The Blacroch Chronicles…
Commentary From Behind The Scenes at Speedweeks
By Jim Blacroch
After taking a night to enjoy some Go Karting with some friends, it was back to New Smyrna on Monday night.

It will never be as big of an accomplishment as winning the Daytona 500, or any other big win that Ryan Newman has had, but watching the 7NY pull into victory lane was pretty special at New Smyrna on Monday night. It was primarily because he did in a manner that most diehard modified folks and some that aren’t wouldn’t have expected.

Newman beat Ted Christopher, not once, but twice to win the 25-lap dash in Kevin ‘Bono’ Manion’s Troyer machine. It was pretty cool, because Newman beat Christopher on a restart and then had to pass back the defending Tour champion to secure the victory late in the race.

In victory lane, Newman said all of the right things, but I wonder what was really going through his mind. Only a few folks have ever really accomplished a great deal in a Modified when coming in on a moonlight basis. Last year, Kyle Busch, drove for Manion in a short-lived event that ended up against the fence.

Tony Stewart has enjoyed success in the Modifieds, but it took him a week or so to get used to it and in his couple of outings, he really didn’t impress the Modified veterans all that much including Christopher.

That what was so unique about Newman’s run. He was clean and he beat one of the best without doing anything too out of the ordinary New Smyrna. Add to that his humble victory lane celebration when exiting the car and you had to enjoy Monday night at New Smyrna, now if they could only get the races done earlier…

Lastly on the Manion effort. It was pretty cool to see that Tommy Baldwin paint scheme back in victory lane. It gave me chills and brought back some great memories. We’ll see what happens for the rest of the week.