have passed since practice began yesterday.  It's been over five hours since racing started. 

Did we mention there was a full moon this morning?

Tuesday - 12:35am ET - We made it to lap two of the Florida Modified feature before the engine in John Zidek's #31 violently exploded.  He then hit the turn one wall hard, but is okay.   A trail of Speedy-Dry is now being spread onto the track and another trail is being spread from where fluid leaked out of his parked car and down the banking.

Jerry Symons is leading the race over Larry Lee Collins, Rodney Brooks, Nick Diano and Kevyn Terry.

Tuesday - 12:30am ET - The hot laps for the Florida Modifieds are now completed and Larry Lee Collins will lead the field to the green flag.  The race is scheduled to be 25 laps in length, but it's getting pretty late, so if this event turns into a wreckfest, we wouldn't be surprised to see it get shortened.

Tuesday - 12:23am ET - Jimmy Blewett is now three-for-three in the SK Modifieds at New Smyrna during Speedweeks 2009.  He came out on top of a tight battle with Bobby Grigas, III over the final two laps of the 15-lap feature race.

Blewett credited his team with the three-in-a-row performance this week.

"Pretty much everytime I come out here, these guys give us a good cars and al I need to do is drive it," said Blewett.

Frank Ruocco, Jimmy Zacharis and David Cranmer rounded out the top five.  Those five were the only drivers who finished the race.

Tuesday - 12:17am ET - No worries.  There will be no red flag.  Meanwhile, Russell Savoy's #17 SK Modified is being towed back to the infield hammock-style between a pair of wreckers.

Tuesday - 12:16am ET - The field has stopped on the backstretch to help the wreckers clean-up the track.  There has been no official red flag displayed yet though.

Tuesday - 12:14am ET - Things have turned messy near the end of the 15-lap SK Modified feature.

There was a restart with two laps to go.  That is when Bobby Grigas, III got a healthy jump on leader Jimmy Blewett.  Blewett objected to the restart and didn't even bother to come up through the gears.  The caution came back out and several cars stacked up on the backstretch trying to realign themselves when the caution came back out.  This happened right in front of Blewett, but he was able to get on by anyways without get caught in the mess.

Blewett then retook his spot at the head of the field and showed his displeasure by cutting awfully close to Grigas while appearing to swerve around and warm up his tires.

Meanwhile, Wayne Arute and Chris Jensen getting towed into the infield due to the incdient and there are still clean-up efforts underway on the backstretch.

We're going to have a green, white, checkered finish to this race and hopefully with only six cars remaining on the track, it will be a clean one.

Tuesday - 12:01am ET - We got to lap two of the SK Modified feature before the caution came out for a solo spin by Chris Jensen. 

Jimmy Blewett (who else?) currently leads the race over Bobby Grigas, III.  Blewett and Grigas have finished first and second respectively in the first two SK Modified races of the week here.

Monday - 11:55pm ET - Earlier tonight, Ryan Newman told after his victory in the Tour-type Modified race that he might be back for the Richie Evans Memorial 100 here on Friday night.  Newman is already slated to run the #7NY Modified here tomorrow night.

“I’d like to keep on going and if everything goes right we might be back for the 100 lapper,” said Newman.  

Monday - 11:49pm ET - For the second straight night, Dave Steele has won in the winged Sprint Car feature.  It was a race of endurance as only nine of the nearly 30 starters were running at the end of the race.

Next up will be features for the SK Modifieds and Florida Modifieds.

Monday - 11:41pm ET - We're at halfway for the Winged Sprint Car race and Dave Steele is showing the way.  There are 15 laps to go...can he hold on to win both Sprint races of the week?

Monday - 11:25pm ET - The green flag came back out for the Sprint Cars, but it went back to caution just as quick.  Dustin Perez hit the turn one wall hard on the second attempt at lap three.  He is okay, but expect another long clean-up before the remaining 27 laps resume.

Monday - 11:09pm ET - Due to the time that will be required to clean up the mangled Sprint Cars in turn three, the red flag has been displayed to the winged Sprint Car field.  The field has been stopped on the backstretch and it will be awhile before the race resumes.  Since Sprint Cars don't have starters, all of the competitors will need to be push-started before the race resumes.

