The Blacroch Chronicles…
Commentary From Behind The Scenes at Speedweeks
By Jim Blacroch
I don’t know what the perfect day of racing would ever be, but yesterday had to be pretty darn close. A little superspeedway action with the ARCA RE/MAX Series at Daytona, followed by the Tour-type modifieds at New Smyrna in a much better event than their first effort on Friday, capped off with a trip to Volusia for the World of Outlaw Sprints.

Some folks claim a day on the beach, surf and sand, others have different ideas of the perfect day, well for me, yesterday was as close as it gets and it was all done by 11:00pm… Does it get any better for a racer?

Matt Hirschman’s win at New Smyrna was a very redeeming one. He needed it and it was a much better event than Friday night’s version, which was one of the worst events I have ever witnessed. Hirschman displayed what he’s made of after admitting, “we almost didn’t come back,” in victory lane after the event. Let me tell you if he didn’t come back, his Father would have been pretty upset.

Hats off to Ralph Solem and Ed Kennedy for being one of the small teams at the ARCA race and pulling off a 6th place finish. Both work very hard to get it done and they did a great job avoiding all of the Saturday afternoon trouble at the speedway.

Tonight is going to be low key. Maybe a few hours at a track and then off to a little side excursion with some go karts. One of the true pleasures of coming to ‘Speedweeks’ is nights like tonight… and this just in… it is pretty nice outside, so I’m going to go and enjoy it.