Sunday, 7:00pm ET -The teams are loading their cars in the haulers and are leaving the facility, so that is it for us here at Lanier National Speedway for SpeedFest 2009.  Make sure to visit next week for more from SpeedFest, and also visit the SpeedFest discussion forum at Motorsports Lounge to discuss the events from the track .... (CLICK HERE)

Sunday, 6:57pm ET -Tech has cleared for both events, so Kyle Busch and Greg Simpson are the big winners this weekend at Lanier National Speedway.

Here are the results from the event:

CRA Super Late Model - 200 Laps
151Kyle Busch
292Jason Hogan
310sJohanna Long
472Scott Hantz
551sMichael Pope
612Justin Drawdy
767Jeff Fultz
891Heath Hindman
939Ryan Seig
1008Drew Brannon
1135Matt DiBenedetto
128Eddie Hoffman
1309John Wes Townley
14110Joey Senter
1523Jeremy Rice
1664Griffin McGrath
1705Jeremy Colangelo
184Josh Krug
192Kenny Tweedy
2038Josh Hamner
2131Tyler Millwood
2299Jason Shively
2316Austin Siebert
2429Allen Karnes
2560D.J. Shaw
269Casey Roderick
2715Casey Berenbrock
2810Jack Landis
295Shane Sieg
3020Brian Campbell
318sChris Dilbeck
3249Stanley Smith
3345DeWayne Buggay
DQ138Shane Sawyer
DNS4nBen Rowe

GAS Pro Late Model - 100 Laps
110Greg Simpson
24Kyle Fowler
398Russell Fleeman
492Jason Hogan
509John Wes Townley
667Jeff Fultz
704Michael Lance
845Nick Potts
92Dennis Wilder
1029James Nailey
1161Shane Nalley
129Casey Roderick
1338Shane Sawyer
1415Cody Smith
15711Max Gresham
1621Ricky Vice
1708Hugh Brannon
1823Dalton Grindle
1952Kevin Stephens
206Chris Whorton
2109Kevin Barrett
2201Shawn Simpson
2315Zach Rearden
2497Jimmy Garmon
2564Griffin McGrath
268Eddie Hoffman
2793Brandon Johnson
2818Billy Fulson
2941T.J. Reaid
3023Paul Kelley
3128Tom Schuette

Sunday, 5:52pm ET -Kyle Busch has won the CRA Super Late Model "SpeedFest 200" here at Lanier National Speedway.  Jason Hogan was second, followed by Johanna Long, Scott Hantz and Michael Pope.

We are heading pitside to talk to drivers, so do not go anywhere.  We have plenty of coverage yet to come.

Sunday, 5:50pm ET -There are just 10 laps remaining in the SpeedFest 200 CRA Super Late Model event.  Kyle Busch has a decent lead over Jason Hogan for the top spot, but anything can happen in the final 10 laps.

Sunday, 5:48pm ET -On the restart, something happened to Casey Roderick as he has slowed on the back stretch.  He has made it around the track and on pit road.

Kyle Busch still leads Jason Hogan, and is pulling away a bit.

Sunday, 5:46pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 175

Sunday, 5:44pm ET - YELLOW LAP 171: Tyler Millwod has spun on the front stretch.

The top five hasn't changed with Kyle Busch leading Jason Hogan.

Sunday, 5:43pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 168: Kyle Busch leads Jason Hogan, Casey Roderick, Johanna Long and Scott Hantz.

Sunday, 5:41pm ET - Shane Sawyer got a black flag initially for ignoring race procedures (going to the tail because of being the cause of the yellow), but then he hit Tyler Millwood's car under caution, so the officials are parking Sawyer for the day.

Sunday, 5:37pm ET - YELLOW LAP 157: Tyler Millwood and Shane Sawyer had a disagreement with who had space on the race track.  Sawyer got a bit sideways coming off four and Millwood got into the back of him.  Sawyer went for a spin. Officials have sent Millwood to the rear for the contact.