Monday - 11:05pm ET - A multi-car wreck that included Tim Buchanan, Blaise Martin and Jimmy Alvez has taken place on lap three of the Winged Sprint Car feature.  Everyone is okay, but the cleanup is expected to be a lengthy one.

Monday - 10:58pm ET - The winged Sprint Cars are hot lapping around New Smyrna Speedway right now.  After they get some heat into their tires, we'll be ready to line them up and parade them around for a few laps in a four-wide formation before kicking off their 30-lap feature.

Monday - 10:48pm ET - It appears that a technical glitch prevented last night's full results from being posted online last night from New Smyrna.  We didn't even catch the fact that they weren't online until hearing from a few fans who wondered where their favorite drivers ended up.  We apologize for the error and without further ado, here they are:


Monday - 10:45pm ET - We are under a brief intermission right now as the Winged Sprint Cars are lined up for their 30-lap feature race.  Then they will be pushed started and their event will begin.  After that, we still have SK Modified and Florida Modified features to be run.  Grab a late night snack, because we'll be here for awhile.

Monday - 10:37pm ET - That didn't take long.  There was a spin deep in the field on the restart and the caution and checkered flags have been shown to Patrick Laperle on lap 11 of the Crate Late Model feature race.  The Quebec driver is very much enjoying victory lane right now.

Landon Cassill, David Wagner, David Rigin and Joseph Gase rounded out the top five finishers.

Monday - 10:37pm ET - One way or another, the final green flag of the Crate Late Model feature race has come out. Patrick Laperle leads Landon Cassill.

Monday - 10:31pm ET - After it has taken an average of over four minutes to complete each green flag lap in the Crate Late Model feature, race officials have cracked down.  Teams have been told that the last caution will end the race.  If everyone stays out of trouble, the race will go to its 25-lap schedule distance.  if the caution comes out, the checkered flag will come out at the same time.

Monday - 10:24pm ET - We are on our third caution of lap 11.  On the restart, the cars of Kurt Jett, Tommy Martins and Matt Cohen got together.  It is the eighth caution of the race.

Monday - 10:22pm ET - There's been another caution on lap 11.  The field went back to green when there was an incident between Austin Kirpatrick and Terry Horak in turn two.

Monday - 10:17pm ET - On lap 11, Patrick Laperle took the lead from Landon Cassill.

We're having a familar feeling again though as the sixth caution of the race is now out for a single car wreck on the backstretch.  The #69 of Josh John was the car involved.  He went up on two wheels before coming back to earth.  The driver is okay though.

Monday - 10:10pm ET - On lap six, we've had the fifth caution of the race in the Crate Late Models.  This is for a wreck between Cole Powell and Sean Bass on the frontstretch.  Bass' car is heavily damaged, but he is okay.  There is fluid leaking onto the track, so expect a lengthy caution period.

Monday - 10:08pm ET - We're still under caution on lap four of the Crate Late Model feature.  Because of the late hour, an autograph session involving the Sprint Car drivers has been canned.  After this feature is finished, there will be an intermission and then the Sprint Car, SK Modified and Florida Modified feature races.

Monday - 9:57pm ET - We had a quick restart and Patrick Laperle dove into second place.  However, the fourth caution of the night has come out on lap four for a wreck involving Steve Smith and Michael Pillar.

Monday - 9:55pm ET - Things are getting better - we made three laps before the caution came out after the third attempt at a start.  This caution was brought about when a car brushed one of the access gates to the track and track workers wanted to make sure that it was still secure.

Landon Casill is leading David Rigin and Patrick Laperle.

Monday - 9:51pm ET - The second attempt at a first lap in the Crate Late Model feature went as well as the first one.  A gaggle of cars got together in turn one with Tanner Berryhill and Matt Cohen getting the worst of the deal.  We're still on lap zero.

We're going to try a single file restart for the next attempt to see if that helps calm everyone down a little bit.

Monday - 9:44pm ET - The green flag came out, but there was trouble on the first lap.  The #51 of Stephen Nasse broke something in the left rear on the backstretch.  Several cars checked up behind him and got collected with each other.  Those drivers included A.J. Fulgenzi and Rebecca Kasten.  Fulgenzi has extensive sheetmetal damage to the right side of the car.

There will be a complete restart.  Zero laps are complete.

