Saturday, 7:50pm ET - The report from the officials is that tech has cleared.  We are still watching the haulers leave the infield here at Lanier, but we are going to shut down and enjoy the exit out from the track. 

We will be back online tomorrow from Lanier for SpeedFest 2009.

Saturday, 7:15pm ET - We are awaiting word from tech for the all clear notice, so we will be sticking around a bit, watching the haulers load up and exit the infield.

Saturday, 6:52pm ET - The crews are all loading up their cars and equipment in their haulers as they are required to remove everything, including the haulers, from the infield tonight.

Saturday, 6:40pm ET - Qualifying for the CRA Super Late Models has completed.  Casey Roderick has set fast time, followed by Shane Sieg, Michael Pope, Johanna Long and Jason Hogan.

Here is the results from qualifying:

19Casey Roderick13.543
25Shane Sieg13.603
351sMichael Pope13.621
410sJohanna Long13.655
592Jason Hogan13.662
638Josh Hamner13.679
751Kyle Busch13.682
831Tyler Millwood13.724
972Scott Hantz13.732
1012Justin Drawdy13.754
11138Shane Sawyer13.765
1235Matt DiBenedetto13.774
1345DeWayne Buggay13.783
1410Jack Landis13.801
1591Heath Hindman13.806
164nBen Rowe13.823
1767Jeff Fultz13.830
1809John Wes Townley13.830
19110Joey Senter13.831
2023Jeremy Rice13.832
2164Griffin McGrath13.855
2220Brian Campbell13.882
2399Jason Shively13.883
2460D.J. Shaw13.890
254Josh Krug13.895
2608Drew Brannon13.896
2739Ryan Seig13.911
288sChris Dilbeck13.955
298Eddie Hoffman13.971
3015Casey Berenbrock14.017
3116Austin Siebert14.123
3205Jeremy Colangelo14.132
332Kenny Tweedy14.138
3449Stanley Smith14.141
3529Allen Karnes14.857

Saturday, 6:25pm ET - Here is the starting lineup for the GAS Pro Late Model feature, which will take the green flag tomorrow.  The top three were inverted, following a dice throw by Brandon Johnson.

114.2104Kyle Fowler (third-fast qualifier)
214.14510Greg Simpson (second-fast qualifier)
314.11893Brandon Johnson (fast qualifier)
414.22318Billy Fulson
514.2332Dennis Wilder
614.24397Jimmy Garmon
714.24441TJ Reaid
814.25209John Wes Townley
914.25352Kevin Stephens
1014.26123Paul Kelley
1114.27438Shane Sawyer
1214.29598Russell Fleeman
1314.30508Drew Brannon
1414.30867Jeff Fultz
1514.32501Shawn Simpson
1614.33092Jason Hogan
1714.3434NBen Rowe
1814.3696Chris Whorton
1914.41945Nick Potts
2014.436711Max Gresham
2114.46161Shane Nalley
2214.47715Zach Rearden
2314.48109KKevin Barrett
2414.49515sCody Smith
2514.52828Tom Schuette
2614.53004Michael Lance
2714.5679Casey Roderick
2814.58164Griffin McGrath
2914.6608Eddie Hoffman
3014.85429James Nealis
3115.11921Ricky Vice
3215.32823DDalton Grindle

Saturday, 6:05pm ET - CRA Super Late Model qualifying has begun.

Saturday, 5:57pm ET - Brandon Johnson has set fast time for the GAS Pro Late Models.  We will have a full rundown shortly.

Saturday, 5:07pm ET - Pro Late Model qualifying has begun.  We will have the results from the session once completed.

Saturday, 4:47pm ET - Some notes from the Pro Late Model pits:

Florida's Brandon Johnson and his #93 car have had several impressive finishes since coming onto the Georgia late model scene last season.  He is experiencing a tight racecar here today, but feel quite sure they'll have a car to beat in qualifying this afternoon.

Although the #52 of Kevin Stephens is a familiar sight here at Lanier National Speedway, his presence was notably missing from the 2008 season. He has returned and is glad to be back in the car.  Stephens is looking forward to a solid qualifying time and a good finish for the start of his 2009 season here tomorrow.