Sunday, 5:34pm ET - 50 laps remain in the CRA SpeedFest 200.  Kyle Busch continues to lead with Jason Hogan second.  Casey Roderick is running a close third with Johanna Long and Scott Hantz battling for the fourth position. Michael Pope is sixth with Justin Drawdy seventh. Tyler Millwood, Jeff Fultz and Shane Sawyer rounding out the top 10.

Sunday, 5:31pm ET - The report from the pits is that the axle snapped on the #5 of Shane Sieg.

138 laps are on the board with Kyle Busch still leading Jason Hogan.

Sunday, 5:29pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 129

Sunday, 5:26pm ET - YELLOW LAP 123: Jeremy Colangelo went for a spin in turn four, possibly off the back bumper of Casey Berenbrock.

Kyle Busch leads Jason Hogan, Casey Roderick, Johanna Long and Scott Hantz.  Michael Pope is just on the outside of the top five, followed by Justin Drawdy, Tyler Millwood, Jeff Fultz and Matt DiBenedetto.

Sunday, 5:25pm ET - Shane Sieg has dropped off the pace at lap 119, making his way into the pits.

Meanwhile, there has been a torrid battle for position on the back half of the top 10 involving Michael Pope and Tyler Millwood.  Pope was able to get by, but then Justin Drawdy and Jeff Fultz are in the mix as well, battling hard.

Sunday, 5:23pm ET - On the restart, Kyle Busch immediately went to the outside to get by Shane Sieg.  He then worked hard on the outside of Jason Hogan for a few laps before getting the lead away from Hogan on lap 105.  Hogan still sits second with Sieg third, Casey Roderick fourth and Johanna Long fifth.

Sunday, 5:21pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 100

Sunday, 5:16pm ET - The break is over and the cars are back on the track, ready to resume racing for the second half of the race.  There are 27 cars on the lead lap.

Sunday, 5:08pm ET - During this break, the magic number was four, as four cars will be inverted for the start of the second half.  That puts Jason Hogan up front, followed by Shane Sieg, Kyle Busch and Casey Roderick.  Johanna Long will be fifth with the rest of the field behind her as they crossed the line at halfway.

Sunday, 5:04pm ET - Since DeWayne Buggay is the only driver out of the race, there are 33 of the 34 starters still on the track.

The 10 minute clock has started as all the cars are on pit road.  They can service their car and change tires during this break.

Sunday, 5:03pm ET -HALFWAY BREAK: LAP 100: At the halfway break, the top 10 is: Casey Roderick, Kyle Busch, Shane Sieg, Jason Hogan, Johanna Long, Scott Hantz, Tyler Millwood, Shane Sawyer, Michael Pope, Justin Drawdy

Sunday, 4:58pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 90

Sunday, 4:56pm ET - YELLOW LAP 86: Brian Campbell spun in turn two.  A few other drivers spun to avoid, but everyone appears to be ok.

Casey Roderick leads Kyle Busch, Shane Sieg, Jason Hogan and Johanna Long.

Sunday, 4:52pm ET - This time, Kyle Busch went to the inside lane, and after a few laps of side by side racing, he took the second position from Shane SiegCasey Roderick is still out in the lead.

Sunday, 4:51pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 69

Sunday, 4:48pm ET - YELLOW LAP 64: Griffin McGrath spun on the backstretch to bring out the yellow.

The top five are: Casey Roderick, Shane Sieg, Kyle Busch, Jason Hogan, Johanna Long.

Sunday, 4:45pm ET - The leaders are working their way around lapped traffic, which is extremely heavy.

Sunday, 4:43pm ET - Kyle Busch has once again used the restart to his advantage as he jumped to the outside, passing Johanna Long for third. Casey Roderick leads with Shane Sieg second.

Sunday, 4:41pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 42

Sunday, 4:39pm ET - The top ten: Casey Roderick, Shane Sieg, Johanna Long, Kyle Busch, Jason Hogan, Michael Pope, Josh Hamner, Scott Hantz, Tyler Millwood and Shane Sawyer.