Monday - 9:38pm ET - There are 26 Crate Late Models lined up on pit road to get out on track for tonight's 25-lap feature.  Nick Glaze, David Rigin, Landon Cassill, Patrick Laperle and David Wagner will lead the field to the green.

Monday - 9:26pm ET - Buddy Griffin has come back from a spin at the start to top the vintage racecars feature.  There were only five cars running at the end of the event.

Griffin is the founder of Griffin Racing Radiators.

Monday - 9:22pm ET - After there have been two lengthy caution periods in the first five laps of the antique racecars feature, the event has been cut to 10 laps in length to try and move the show along tonight.

Monday - 9:15pm ET - We thought that this was going to be a mild event for the vintage racecars, but the "wreck fever" that swept over the Tour Modifieds is contagous.  On the start, the #7 Chevelle of Buddy Griffin looped around on the frontstretch, but did not hit anything. 

Monday - 9:12pm ET - Next up is an exhibition for the Victory Lane Racing Association and the club's vintage racecars.  They'll have the track for 15 laps.

Monday - 9:10pm ET - In victory lane, Ryan Newman dedicated his Modified victory to his father - and for good reason.  Today is his Dad's birthday and he was here spotting for his son's winning performance.

Monday - 9:05pm ET - There may have been a ton of cautions in the Tour Modified feature, but the finish was well worth the wait.  Ryan Newman and Ted Christopher see-sawed back and forth as leaders in the closing laps, with several tight but clean moves being made by both drivers.

The winner?  Newman by a hair.

"I've got to thank Teddy for racing me clean," said Newman in victory lane.  "I feel that he's one of the best out there so to beat him the first time here is a feather in these guys' caps."

Christopher finished second and was followed by Eric Goodale, John Jensen and Jon McKennedy.

Monday - 8:59pm ET - Ryan Newman zipped by Ted Christopher on the outside during the last restart to take the lead.  TC fought hard to get the spot back, but Newman would have none of that.

The caution is out again....big surprise.  The culprit this time is Richard Savary, who had a flat tire on the backstretch.  We're on lap 17.

Monday - 8:56pm ET - Ted Christopher led again on the restart, but by a fairer margin this time. 

Jon McKennedy and Robbie Fuller were battling for the third position and got together in turn three.  Both drivers made contact with each other and the wall.  Fuller is being towed away.  McKennedy drove away.

So we're under caution again.  It's lap 14.  Christopher leads Ryan Newman, Eric Goodale, Louie Mechalides, Peter Jarvis and Shelly Perry.

Monday - 8:53pm ET - Teddy Christopher made a great great that race director Dick Brooks threw the caution to regroup the field and he then warned Christopher to watch his restarts or risk going to the rear of the field.

Monday - 8:52pm ET - The caution is out again.  We're working lap 13 and Shelly Perry spun in turn three.

Monday - 8:50pm ET - The caution is out again for an incident with David Cramner and Ryan Preece in turn three.  We're on lap 11 currently.

Peter Jarvis has come down pit road and the hood is over on the #9NH Modified.

Ted Christopher is still leading.  The battle for second is turning into a great one though between Cup driver Ryan Newman and the damaged #73 of Jon McKennedy.

Kevin Goodale is coming in on the hook.

Monday - 8:44pm ET - Ryan Preece spent quite a bit of time on pit road under caution.  In fact, the team hasn't even attempted to get the car back out for the restart.

Ted Christopher led again on the restart as Kevin Goodale shot up the track in turn one and lost second place.  Ryan Newman is now running second as the caution came out for an Eric Goodale spin.

The running order is now TC, Newman, Jon McKennedy, Robbie Fuller and John Jensen.  Following those drivers are Shelly Perry, Louie Mechalides, Peter Jarvis, Kevin Goodale and Richard Savary.

Ryan Preece has returned to the track, but he is a lap down.

Monday - 8:35pm ET - There has been a big wreck on lap seven.  While battling down the backstretch three-wide for top five positions, several cars got together.  Ryan Preece, Chuck Hossfeld, Bobby Grigas, III, Jon McKennedy and Eric Goodale are among the drivers involved.

Preece, Eric Goodale, Jimmy Blewett, Louie Mechalides and Richard Savary have all hit pit road.  Blewett is now being pushed back into the pit area.

Grigas and Hossfeld did not drive away from the incident.

McKennedy has rear end damage, but is staying out on the track.