Kyle Fowler's red number #4 was struggling out of the gate today, but after some adjustment, they've gotten it into a position that leaves them anxious for their qualifying run to see the fruits of their labor.

Also with us this weekend is Nick Potts, who is fighting an ill-handling racecar, but has high hopes for his qualifying run this evening.

Local boy, but not unfamiliar name, Paul Kelley is planning to get in touch with his previous knowledge of this racetrack for his pole qualifying attempt here today.

Saturday, 4:47pm ET - According to his spotter, John Wes Townley, who spun in the first five minutes of Super Late Model practice today (but didn't hit anything), hit one of his two race cars as he came in from practice in the pits with the car he was driving.  He is scheduled to run in both the Pro Late Model event and Super Late Model event tomorrow.

Saturday, 4:45pm ET - Here are a few other stats from the weekend, including today's best CRA time and overall best CRA time during the weekend:

CRA Super Late Model Practice: Best Times Saturday (pdf)

CRA Super Late Model Practice: Best Times All Weekend (pdf)

Saturday, 4:37pm ET - Officials have announced that all Pro Late Models and Super Late Models that are here today will race tomorrow.  There will not be any last-chance races held tomorrow.  Kudos to the promoters for showing love to the drivers that support SpeedFest 2009 by being here this weekend.

Saturday, 4:35pm ET - Scott Hantz topped the charts in the final Super Late Model practice of the day.  Shane Sieg, Casey Roderick, Kyle Busch and Brian Campbell rounded out the top five.

CRA Super Late Model Practice Times: Second Session (pdf)

Saturday, 4:32pm ET - The practice sessions have ended here at Lanier National Speedway.  We will have times from the final Super Late Model session shortly.

Saturday, 4:25pm ET - Greg Simpson turned the fastest lap during the final Pro Late Model practice session.  Paul Kelley, Max Gresham, Ben Rowe and Shane Sawyer were the top five.

GAS Pro Late Model Practice Times: Second Session (pdf)

Saturday, 4:20pm ET - We checked in with some of the Super Late Model drivers after their first practice to see how their day is going so far.

Kyle Busch said his car was ok, but he wasn't sure yet what it was doing versus the other cars on the track.  He was just exiting his car and heading to debrief with his crew.

Justin Drawdy, who had Travis Kittleson practicing his car yesterday for him, said this is his first time here and thinks Lanier is a cool track.  He is getting used to the facility and said Kittleson did a good job getting his car where it needs to be.

Tyler Millwood's crew seems to be changing everything on his car.  He said he is fighting just about everything with it.  He will only be running the Super Late Model event as his crew couldn't get his Pro Late Model ready in time to compete.

Joey Senter said his car is good and gave us a thumbs up with a smile.

Michael Pope said he was happy with his car, and it was good on old tires.

Jack Landis, just like Pope, said his car is good on old tires.  Landis said he is too cheap to buy new tires like some of the other teams are that are putting up big numbers on the charts.

Casey Roderick said his is losing forward bite in his Super Late Model.  We caught him as he came in from his Pro Late Model practice, and he said that car is good.

Josh Hamner said his car was ok.

Ryan Seig was having trouble with the tires.  He said that they are fine, but when the tires get warm they are getting real slick on him.

Josh Krug is lower on the speed charts than most, and there is a reason for that.  He said he is very loose off and down the straightaway.  He is spinning his tires, which is hurting his lap times.

Matt DiBenedetto is tight in the center, but he said his Super Late Model is "fun to drive."

Jeff Fultz said he can run with the fast guys, but just doesn't have enough for the few laps to put a big number on the charts.

Johanna Long said her car was balanced well.

Ben Rowe might have only been 18th fastest, but he is glad to be on the track.  Late yesterday he hit a 50 pound weight that fell off someone else's car.  He said they just got the rack plate back in it and everything buttoned up.

Saturday, 4:10pm ET - Casey Roderick turned the fastest time in the CRA Super Late Model first practice.  He was followed by Kyle Busch, Josh Hamner, Scott Hantz and Johanna Long.