Sunday, 4:36pm ET - YELLOW LAP 35: DeWayne Buggay's car has gone up in a ploom of smoke.  He has stopped in turn four and the safety trucks are on their way to the car.

Sunday, 4:35pm ET -While Casey Roderick leads, Kyle Busch has jumped to the outside and moved up two spots to fourth.

Sunday, 4:33pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 27: Casey Roderick and Shane Sieg are first and second.

Sunday, 4:30pm ET - Josh Krug had to go to pit road to get a transponder put back on his car.  Officials gave him his spot back.

Sunday, 4:27pm ET - YELLOW LAP 18: A few cars got together in turn two, including Jeremy Rice and Brian Campbell. 

Casey Roderick still leads Shane Sieg, Johanna Long, Michael Pope, Josh Hamner and Kyle Busch.

Sunday, 4:23pm ET -GREEN FLAG: Casey Roderick and Shane Sieg lead the field under the flag stand once again.

Sunday, 4:20pm ET - YELLOW LAP 3: Joey Senter went for a spin in turn two, bringing out the yellow.

Casey Roderick leads Shane Sieg.

Sunday, 4:18pm ET -GREEN FLAG LAP 0: Casey Roderick and Shane Sieg lead the field under the flag stand.

Sunday, 4:17pm ET - YELLOW LAP 0: Casey Roderick appeared to have jumped the start, so there will be a total restart.

Sunday, 4:17pm ET -GREEN FLAG: Casey Roderick and Shane Sieg lead the field under the flag stand.

Sunday, 4:15pm ET - The Super Late Models are on the track, getting ready for their event.  Here is the starting lineup (cautions count, single file restarts):

1 9 Casey Roderick
2 5 Shane Sieg
3 51s Michael Pope
4 10s Johanna Long
5 92 Jason Hogan
6 38 Josh Hamner
7 51 Kyle Busch
8 31 Tyler Millwood
9 72 Scott Hantz
10 12 Justin Drawdy
11 138 Shane Sawyer
12 35 Matt DiBenedetto
13 45 DeWayne Buggay
14 10 Jack Landis
15 91 Heath Hindman
16 4n Ben Rowe *withdrew
17 67 Jeff Fultz
18 09 John Wes Townley
19 110 Joey Senter
20 23 Jeremy Rice
21 64 Griffin McGrath
22 20 Brian Campbell
23 99 Jason Shively
24 60 D.J. Shaw
25 4 Josh Krug
26 08 Drew Brannon
27 39 Ryan Seig
28 8s Chris Dilbeck
29 8 Eddie Hoffman
30 15 Casey Berenbrock
31 16 Austin Siebert
32 05 Jeremy Colangelo
33 2 Kenny Tweedy
34 49 Stanley Smith
35 29 Allen Karnes

Sunday, 4:12pm ET - Next up: the CRA Super Late Model "SpeedFest 200".


Sunday, 4:10pm ET - Greg Simpson wouldn't leave victory lane.  He almost had to get kicked out of there after getting photos with friends, family and his crew.  Simpson said it was a great race with some great drivers.

We will have the full finish of the Pro Late Model event later this evening.

Sunday, 3:53pm ET - Greg Simpson has won the GAS Pro Late Model 100 event here at Lanier National Speedway. 

On the restart, Russell Fleeman got the jump and got out to the lead on Simpson, but Simpson kept the pressure on.  Coming to take the white flag, Simpson got into the back of Fleeman, moving him up the track and out of the lead.  Kyle Fowler moved Fleeman in turn three, taking second away.  Fleeman finished third with Jason Hogan and John Wes Townley finishing fifth.

We will have more shortly.

Sunday, 3:48pm ET - GREEN FLAG Greg Simpson, Russell Fleeman, Kyle Fowler, Nick Potts and Jason Hogan are the top five.

Sunday, 3:46pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 94: Some cars in the back of the field, including Max Gresham, wrecked in turn four.  The yellow was out, but it is possible that the lights did not go on around the track (even though the flagstand had the yellow out).  Shane Sawyer ran into the back of Greg Simpson hard on the backstretch as it appeared he wasn't aware the yellow was out.  His hood is all bowed up and has hit pit road during this yellow.