Ted Christopher still leads Kevin Goodale, Ryan Newman, McKennedy and Robbie Fuller.

Monday - 8:29pm ET - Ted Christopher pulled away from the field on the restart.  The caution came back out on lap five though for an incident with Darwin Greene, who has pulled off the track.

Jimmy Blewett pitted under caution for a left front suspension adjustment and an air pressure adjustment on the right rear.

John Jensen was also on pit road.  JR Bertuccio has retired from the race with an engine problem.

The running order right now is TC, Kevin Goodale, Ryan Newman, Chuck Hossfeld, Eric Goodale, Ryan Preece, Jon McKennedy, Bobby Grigas, Louie Mechalides and Robbie Fuller.

Monday - 8:19pm ET - Robbie Fuller has spun in turn two, but did not appear to hit anything.  Bobby Grigas, III slowed to avoid the trouble and has dropped to the rear of the field.  He did not hit anything either.

Word is that there is a transmission or linkage problem on the #59 of Matt Hirschman.

JR Bertuccio is also in the pits.

Monday - 8:18pm ET - The Tour Modifieds have seen the green flag and their 25-lap feature is now underway.  Eric Goodale out drag-raced Ted Christopher at the start, but TC took the lead on the backstretch and led lap one.  Matt Hirschman has pulled down pit road under green on lap two.  His team is not hurrying.

Monday - 8:10pm ET - The Tour Modifieds are lined up and ready to go.  After the redraw, the top starters will be Kevin Goodale, Ted Christopher, Robbie Fuller, Jimmy Blewett and Matt Hirschman.

A last minute addition to the field is Long Islander Mike Andrews, who will drive a second Joe Brady-owned Modified in tonight's race.  He will start scratch on the field.

Monday - 8:04pm ET - Mickey Kempkins has won heat race number two for the winged Sprint Cars.

Monday - 7:54pm ET - Dude Teate has won heat race number two for the winged Sprint Cars.

Monday - 7:49pm ET - Joey Logano, who will compete for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year honors this year, has been spotted in the pits at New Smyrna tonight.  Logano has competed in a Modified at Smyrna Speedweeks earlier in his young racing career.

Monday - 7:45pm ET - Dave Steele has won the first heat race for the winged Sprint Cars.  There are 22 Sprints signed in for tonight's races and they will take part in a total of three qualifiers.

Heat race number two is on deck.  Cars are getting pushed off and then there will be hot laps before the heat actually begins.  After the third and final heat, it will be time for the Tour-type Modifieds.

Monday - 7:36pm ET - The crowds are getting bigger and bigger each night here at New Smyrna.  Friday and Saturday night was a little lonely, but things picked up last night - with more people in the stands.  Tonight, the crowd is really a lot better.  Better weather and more racing people in town as the week goes on seems to be helping attendence greatly.  Tonight, it is a beautiful evening and it isn't too cold or too humid.

There are plenty off off-duty crew members in the pit area as well.  Among the teams represented here are Penske Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Hendrick Motorsports and Eanrhardt-Ganassi Racing.

Monday - 7:28pm ET - The national anthems have been sung and we're ready to go racing.  Heat events for the Sprint Cars will be up first and followed by the feature for the Tour Mods.

Monday - 7:25pm ET - Rock legend Tom Petty had an album called ‘Full Moon Fever’ back in the 90’s. We might suffer from that fever as a full moon has risen halfway down the backstretch.  Many drivers know that can be a sign of a long night of action or wild on track action.  We talked to a few people about it.

Ted Christopher (Tour Type Modifieds) – “I hope I am not the one that is involved in it. That can be a pretty crazy deal sometimes.  I thought the full moon was already here Friday night.”

Louie Mechalides (Tour Type Modifieds) – “I heard that.  We are just going to try and get it back together and see what happens.”

Landon Cassill (Crate Late Models) – “You never know what to expect with that the old superstition.  I am starting on the front row tonight so hopefully that’s a good thing.”

Thor Anderson (Crate Late Models) – “I don’t really know, it’s not quite up all the way.  Does that change anything?  I try not to let stuff like that bother me.”

Ron Varney (ASA Late Models Series Director) – “A full moon means bad karma for the night of racing.  Usually that means a lot of torn up race cars.” 