CRA Super Late Model Practice Times: First Session (pdf)

Saturday, 4:04pm ET - The Pro Late Models have finished their final practice session.  We will have some notes from the pits shortly as well as times from the first Super Late Model practice.

Saturday, 3:20pm ET - There are about five minutes left in the first practice session for the Super Late Models.  We are going to head down to the pit area to check in with some drivers.  We will have updates when we can get back across the track.

GAS Pro Late Model Practice Times: First Session (pdf)

Saturday, 2:45pm ET - Michael Lance turned the fastest time during the first GAS Pro Late Model session of the day.  He was followed by Max Gresham, Greg Simpson, John Wes Townley and Jimmy Garmon.

GAS Pro Late Model Practice Times: First Session (pdf)

Saturday, 2:30pm ET - The first practice session for the Pro Late Models has concluded and the Super Late Models are on the track.  During the session, Rodney Benefield hit the wall in turn one with about 10 minutes left in practice.  His brakes were locked up as he went towards the wall and it appeared as though something broke.

Saturday, 2:20pm ET - In Lanier's Ice Cold Shriner Bowl two weeks ago, no driver besides Shane Sawyer or Greg Simpson held the top spot. They have both returned for SpeedFest this weekend and both are excited about their chances for success. Sawyer is looking to make in two in a row while Simpson is looking to improve upon his last finish.

Gas regular, TJ Reaid is confident in his ride and looking forward to kicking off his 2009 GAS Series season with a good run and hopefully a win here at Lanier.

Two-time and reigning GAS Series champion Russell Fleeman appeared a tad loose off the corner on several occasions, but it did not affect his overall practice run as he still proved to be a force.

After cutting down a tire in the Shriner Bowl, Max Gresham is back with vengeance looking to conquer the track that is often lovingly referred to as "The Cul-De-Sac." His 7-11 has overcome its previous difficulties and is now back to a satisfactory state for tomorrow's events. 

Saturday, 2:00pm ET - As far as what we have overheard, here is the schedule:

1:25pm - 2:25pm: GAS Pro Late Model practice
2;25pm - 3:25pm: CRA Super Late Model practice
3:30pm - 4:00pm: GAS Pro Late Model practice
4:00pm - 4:30pm: CRA Super Late Model practice
5:00pm: GAS Pro Late Model qualifying, followed by CRA Super Late Model qualifying

Saturday, 1:55pm ET - It appears that the officials might shorten the second practice session for each series to 30 minutes per group. 

Saturday, 1:35pm ET - During yesterday's practice sessions, Kyle Busch used two different cars ... his black Rowdy Busch car and his blue and orange NOS car.  Late yesterday we learned from his crew he will be using the NOS car, even though it was the slower of the two on the clock yesterday.

Saturday, 1:24pm ET - The green flag is out as the Pro Late Models take to the track for their first practice session of the day.

Saturday, 1:20pm ET - According to the track announcer, the GAS Pro Late Models and CRA Super Late Models will each get two one-hour practice sessions, alternating, with the PLMs up first.  They should be practicing shortly.

Saturday, 1:15pm ET - Allison Fulson, who was with the crew at the Snowball Derby, is here once again helping provide the Trackside Now coverage with information from the pits.  Fulson also has another duty this weekend: cheerleader.  Her brother Billy is here with his Pro Late Model to race in the GAS event.

Saturday, 1:04pm ET - The track is looking fairly dry, except for some weepers that still have some water coming from them.

The Pro Late Model racers have been told to go ahead and line up for practice.

Saturday, 12:25pm ET - The sun has actually peeked out here at the track as track drying continues.

Saturday, 12:00pm ET - Both GAS and CRA drivers' meetings have concluded. Here some highlights:

Due to some discrepancies in yesterdays practice, drivers were asked to keep to their own practices instead of attempting to share with other series.

Since Mother Nature is making her presence known this morning the schedule will be adjusted as necessary and all plans will be announced over the PA.

Famed strong-arm race director Dan Spence was introduced as the CRA South race director.