Sunday, 3:44pm ET - Greg Simpson got the lead on the restart as it appeared Shane Sawyer spun the tires.

Sunday, 3:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 3:41pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 92: Shane Nalley spun in turn two on the restart.

Shane Sawyer leads Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler and Russell Fleeman .

Sunday, 3:41pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 3:39pm ET - The officials are taking a moment to make sure everyone is in line where they should be.  Shane Sawyer leads Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Russell Fleeman and Jason Hogan.  The will still double up on the restart with under 10 laps to go.

Sunday, 3:36pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 92: Max Gresham went for a spin in turn two.

Sunday, 3:35pm ET - With 10 laps to go, Shane Sawyer leads Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Russell Fleeman and Jason Hogan.

Sunday, 3:34pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 3:34pm ET - YELLOW FLAG ... The restart was waved off as the #38 of Sawyer didn't come up to speed in turn four coming for the green.  They are doing a complete restart during this yellow.  He is moving ok, so he might have felt Simpson jumped.

Sunday, 3:32pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 3:31pm ET - Shane Sawyer, Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Jason Hogan, Russell Fleeman and Max Gresham are the top six.

The #08 of Drew Brannon has stopped on the front stretch during this yellow and is requiring a push from a tow truck.

Sunday, 3:28pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 85: Dennis Wilder looped it in turn two.  It didn't appear there was any contact.

Sunday, 3:27pm ET - Shane Sawyer squeezed his way down in front of Greg Simpson for the lead on the restart.

Sunday, 3:26pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Greg Simpson and Shane Sawyer head to turn one with Kyle Fowler and Jason Hogan behind them.  Max Gresham and Nick Potts are fifth and sixth.

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 79: Another car went for a spin in turn two.  We weren't able to catch the number as they drove away.

Sunday, 3:22pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 78: Cody Smith looped it in turn four.

On the restart, Greg Simpson got the jump on Shane Sawyer, taking the lead away.  The two will line up first and second once again on the front row for the next restart.  Behind them, Kyle Fowler and Max Gresham line up third and fourth.

Sunday, 3:20pm ET - GREEN FLAG Shane Sawyer and Greg Simpson once again leads the field to turn one.

Sunday, 3:19pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 76: Dalton Grindle spun in turn two to bring out the yellow.

Sunday, 3:17pm ET - Shane Sawyer held the top spot after the restart, but hasn't gotten away from Greg SimpsonMichael Lance, Kyle Fowler and Russell Fleeman follow behind the leaders.

Sunday, 3:15pm ET - GREEN FLAG Shane Sawyer and Greg Simpson once again leads the field to turn one.

Sunday, 3:12pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 65: Jason Hogan popped the back of Kevin Stephens in turn one to get by him, then Stephens drove in the back of Hogan, taking him up into the wall in turn four, right at the break in the wall. 

Sunday, 3:09pm ET - Shane Sawyer has snagged the lea away from Greg Simpson, but Simpson is still on his bumper.

Sunday, 3:07pm ET - GREEN FLAG Greg Simpson leads Shane Sawyer, Jason Hogan, Kevin Stephens and Kyle Fowler.

Sunday, 3:05pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 52: John Wes Townley and Nick Potts made contact in turn one, sending Potts spinning.  Potts gave Townley a shot in the back during the yellow, so it is safe to say he wasn't happen with him.

Sunday, 3:04pm ET - Greg Simpson held serve up front over Shane Sawyer on the restart and continues to lead. Jason Hogan has moved up to third with Kevin Stephens fourth.   Kyle Fowler rounds out the top five with 50 laps down and 50 laps to go.

Sunday, 3:01pm ET - GREEN FLAG

Sunday, 2:59pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 39: Cody Smith went for a spin in turn two off the bumper of Jeff Fultz.

Greg Simpson was able to snag the lead from Shane Sawyer before the yellow came out as he was racing hard on the outside since the restart.  They will be side by side for the next restart once again.

