Friday, 5:40pm ET - The drivers and crew chiefs have been debriefing the last half hour while the crews are putting the cars back in the haulers.  So, that is our queue to pack it in for the day.'s Trackside Now from Lanier National Speedway for SpeedFest 2009 will continue tomorrow morning.  Make sure to visit the SpeedFest forum and discuss today's action and times by CLICKING HERE.

Friday, 5:30pm ET - The CRA folks sent over a list of the Super Late Model drivers and their fastest lap of the day.  Kyle Busch was top of the chart with Michael Pope a close second. 

CRA Super Late Model Cumulative Practice Times (pdf)

Friday, 5:05pm ET - Shane Sieg set fast time in the final practice for the Super Late Models.  Michael Pope was second with Kyle Busch in his other 51 car (NOS car) third.  Casey Roderick and Josh Hamner rounded out the top five.

CRA Super Late Model Round Four Practice Times (pdf)

Friday, 5:00pm ET - The track has gone silent as practice has completed.  We will have times from the last Super Late Model practice shortly.

Friday, 4:50pm ET - We weren't able to get the first session times for the GAS Pro Late Models, but we were able to get the times for the other three sessions.  Kyle Fowler was fastest in the second session with Greg Simpson fastest in the third.  Fowler was again the fastest Pro Late Model in the final session.

GAS Pro Late Model Round Two Practice Times (pdf)

GAS Pro Late Model Round Three Practice Times (pdf)

GAS Pro Late Model Round Four Practice Times (pdf)

Pardon the crude nature of the files as we had to take a photo of the papers with a camera.

Friday, 4:10pm ET - In the third session for the CRA Super Late Models, Casey Roderick set fast time.  Shane Sawyer, Shane Sieg, Jack Landis and Brian Campbell were the rest of the top five.

CRA Super Late Model Round Three Practice Times (pdf)

Friday, 3:50pm ET - In the second session for the CRA Super Late Models, Shane Sieg was fastest on the clock with Griffin McGrath timing in second.  Brian Campbell, Travis Kittleson (in Justin Drawdy's car) and Scott Hantz rounded out the top five.

CRA Super Late Model Round Two Practice Times (pdf)

Friday, 3:50pm ET - At this time, we are unable to get times for the GAS Pro Late Models.  If we can, we will try to get them before the end of the day.

Friday, 2:50pm ET - An email popped into us here at the track wondering what the weather was like today for practice.  Earlier this morning, when everyone was standing outside waiting to get in, it was very cold and almost seemed a bit foggy.  There was complete cloud cover above.  Over the course of the morning though, the clouds broke up and right now the sun is shining on Lanier National Speedway.

If you do have any questions or comments while the action occurs here at Lanier over the weekend, feel free to post it in the SpeedFest 2009 forum at Motorsports Lounge by clicking here.  We will try to see what we can do to answer your questions throughout the weekend.

Friday, 2:20pm ET - Practice continues here at Lanier with the Pro Late Models and Super Late Models alternating sessions throughout the day until about 5:00PM. 

In the first CRA session, Kyle Busch was on top of the speed charts with the other #51, Michael Pope, a close second. Shane Sawyer, Shane Sieg and Scott Hantz rounded out the top-five in the first session.

CRA Super Late Model Round One Practice Times (pdf)

Friday, 1:05pm ET - We are hearing that Travis Kittleson will be reunited with his old crew chief Gary Crooks, but just for one day.  Crooks is the crew chief for Justin Drawdy, but since Drawdy is at work, Kittleson will get in his car and turn some laps today to shake down the car.

Friday, 12:25pm ET - Practice is about to start here at Lanier.  Up first is the Pro Late Models for 45 minutes, followed by the Super Late Models for 45 minutes.  Then, the two divisions will alternate every 30 minutes for the rest of the day.

We will come back periodically with updates throughout the day.

Friday, 12:20pm ET - It didn't take long for damage to occur to a car, but it wasn't on the track.  On the way to the track, a tie strap either came loose or broke inside DJ Shaw's rig.  The team is fixing the ducting now on his car.

Friday, 12:15pm ET - Today will not be the first time some of the drivers hit the track for practice.  A few teams and drivers showed up Thursday to take a spin around the track, including BDI Racing's Michael Pope, Kyle Busch and Josh Hamner.

Friday, 12:10pm ET - Earlier this week, the official discussion for's SpeedFest coverage was opened up on  Those that are at the track, coming to the track later this weekend or are watching Trackside Now from home can register, login and discuss all the action from SpeedFest before, during and after the checkered flag falls.  To visit the SpeedFest discussion forum, visit, or click here now to go directly to it.

Friday, 12:00pm ET - Good afternoon from Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, Georgia, for the 2009 SpeedFest.  Various staffers are on site from Friday through Sunday to provide blanket coverage of the action on and off the track.

The schedule for the day today is simple: practice, practice, practice.  Both the GAS Pro Late Models and the CRA Super Late Models will be taking to the track to get practice on the 3/8-mile oval, starting at 12:30pm, going all day.  Throughout the practice sessions, we will make periodic updates as to what is happening here at the track.

At this time, we do not expect to have practice times available today, but if that changes, we will post them.

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SpeedFest 2009
Lanier National Speedway
Braselton, Georgia
Friday, January 23rd - Sunday, January 25th, 2009
Trackside Now: SpeedFest at Lanier National Speedway (GA)
Friday, January 23rd: Practice Day
Jack Landis is here, ready to have some fun this weekend.  (51 Sports photo)
Casey Roderick eats a sandwich prior to practice starting.  (51 Sports photo)
BDI Racing driver Michael Pope is in his car, ready to take to the track today. (51 Sports photo)
Ben Rowe ponders.... what he is pondering, he only knows.. (51 Sports photo)
The teams have unloaded their cars and are preparing to test today at Lanier. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Busch was the fastest Super Late Model racer during the first practice session.  (51 Sports photo)
Michael Pope's #51 was the second fastest Super Late Model during the first session. (51 Sports photo)
DJ Shaw sat in his car between practice sessions. (51 Sports photo)
Kyle Fowler was the fastest GAS Pro Late Model in the second and fourth sessions.  (51 Sports photo)