There will be no invert at the drop of the green flag for the SLM's tomorrow, but at the halfway break instead.

Also, the tires of the top-five finishers in the 200 lap CRA feature will be inspected after the conclusion of the race.

In the GAS meeting, Lanier GM Terry Roberts was welcomed as the new GAS Series director.

In an effort to improve the view for the fans, all haulers will be removed after qualifying and will not re-enter the track until after tomorrow's events.

Saturday, 11:10am ET - The GAS Pro Late Model driver's meeting took place already and the driver's meeting for the CRA Super Late Models will be occuring shortly.  Meanwhile, tech is open as the cars are making their way through the "area" of doom.  According to the CRA officials, a car will not be allowed on the track today for even practice without being cleared through tech first.

Saturday, 11:05am ET - Yesterday the weather was perfect for practice, but today it isn't as cooperative.  Rains fell in the area overnight and it hasn't completely gone away.  It is currently lightly sprinkling at the track, but the weather forcast shows this moving out of the area early this afternoon, so we should be good for qualifying.  Practice though will be another story.  Officials will make a determination on what they will do with the schedule when it clears up and the track drying happens.  Earlier, they wer dragging tires around the track when it stopped sprinkling, but it picked up again, so they stopped.

Saturday, 11:02am ET - Make sure to visit the official SpeedFest coverage discussion forum at to talk about the event by clicking here.

Saturday, 11:00am ET - Good morning from Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia, for the 2009 SpeedFest.  We are in day two of a three-day show here at the track.  On tap today is practice and qualifying for both the CRA Super Late Models and the GAS Pro Late Models.  Here is today's schedule, or as it was originally scheduled (more on that soon)"

9:00am Pits Open
10:30 GAS Drivers Meeting
11:15 CRA Drivers Meeting
12:00 GAS Practice
1:00 CRA Practice
2:00 GAS Practice
3:00 CRA Practice
4:00 Break
4:15 GAS Qualifying
5:00 CRA Qualifying
5:45 Qualifying Ends
7:00 Track Closes

For Friday's Trackside Now coverage, click here.

For the complete index of the SpeedFest coverage, click here.

SpeedFest 2009
Lanier National Speedway
Braselton, Georgia
Friday, January 23rd - Sunday, January 25th, 2009
Trackside Now: SpeedFest at Lanier National Speedway (GA)
Saturday, January 24th: Roderick and Johnson Set Fast Times
Tires are used to help dry the track here at Lanier..  (51 Sports photo)
The GAS drivers get their instructions for the day..  (51 Sports photo)
It might be sprinkling, but tech is open.  (51 Sports photo)
The pit area is a little wet.  (51 Sports photo)
Cars were unloaded early this morning, but they sat under tarps as it sprinkled.  (51 Sports photo)
Allison Fulson, who is here to support her brother Billy in the Pro Late Model feature, is also here with, helping out with updates on the site.  (51 Sports photo)
One of the tires that was being drug around the race track to help dry the surface lost part of the carcass.  (51 Sports photo)
Pro Late Model racer Jimmy Garmon is on the track for practice while weepers are still seen on the track, outside the groove.  (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Busch was faster yesterday in his black car, but he will be using his NOS car the rest of the weekend.  (51 Sports photo)
Scott Hantz was fast on the clock late in the day Saturday.  (Jamie Williams photo)
John Wes Townley goes for a spin during practice.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Casey Roderick at speed.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Legends Car grad Max Gresham is here turning the wheel.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Josh Krug has been searching for grip today.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Justin Drawdy is getting used to Lanier as it is his first time to race here.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Greg Simpson has been one of the faster Pro Late Models here this weekend.  (Jamie Williams photo)
Greg Wood from CRA took this photo, and forced us to put it online of's Allison Fulson writing her pit notes while's Jason "Stix" Buckley relaxes.  (Greg Wood photo)
Short track photog Jamie Williams is here, doing what he does best.  (51 Sports photo)
Brandon Johnson set fast time for the Pro Late Model feature.  (Jamie Williams photo)