Sunday, 2:57pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Shane Sawyer and Greg Simpson once again takes the field to turn one.

Sunday, 2:56pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 37: Dennis Wilder went for a spin in turn for as he checked up behind John Wes Townley and got hit by Kevin Stephens.

Sunday, 2:55pm ET - The whole right side of John Wes Townley's machine is flapping in the breeze.  Officials are keeping an eye on it, but he is not getting a black flag.

Sunday, 2:53pm ET - We have hit the 25 lap mark. Shane Sawyer leads Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Dennis Wilder and John Wes Townley.

Sunday, 2:51pm ET - Shane Sawyer maintained the lead on the restart, but is being pressured hard by Greg Simpson for the lead.

Sunday, 2:49pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Shane Sawyer, who raced side by side and got the lead from Greg Simpson before the yellow, now leads the field to turn one.

Sunday, 2:46pm ET - The reason why some of the restarts have the third-place driver or someone else lined up on the outside of the leader is that the GAS series is using the "choose" rule, where drivers can choose to jump out of line and try their hand on the outside.

Sunday, 2:45pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 13: Zach Rearden, according to the officials, went for a ride on the backstretch on two wheels.  His car came down on all fours, but almost slammed the split in the wall entering turn three.  He is out of his car and is ok.

Sunday, 2:42pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Greg Simpson and Shane Sawyer lead the field back to turn one.

Sunday, 2:42pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 12: It appeared the #15 of Zach Rearden made contact with the #8 of Eddie Hoffman coming off turn four, causing an incident.  Griffin McGrath and Ricky Vice were involved as they were trying to get around the incident.  Both received damage.

Sunday, 2:38pm ET - On the restart, Dennis Wilder was actually lined up outside Greg Simpson, but he wasn't able to stay up next to him as he has dropped back to third with Kyle Fowler in second to Simpson.

Sunday, 2:36pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Greg Simpson leads the field to turn one.

Sunday, 2:32pm ET - Caution flags do not count during this 100-lap Pro Late Model feature, so if the drivers cannot get a few green-flag laps under their belts here, it is going to be a long day.

Massive clean-up is still taking place over in turn two.

Sunday, 2:30pm ET - The top five currently are: Greg Simpson, Kyle Fowler, Dennis  Wilder, John Wes Townley and Kevin Stephens.

Sunday, 2:26pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 1: A big jam-up occured in turn two with Paul Kelley getting the worst of it.  His front end is all ripped off.  Billy Fulson was also involved and has a ton of damage, as well as Brandon Johnson.  All involved were running in the top 10.

Sunday, 2:25pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Greg Simpson leads the field to turn one.

Sunday, 2:24pm ET - YELLOW FLAG LAP 1: Behind the leaders, the field was three wide coming out of turn two.  A squeeze play happened and cars jammed up.  Jimmy Garmon spun as well as about 10 or so other cars (either spun or slowed).  During the yellow, Tom Schuette ran into the back of the safety truck, damaging his front end.  Garmon is back out, but Schuette is still in the pits.

Sunday, 2:21pm ET - Greg Simpson got the jump on Kyle Fowler as Fowler appeared to spin the tires off four.  Fowler tried to get him back in turn two, but slipped up, giving Simpson the lead.

Sunday, 2:20pm ET - GREEN FLAG: Kyle Fowler and Greg Simpson lead the field past the flagstand and towards turn one.

Sunday, 2:18pm ET - The field is doubling up and we are about ready to roll.

Sunday, 2:11pm ET - The Super Late Models have been moved off the front stretch and are heading to the pit area.  The Pro Late Models have all fired their engines and are getting lined up to race.

