The Blacroch Chronicles…
Commentary From Behind The Scenes at Speedweeks
By Jim Blacroch
Every once in a while, you see something that is so spectacular that it is almost unbelievable. Friday night’s 100-lap Richie Evans Memorial was unreal. The race after the pitstops was nothing short of heart stopping. Ted Christopher and Ronnie Silk waged war on another in a way that was just amazing.

The lead swapping that went on during the final 40 laps of the race, good clean racing. Christopher would do an outside-to-inside move in turn one, Silk would drive up under Christopher in turn three. The sparks would fly, the tires would rub, but it wasn’t over the edge. It was nothing short of the most intense race I’ve ever witnessed.

Hats off to Silky, I mean, you couldn’t race harder than that. You just humanly couldn’t do it.

For Christopher, he’s just an amazing guy, capable of amazing things, he proved it once again. All week he was the center of controversy and on Friday night when the big money was on the table he stepped to the plate and took it.

Christopher finished off the World Series with another victory on Saturday night, which was fitting after his performance on Friday.

With the speed that New Smyrna is creating it was literally a race that if you weren’t there, you will be telling folks that you were there.

The strange thing is that after last Friday night’s opener of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing, even the most diehard of modified fans would have told you that it would be very unlikely to go back and watch such a dismal display of so called racing, but what a difference a week makes and it was in front of the biggest crowd of the week, which made it even better. People stood, they cheered, they were into it and Christopher was genuinely satisfied with the win. The race had each element of the perfect advertisement for why Modifieds are the coolest cars on the planet and when they are right, they are perfect.

With that said, it became a very memorable World Series. From the wild crashing of night one to the lead exchanging dance that was the Richie Evans Memorial. That’s what will be remember most.

Congratulations to David Rogers on another win at New Smyrna in the Pete Orr Memorial race.

Unfortunately and apparently Bobby Grigas and JR Bertuccio has a run in on the last night. However, no matter what there is no reason for fighting.

In the coming week, we’ll get ahold of Ted Christopher and take an in-depth look not only at the Evans Memorial win, but his week.