Short Trackers' Super Bowl Predictions
Who Do the Racers Think Will Take Sunday's Big Game, the Steelers or the Cardinals?
Alex Haase - Super Late Models
"I like watching football and everything, but I don’t have a clue of how either team played all year. I thought the Titans were the ones to beat, but that didn’t happen.  I’ll go with Arizona though, just because they’re close to my hometown (Las Vegas, NV)."

Glen Reen - Whelen Modified Tour
“I’m going to go with the Steelers. They’ve had a great season. I’m not a huge football fan but my hometown favorite team, the New England Patriots, apparently didn’t play well enough this year. I’ve watched the Steelers for a few games this year and think they will do it. We’ll be going to a friend’s house for a big Super Bowl Party.”

Alex Kennedy - Camping World East
"I am not really a Steelers fan, but they are going to win.  I would pick the Cardinals because they are the complete underdogs in this one."

Josh Hamner - Super Late Models
"I always pull for the underdog, because I feel like a bit of an underdog at the racetrack.  so I'll go with whoever that is (Arizona).  I have plans to grill some steaks on Sunday and watch the game, but I didn't even know who was playing."

Jake Crum - UARA-Stars
"Steelers – because they’re just going to win."

Short trackers are ready to watch this year's Big Game this Sunday in Tampa.  (Becky Brensinger Photo)
Just like most Americans, short track racers (who aren't busy in the shop getting their cars ready for Speedweeks or fixing them from last weekend's SpeedFest or All-Star Showdown) will be strapping into their couches to watch Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial holiday for most Americans, as everyone tunes into a full day of dramatic football action (and some sweet commercials, too). decided to poll a distinguished list of short track racers from coast-to-coast to see who they thought would come out on top - the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals?
Gene Kirila - Super Late Models
"I have to go with my Steelers man, there the home team (Kirila is from Pennsylvania).  I am in Steelers country up here so you are forced to pull for them.  You driver around here you see people with flags on there cars, you see people dressed in Steelers gear from head to toe.  You go in office buildings and hospitals are there are signs that say Steelers Nation and Steelers County, No Browns allowed.” 

Buddy Goudy - Legends Cars
"I am pulling for the Cardinals.  They are the underdogs and if they play like they have throughout the playoffs so far, I think the Steelers do not have a chance.  I am disappointed the Cowboys aren't in there, but they did it to themselves.  They forgot to show up the last four games.  I think the Cowgirls went out to play instead of the Cowboys."

Matt Kentfield -
"This is one of those Super Bowls that I really don't care who wins.  Once the Patriots missed the playoffs and the Panthers lost, I decided that the sooner the Super Bowl ends, the sooner baseball season begins so I can start watching my Red Sox.  Truthfully, because of the history and the lore of the "Steel City" and their legions of passionate fans, I hope they get their "six pack" with their sixth title and beat the team that wiped out the Panthers."

David Ragan - NASCAR Sprint Cup - Pro Late Models
“I’m going to pick Arizona by 10.  Arizona has been on a roll and I have a good feeling about them."

Trevor Bayne - Camping World East
"Steelers, man, don’t even ask the question.  You don’t even know how much of a Steelers fan I am.  Ever since about seven years ago or so I’ve been a Steelers fan.  I was rocking my jersey the last time they won the Super Bowl, so I’ll have my Polamalu jersey this year, that’s for sure."

Gary St. Amant - Pro Cup, Super Late Models
“Being from Ohio you’re usually a Bengals or Browns fan.  Over the last handful of years it seems there are a lot of Steelers fans that have migrated to Columbus, Ohio.  This is an easy deal for me. I thought about it for a few days and thought I should go to Vegas and book my bet. I kind of like Pittsburgh to win but not to cover the spread. I’d predict Pittsburgh 23 – Arizona 20. I found out today that I have 3 and 0 in the $10,000 pool.  If I win, that might get us to one race this year!”

Steelers fan Trevor Bayne fittingly sported black and gold on his racecar in 2008.  (51 Sports Photo)
Ryan Preece - Whelen Modified Tour
"It’s going to bug my parents to stay this because my parents are Patriots fans, but the Steelers.  I’m just pulling for them more than I am the Cardinals.  I’m a fan of racing.  I don’t really watch much football except for when it gets to be playoff time."