Monday - 7:20pm ET - Modified Living Legend Bugsy Stevens is in attendence to watch the races here tonight.  We've also spotted ASA Late Model head honcho Ron Varney in the pit area.  We've heard that SPEED TV's Bob Dillner is planning to come out to the track tonight too, but since he is also our boss at, we're hoping that he stays away and just takes our word that we're working hard tonight. 

Tomorrow night though, we know that Dillner will be in the house.  He will be wearing his SPEED hat and filming material for that network both here and at Orlando Speedworld in an effort to showcase short track racing to the motorsports masses.

Monday - 7:05pm ET - Several cars from various divisions are getting the chance to hot lap before the features start - including Chuck Hossfeld in his repaired #22 Modified.

Monday - 6:50pm ET - The Modified pit area is the place to be tonight it seems.  The Tour-type Mod feature is the first one to roll off tonight and even though it is just one of eight features for the division this week, competitors seem to be really excited.  After a night off, that probably shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Chuck Hossfeld will be ready to go for the feature after a wreck in qualifying.  He was hard at work on the #22 Modified, so we didn't get much of a chance to talk to him, but he reports that everything should be 100% for the race.

Louie Mechalides is a man after our own hearts.  During the drivers' meeting, he had his firesuit tied at his waste showing off a T-Shirt.  Thanks Louie!

Ted Christopher is in good spirits and he almost seems bored before the races start.  We don't blame him since he would also like to have rides in the SK Modified and Super Late Model races this week as well.  TC has enjoyed plenty of success at Speedweeks driving the #29 Fords of Maine car owner Jay Cushman.

"I tried to get Jay to bring a car for me this year," said Christopher.  "We needed some sponsorship to do that though."

Also spotted in the pit area tonight was Tony Hirschman, who is here to help out his son Matt's team and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s crew chief Tony Eury, Jr.

Monday - 5:35pm ET - Tanner Berryhill just took some hot laps with his #17 Crate Late Model.  He has now pulled in and the track is in intermission mode for the time being.

Chuck Hossfeld's team is working on their #22 Modified with hopes of answering the bell for the Tour Modified feature that is scheduled to kick off around 8pm.  The point leader damaged his car in a time trial wreck on the frontstretch.

We're going to take a quick break to prep for tonight's lineup of races and will be back shortly.

Monday - 5:30pm ET - After four nights of racing, the point leaders are Jeff Choquette (Super Late Models), Chuck Hossfeld (Tour-type Modifieds), Jimmy Blewett (SK Modifieds), Jessica Murphy (Late Models) and Landon Cassill (Crate Late Models).

The full point standings can be found, by clicking here: Current Smyrna Speedweeks Point Standings

Monday - 5:27pm ET - Here are the time trial results from the SK Modifieds:

112Jimmy Blewett17.594 seconds
209Bobby Grigas17.782
310Rob Shultz17.884
471Jimmy Zacharias18.041
591Frank Ruocco18.053
659David Cranmer18.094
714Wayne Arute18.236
879Chris Jensen18.541
917Russ Savoy18.882
1023TJ Zacharias19.130

Monday - 5:25pm ET - Time trials for the SK Modifieds are finished and the quickest qualifier is Jimmy Blewett - surprise!

Blewett has won both SK Modified races this week so far and after lapping the track nearly 2/10th of a second quicker than time trial runner-up Bobby Grigas, we're thinking the odds of a three-peat are pretty good.  We'll have the full results of SK Modified qualifying in a jiffy.

Monday - 5:15pm ET - Here are the time trial results for the Tour-type Modifieds:

100Ted Christopher17.185 seconds
212Jimmy Blewett17.256
359Matt Hirschman17.262
458Eric Goodale17.268
550Kevin Goodale17.269
673Jon McKennedy17.293
717Rob Fuller17.375
87NHRyan Newman17.403
909Bobby Grigas17.424
102XRyan Preece17.426
1121Richard Savory17.463
122JR Bertuccio17.652
1391John Jensen17.800
149NHPete Jarvis17.820
1596Butch Perry17.892
1640Lou Mechalides18.006
171Darwin Green18.413
1876Jim Zacharias18.857
1922Chuck Hossfeldno time

Monday - 5:12pm ET - Next up is qualifying for the SK Modifieds.  with only nine cars lined up to time trial, we don't expect that to take very long.