Sunday, 2:00pm ET - Next up is the Pro Late Model 100-lap feature.  Here is the starting lineup for today's GAS race:

PositionCar #Drivers Name
14Kyle Fowler
210Greg Simpson
393Brandon Johnson
418Billy Fulsom
52Dennis Wilder
697Jimmy Garmon
741TJ Reaid
809John Wes Townley
952Kevin Stephens
1023Paul Kelley
1138Shane Sawyer
1298Russell Fleeman
1308Drew Brannon
1467Jeff Fultz
1501Shawn Simpson
1692Jason Hogan
174NBen Rowe* withdrew
186Chris Whorton
1945Nick Potts
20711Max Gresham
2161Shane Nalley
2215Zach Rearden
2309KKevin Barrett
2415sCody Smith
2528Tom Schuette
2604Michael Lance
279Casey Roderick
2864Griffin McGrath
298Eddie Hoffman
3029James Nealis
3121Ricky Vice
3223DDalton Grindle


Sunday, 1:59pm ET - At many tracks across the country, the United States Military helps out tracks by providing the color guard during the races.  Here at Lanier today, one of the gentlemen on site is Specialist Justin Cotton from the National Guard.  Cotton will be heading over to Afghanistan in April, and is here to provide some stateside services before going overseas.  His father, family and fiance are in attendance here at the track today.

Sunday, 1:55pm ET - Mitch Cobb is here, helping out his teammate Casey Roderick.  The car that Roderick will drive in the Super Late Model feature is actually owned by Cobb.  He said they have one car for him to race himself and one to rent out during this season, so anyone wanting a solid car to race with should contact the team.

Sunday, 1:54pm ET - We are back at the keys as the autograph session has completed and driver introductions are taking place.

Sunday, 12:20pm ET - The drivers and crews have been going through tech, then pushing their cars to the front stretch for the driver and fan meet and greet session, which begins at 12:30pm. 

We are going to take a break from the keys and go mingle with the crews and drivers during the autograph session.  We will be back before 2:00pm with some notes prior to the start of the Pro Late Model 100-lap event.

Sunday, 12:00pm ET - In this morning's drivers' meeting, GAS officials announced a "Triple Crown" for the 2009 season. Any driver who wins all three GAS, Super 6, and the Lanier National Speedway Pro Late Model championships will receive a $50,000.00 award. Anyone who may win two of the three championships will be awarded $25,000.00.

In the CRA Super Late Model meeting, since the race is broken into two 100-lap segments, the last five laps of each segment will be run under green.  If a caution should fly on lap 100 or 200, drivers may race back to the checkered flag.

CRA officials warned their drivers not to follow the example of certain "heroes" in last night's Toyota All Star Showdown (CA) by driving over their heads.  In last night's events on the West coast, Ron Hornaday made a bonsai move for the lead, wrecking out Brian Ickler and many others in the process.  On the last lap, Joey Logano did the same type move, wrecking out leader Peyton Sellers for the win.  Logano was stripped of the victory after the race and the trophy given to Matt Kobyluck, who initially crossed the line second.

It was also decided by the CRA officials that all lead lap cars will use the outside groove in order to navigate lapped traffic.

Pole sitter Casey Roderick was awarded the AP Fast Qualifier Award. Also, Five Star Bodies will sponsor a $500 gift card to the driver with the most damaged car displaying a Five Star decal and a $250 prize will go to the driver who improves the most positions.  

Sunday, 11:30am ET - For those that have been out of the loop this season, CRA announced live on Speed 51 Radio during the Snowball Derby that they have formed a new touring schedule outside of the midwest, called the CRA Super Series South.  Earlier this week, R.J. Scott from CRA then broke another news story on Speed 51 Radio's Tuesday show with the release of the 2009 South schedule.

Click Here for the CRA Super Series South 2009 Schedule

Sunday, 11:20am ET - The Racing Eletronics people are here to show how much they support short track racing. They are servicing drivers and teams with their NASCAR Sprint Cup Series rig.

Sunday, 11:18am ET - The driver's meeting for the Pro Late Model drivers is over as the Super Late Model driver's meeting will take place shortly.  We will have notes from both meetings soon.

Sunday, 11:15am ET - For you Mike Garvey fans, he is here helping out Ryan Sieg.

Sunday, 11:00am ET - The Pro Late Model driver's meeting is taking place now on the front stretch.  If there are notes from it, we will post them.