Ira Laughy - Legends Cars
“Arizona for sure!  They’ve had a great year. Kurt Warner’s playing awesome.  They have great receivers and the running game is going well right now. I think they will stack up well against the Steelers.  Living in western Canada, Arizona is an easy vacation getaway for a lot of us up here. Super Bowl fever doesn’t stop at the border. The Super Bowl is huge up here too. All of the bars and sports bars have big parties. It’s not like going to the Gray Cup in November when it’s minus-35 out here. The Super Bowl is huge though and we all get together to watch the game for sure.”

Jeremy Colangelo - Super Late Models
"I would have to go with the Cardinals because there the underdog.   The latest I am seen the Steelers are favored to win, so I will go with the underdog.  I am not a huge football fan, but I will be pulling for the underdog at our part on Sunday.”

Mike Twist -
"I have no idea who is going to win the Daytona 500 of football....I honestly have about as much knowledge of Nuclear Science as I do that sport, so asking me is about as pointless as asking Joe Buck for an expert opinion on who will win the Richie Evans Memorial 100 during Florida Speedweeks.  Usually, I'll pull for whichever team is from a city that I like more, but I've never been to either Pittsburgh or Phoenix - so that won't work this time.  So I'll pick the Steelers for one incredibly stupid reason.  Retired Steelers great Terry Bradshaw was in Smokey and the Bandit II and I loved that movie as a kid."

Moses Smith - Camping World West
"Well, I think that is an obvious one being that I am right here in Phoenix.  I am definitely rooting for the Cardinals.  It is pretty awesome.  In 2001 the Diamondbacks made it to the World Series, so it is cool.  It is actually a funny story (on when the Cardinals won to get into the Super Bowl).  We were out at the race track and we didn't know who won.  I totally forgot about it and there were people dancing in the street and getting out of their cars at stoplights.  I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.  I pulled down my street and all the neighborhood kids had their jerseys on, so I figured out we won the playoffs.  It was pretty funny."
Charles Kiser - Legends Cars
I am pulling for the Cardinals, but the Steelers are probably going to win 27-20.

Paul Kelley - Pro Late Models
"I think the Cardinals.  I want them to, at least, just because they’re the underdogs.  Everyone likes an underdog story, unless you’re from Pittsburgh this year."

Matthew Dillner -
It took a while, but I just got to the point where I can forgive the Cardinals for beating my Carolina Panthers.  Why not pick them?  Arizona beat us so I’d rather see them go all the way.  Heck with the Steelers!  Everyone likes them and I like the Underdog.  I’m sick of those stupid yellow towels anyway.  The only use I have for them is if we could use them in the shop working on racecars.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kurt Warner and how he handles himself so I’m cool with the Cards!

Atlanta Falcon fan Paul Kelley doesn't mind cheering for an underdog like the Cardinals. 
David Hole - Super Late Models
"I would have to go with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I like Hines Ward, he’s a Georgia boy and I am going to pull for him.  I know they are both hot right now and I think Pittsburgh is going to have the upper hand.  Yes I am going to pull for a Georgia boy even though I am an Auburn fan, anything to promote the SEC.”

Bob Dillner - SPEED,
“I think it’s going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I’m hoping it’s the Arizona Cardinals.  I’m at Patriots and Panthers fan, so I don’t have my heart in it completely, although I do like the Cardinals story.  And I thought the Panthers were going to beat the Cardinals and look what happened with that playoff game.  Plus, Kurt Warner reminds me of a veteran racer.”

Matt Kenseth - NASCAR Sprint Cup, Super Late Models
“I'm going with the Cardinals. Everyone is overlooking them, but I think it's going to be a close game. They may not have gotten the respect, but they have the big wins to prove they belong there and I'm looking forward to a great football game.”

Elgin Traylor -
“I am going to go with Arizona.  Every so often, magical runs happen in sports.  You can just sense the story book ending.  The 2004 Boston Red Sox, the 2001 New England Patriots, the 1991 Minnesota Twins, the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team.  The Cardinals many not be as good as the aforementioned teams, but there are people in Arizona who have been waiting since the team came west.  I hope it’s a good game and it comes down to the wire.” 

Jason Buckley -
"I am cheering for the commercials.  Rumor has it that a trailer for 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen' will be debuted during the SuperBowl, so that is what I am most looking forward to as the resident Transformers geek at 51.  But, if I have to pick a team, I will cheer for the Arizona Cardinals since the Steelers are in the top three of my most-hated teams in the NFL."

Michael Pope - Super Late Models
"Whichever team has the most Georgia Bulldogs on their team will win."