Monday - 5:10pm ET - Ted Christopher has set fast time for the Tour-type Modifieds with Jimmy Blewett, Matt Hirschman, Eric Goodale and Kevin Goodale followed him on the speed charts.  We'll have full qualifying results shortly.

Monday - 5:06pm ET - Kevin and Eric Goodale are both competing against each other in the Tour Modifieds with team cars and neither brother can claim the other one gets better equipment.  In qualifying, Eric posted a 17.268-second lap while Kevin timed in a 17.269 seconds.  You can't get much closer than that.

Monday - 5:00pm ET - Qualifying is back in full swing and is nearly at the halfway mark.  So far, Jimmy Blewett has been the quickest to time trial and the unidentified buggy driver has been the slowest.

Actually, we take that my fingers were working were working, Ted Christopher timed in with the fastest lap of the session at 17.185 seconds.

Monday - 4:56pm ET - The Kubota tractor has retreated to the infield and never touched the speedy-dry.  The wind blew some of it away and some of the mess seemed to evaporate over time, so now qualifying has resumed with Peter Jarvis being the unlucky next driver in line to try out the track.

Monday - 4:51pm ET - Safety buggy number one is back on the track, but instead of working in the speedy-dry, it is taking hot laps.  The latest lap was a 31.03, which compares to qualifying laps in the low 17-second range for the Modifieds.  We're not quite sure what he is trying to accomplish though as there is still a mess on the frontstretch.

Now we are spying a large Kubota tractor heading out onto the track.  This might be a part of the clean-up effort, it might not be.  We've given up trying to figure this out and will just report what we see.

And no, we're not making this up nor have we been frequenting the track's beer tent yet today.

Monday - 4:47pm ET - Hossfeld's car has been removed and plenty of speedy-dry has been put down on the frontstretch.  The track's safety buggy, which is really just a modified rear-engined dune buggy, is helping to work the speedy-dry into the track by cutting doughnuts and sliding sideways through the mess. It worked, but only slightly, and the buggy has since left the track with a possible mechanical problem.

This leaves a problem though.  There is still a mess on the track and nothing to work that in.  They are trying to find the keys to a second safety buggy, but that hasn't happened we are just sitting here waiting for new developments.  Qualifying might be delayed for awhile.  We'll keep you posted.

Monday - 4:42pm ET - We are under a delay in qualifying here at New Smyrna as Chuck Hossfeld's damaged racecar sits on the frontstretch.

Hossfeld's car has front end damage and a flat left rear tire.  Only one wrecker, a tired looking late 1970's Ford, is currently at the track, so the car cannot be removed "cradle-style" using a second wrecker.  Hossfeld did not want his car to be dragged away, so he asked the track crew to give him a moment.  Hossfeld then personally ran from the frontstretch to where his trailer is parked near turn two to obtain a tire and jack.  Hossfeld, who now has a little bit of help, is now changing his own tire on the #22 Modified so it can be towed away without suffering any more damage.

Monday - 4:36pm ET - Chuck Hossfeld spun his #22 out of turn four on his qualifying lap.  The car then spun around and hit the outside retaining wall with the left front corner.  There is fluid comes out from under the car and Hossfeld has exited the machine and is looking over the damage as the wrecker hooks the car up.  The left rear tire is also off the rim and possibly failed - causing the spin in the first place.

The Tour Modifieds are scheduled to be the first feature race of the night, rolling off at approximately 8pm, so whether or not Hossfeld can get his car repaired in time remains to be seen.

Monday - 4:31pm ET - NASCAR Sprint Cup star Ryan Newman is known for his qualifying expertise and when he strapped into a Modified here at New Smyrna, the Indiana driver went for the pole.  It didn't pay off though as Newman looped his #7NY Modified coming out of turn four in time trials.  He didn't hit anything though and should be fine for feature time.  Newman's first qualifying lap will probably place him in the middle of the field.

Monday - 4:25pm ET - 51's Mike Twist took a stroll along pit road, where the Modified drivers are ready to start their time trial procedures, and filled his notebook with these Modified pit notes.

-  On Friday night, Ryan Preece wrecked his hard in fact that it was rumored that his team loaded up and headed back to Connecticut.  Instead, they went to the local raceshop of his grandfather Bob Judkins, fixed some significent damage and skipped Saturday night's feature races to get it all doen right.  Their repaired Modified is back at the track tonight and Preece has something to prove.