We do know from talking to some of the officials yesterday that all cars will start both events (CRA and GAS), which means there will not be last-chance races today.  Officials said the start time for the races will still be at 2:00pm as they will not be moving the start up since the last-chance races aren't necessary.

Sunday, 10:40am ET - has learned this morning that there was a discrepancy in post-qualifying tech with the BDI Racing #51 driven by Michael Pope, who qualified third for today's race.  CRA officials deemed that the ignition box in the car was not from the manufacturer that was supposed to be with the engine in the car.  However, after numerous tests, the box met CRA RPM limit specs for the engine.  In fact, the box was actually a significant amount below the 7200 RPM limit.  CRA officials deemed there was no performance advantage and that the box in the #51 actually was a disadvantage for the team.  The series, however, has monetarily fined BDI Racing for the unapproved, but unaltered box.

"Our team takes full responsibility for the mistake that happened yesterday with our ignition box.  It was a stupid, but honest mistake," said Bob Dillner, owner of BDI Racing.  "We have spoken to our engine builder and the CRA officials about the situation and will be better off with the new box for today's race.  We accept the penalty and look forward to today's race at Lanier."

The team has told us that the specified ignition box for that engine is being installed in Michael's Pope's #51 this morning.

Sunday, 10:30am ET - Big news here at Lanier came to us well before the gates were opened this morning.  Ben Rowe's hauler was being moved out of the trailer area to leave for the weekend.  Apparently last night the crew had trouble with the lift gate getting it to close.  They are unable to get it open without the risk of it not being able to close, so the team is making the trip all the way back up to Maine without racing either the Pro Late Model or Super Late Model this weekend.

Rowe seemed heartbroken over it, but realized things like this happen in racing.  We will have more on this situation next week on

Sunday, 10:20am ET - Make sure to visit the official SpeedFest coverage discussion forum at to talk about the event by clicking here.

Sunday, 10:10am ET - The morning schedule will be slightly shifted due to the decision yesterday morning to move the haulers outside the track.  This morning, teams have been unloading their cars and pit boxes, bringing them in the track.  Most are using four wheelers or other vehicles to push the cars in since they are not able to fire their car engines until around noon (apparently due to a noise restriction on Sundays).

Sunday, 10:00am ET - Good morning from Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia, for the 2009 SpeedFest.  We are in day three of a three-day show here at the track, meaning it is race day.  First up will be the Pro Late Model 100 GAS race, followed by the Super Late Model "SpeedFest 200" CRA race.

Here is today's originally-issued schedule:

10:00am Gates Open
10:30 GAS Drivers Meeting
11:15 CRA Drivers Meeting
12:00 All Cars to Tech
12:30 All Cars Must be Gridded
12:30 Autograph Session For Both Divisions
1:15 GAS Last Chance Race *will not happen
1:30 CRA Last Chance Race *will not happen
2:00 GAS Pro Late Model 100
CRA Super Late "SpeedFest 200"

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SpeedFest 2009
Lanier National Speedway
Braselton, Georgia
Friday, January 23rd - Sunday, January 25th, 2009
Trackside Now: SpeedFest at Lanier National Speedway (GA)
Sunday, January 25th: Kyle Busch and Greg Simpson Win Big at Lanier
The Pro Late Model drivers in their raceday morning driver's meeting.  (51 Sports photo)
The drivers and teams are unloading their cars from the haulers, located outside of the track..  (51 Sports photo)
The BDI Racing #51 sat in the pits Saturday night while the officials discussed post-race tech and the rules. (51 Sports photo)
Ben Rowe's hauler makes an exit from the track today as the lift gate is broke, keeping them from being able to get the cars out to race today. (51 Sports photo)
Mike Garvey is here helping out Ryan Sieg.  (51 Sports photo)
"Big John" Levecque from Racing Electronics is busy this morning helping get drivers ready to race.  (51 Sports photo)
The top three from the Super Late Model event: Jason Hogan (left - 2nd), Kyle Busch (middle - 1st) and Johanna Long (right - 3rd). (51 Sports photo)
Greg Simpson won the GAS Pro Late Model event. (51 Sports photo)