The Blacroch Chronicles…
Commentary From Behind The Scenes at Speedweeks
By Jim Blacroch
Friday Report -

Ted Christopher turned in an ‘Old School’ Ted Christopher performance last night and then took a shot at the technical inspectors in victory lane.

“They’ve been giving us a hard time in tech, but it really doesn’t matter what is in here for a motor because the car is so good,” Christopher quipped from victory lane.

Typical Ted, but for tonight’s Richie Evans Memorial 100, I would have to say that Ronnie Silk would be the favorite. Since they’ve shown up there speed has been amazing.

Silk and TC started to wage war a little bit last night and it might carry over in to this evening’s 100-lapper.

The Super Late Models did a nice job last night. Their 50-lapper clicked off quickly and without much fanfare. Jack Landis did a nice job running away with the show.

Wayne Anderson has been quiet this week. It will be interesting to see how Anderson finishes up this weekend.

Lastly, flying back to Buffalo tomorrow will not be the same. From all of the staff and management of Speed 51, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the tragedy that took place last night.

Thursday Report -

Random thoughts and ramblings from the last couple of days.

Ted Christopher won the Tuesday night Modified blast at Smyrna, but some folks were pointing out rules discrepancies on Christopher’s car. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why TC has to push everything. He’s clearly one of the best, if not the very best, especially at New Smyrna, so why does the controversy always have to surround him in Florida? I don’t know, but it looked like Superman lost is cape in the 50-lap go on Wednesday night when Ronnie Silk just plain smoked everybody.

The Goodale boys have gotten much quicker.

Chuck Hossfeld’s luck is all bad. In the 50-lap race when Ryan Preece suffered a right front flat, Hossfeld couldn’t get out of the way, nicked the Preece machine and slid back into the wall. I don’t how much more Chuck can take. It’s pretty sure that he won’t be returning to Garbarino’s machine for the NASCAR Tour season and that’s just a shame. Chucky’s old school, knows how to do it and he’s a good guy to boot.

Speaking of Silk’s performance. I don’t know what the Hillbillys did, but that thing was a rocket from the drop of the green on Wednesday night. Nobody got close to him.

Ryan Preece is having a tough week too - in the Tour Modifieds at least. Showtime, Jimmy Blewett struggled last night with an ill handling racecar. This has to be one of the toughest ‘Speedweeks’ for Modified racers in recent memory.

Matt Hirschman climbed all the way back to third after knocking down the water barrels on pit road. Hirschman, who rarely puts a scratch in his equipment, has definitely not been having a great week. His Speedweeks experience has been shall we say, enlightening.

New Smyrna Speedway has turned into a very nice place over time. I don’t think Robert Hart gets enough credit for the new grandstands and some of the better amenities and upgrades he’s made over time. It’s tough in Florida because the sand is the soil and it takes it toll on things.

A couple of other items. It will be interesting to see if business picks up today, but its been little slow on the World’s Most Famous Beach over the past couple of days. Curiously, I wonder what the speedway will be like for the Twin’s (they will be the Duels…). Also, the Race of Champions DIRT Modified title holder, Pat Ward scored the opening victory for the Big Block Modifieds at Volusia last night… Only a couple more nights left…