"We're going for the pole tonight, we're done playing games," said Preece.

Preece's car still has some scars from the wreck though.  There is road rash on the rollcage and roof.  In fact, there is still some rubber from another car's tire ground into the white "Ryan Preece" above the door of the car.

-  It doesn't matter where you come from, a racer speaks the same language.  New England racing master Ted Christopher and Iowa youngster Landon Cassill have struck up a friendship and we listened into their conversation on pit road as the two shared racing stories and talked about their cars here this week at New Smyrna.  TC is running a Modified of course, while Cassill has already won a feature in the Crate Late Model division.

Bobby Grigas, III reports that he has gelled right away with new crew chief Kevin Crowley.  Grigas reports that his SK Modified is wicked fast, but that the team hasn't been completely satisfied with the Tour Modified.  The #09 team worked on their day off yesterday and made extensive changes to their machine.  grigas is anxious for tonight's race to see how those will pay off.

Monday - 4:00pm ET - 51’s Elgin Traylor has been in the Super Late Model portion of the pit area and came back with a few notes from their “day off” of Smyrna Speedweeks:

Tim Russell is nowhere to be found in the pit area today.  After losing a car after the first night of racing Russell has been a little off his game this week.  Perhaps the team took a mental health day today, they might even be working on their primary car back at their shop.

- Last night, the race for the second spot in the Super Late Model division was hands down some of the best racing we have seen thus far during the 2009 Speedweeks.  After an epic battle Jeff Choquette snuck by Wayne Anderson in the final 100 feet to grab the second spot.  The two went at it back and forth as they weaved around lapped cars in the final 20 laps of the feature event.  We caught up with both drivers to get their take on the race.

“It was aggravation, but it was a lot of fun,” said Choquette. “Wayne is a good racer and he knew when and how to use the preferred line to his advantage.  You don’t normally get to race that hard because we run a lot more then 30 laps during a race. I bet it was fun to watch for the fans.”  

Anderson thought it was a really good race too.  He knew that Choquette had the better car, but the veteran still made the youngster earn the spot.

“It was pretty exciting,” said Anderson.  “He probably should have gotten by me about 15 laps earlier then he did.  He was working me over pretty good, but it was really good for the fans.  If ether one of us made a mistake, it would have been bad for both of us.” 

- Johanna Long’s team was hard at work on their #10 Super Late Model.  They were replacing and repairing body panels on the left side of the car.

- Wayne Anderson took some laps in his #84 this afternoon, but the team must have been happy with the way that it ran because soon after parking it, the buttoned up the tent around their trailer and boogyed on out of the track.

- The pit area of last night’s Super Late Model feature winner David Rodgers has been quiet this afternoon, with the car still in its hauler.

Monday, 3:50pm ET - We have a head count.  There are 137 racecars that have taken part in one of the core divisions at the track this week - so far.  You can also add 28 Sprint Cars and a few antique racecars to the car count for the week.   We also expect more teams to show up late in the week including BDI Racing's #51 Chevrolet Super Late Model with Michael Pope at the controls.

Monday, 3:33pm ET - Practice for the vintage racecars is now taking place and there is a motley crew of racecars assembled for this class.  There are coupes, a Vega-bodied Modified, an old racing sedan and even a slick black late-1960's Chevrolet Chevelle stockcar.  This division might not have the closest racing of the week, but the cars are sure cool to look at.

Monday, 3:28pm ET - Occasionally, we'll have a Sprint Car come out and practice here...usually alone...but other than that, everything has been quiet in the late afternoon here at New Smyrna.  We're working on filling up our notebooks though and will have some pit notes shortly.

Monday, 3:15pm ET - We've got an update to the earlier Sprint Car spin coming out of turn four around 2:30pm.  Sources tell us that the car spun when the steering wheel came off in the driver's hands and fell into his lap....hard.  That waving around in the car was not the result of a fire or frustration, but pain from when the wheel fell.  Ouch.  The good news is that there probably isn't any permanant damage to either the car or the driver.

Monday, 3:07pm ET - NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Ryan Newman is taking advantage of a day off at Daytona International Speedway to shake down the #7NY Modified at New Smyrna.  The car is owned by Kevin "Bono" Manion and Gary Putnam - both employees of Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing.  Newman will drive the car in tonight's feature.  Last season, the team utilized Kyle Busch as their driver during Florida Speedweeks.

Monday, 3:05pm ET - B.J McLeod has also practiced his Super Late Model.  Meanwhile, Jeff Choquette has gone out for a third time after making various minor adjustments to his #70.  The Super Late Models do not race tonight, but teams are allowed to take part in practice even on days when their division is not racing. 

Monday, 2:45pm ET - The Super Late Models are off today, but Wayne Anderson and Jeff Choquette are both lined up for some extra practice anyways.  Those two drivers battled tooth and nail during Sunday night's feature for the second position, with Choquette barely edging Anderson at the finish line for the spot.

Monday, 2:30pm ET - Practice has been pretty uneventful so far today.  It's actually been a lazy day to this point with teams having plenty of track time and not really rushing to log their laps around the Speedway.

We are under a delay right now though for a spun sprint car on the front straightaway. The #10 machine, which wasn't here for yesterday's race spun at a very low speed coming out of turn four.  The caution was thrown and a push jeep dispatched to the scene.   At that point, the driver started waving franticly from the car and track workers were afraid that is was due to the invisible burning of a methanol fire.  A track worker with a fire extinguisher ran to the car, but there was no fire....only a mechanical problem with the sprinter.  It was pushed back to the pits and now the Late Models are set to hit the track next.

Monday, 2:25pm ET - Here is today's schedule and a link to a PDF of every day's schedule for you to view, download and print.

Today's Schedule
9:00am - Gates Open / Tech Open
10:00am - SK/Tour-Type Mod Tech Open & Tire Room Open
10:30am - Fuel Open
11:30am-4:00pm - Practice (rotating divisions)
4:30pm - Qualifying (Tour and SK Modifieds)
6:15pm - Driver's Meeting
7:20pm - Opening Ceremonies (Invocation and National Anthems)
7:30pm - Heat Races - Sprints
Feature Races:
Tour-type Modifieds  (25 laps)
Antique Racecars  (20 laps)
Late Models (25 laps)
Winged Sprints (30 laps)
SK Modifieds  (20 laps)
FL/IMCA Mods (25 laps)


Monday, 2:20pm ET - If you see something that raises your hackles, jump over to the Speedweeks discussion forum at and share your opinions.  It is a great place to interact with other fans and comment about our coverage and the action here at New Smyrna.


Monday, 2:15pm ET - Hello from New Smyrna Speedway, where we are on day four of nine in the 43rd Annual World Series of Short Track Racing.  TheWinged Sprint Cars and the Antique Racecars are in the lineup today along with the regular divisions of Tour-type Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Florida Modifieds, Crate Late Models and Late Models.  The Super Late Model competitors have today off.

You can catch up and see what has been going on here so far this week, by reading our Trackside Now coverage of the first three nights of racing.  There is also a index page of all the stories leading up to Florida Speedweeks for your reading pleasure.

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Wayne Anderson (#84) and Jeff Choquette (#70) put on a show Sunday night.  On Monday, they both practiced even though they could have taken the day off.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
The Tour-type Modifieds are back on the racing card for tonight.   (51 Photo)
The Winged Sprint Cars are back in action today.  (51 Photo)
Matt Hirschman (left) and Ted Christopher chat.  (51 Photo)
Jeff Choquette  (51 Photo)
Ryan Newman  (51 Photo)
The late Richie Evans is one of the all-time heroes of Florida Speedweeks.  He is remembered by the paint scheme on this vintage Modified.  (51 Photo)
Johanna Long's team was hard at work on their #10 Super Late Model on Monday.  (51 Photo)
When Chuck Hossfeld (Top) wrecked, that led to some interesting attempts of cleaning up the track (Bottom).  (51 Photos)
The track buggies aren't very quick around the New Smyrna oval.  They don't always clean up Speedy Dry very well either.  (51 Photo)
The #22 team of Chuck Hossfeld works to repair their Modified.  (51 Photo)
There's a full moon over New Smyrna tonight.  (51 Photo)
Dave Steele's #91 Sprint Car.  (Jim Dupont Photo)
There is a healthy crowd on hand tonight (51 Photo)
Ryan Newman in victory lane after the Tour Modified race.  (51 Photo)