42nd Annual Snowball Derby Leftovers
Videos, Stats and other Cool Stuff From Five Flags Speedway
By Matt Dillner, Jason Buckley, Mike Twist, Ally Fulson and Elgin Traylor 
Winning Snowball Derby Crew Chief Bond Suss.
The Speed51.com staff was hard at work gathering all the stories from the pits at the 42nd annual Snowball Derby and the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL.  

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Brian Ickler talks about the wreck that took him out of potential top five run.
John Bolen wins the Speed 51 "Hal Goodson" award at the Snowball Derby.
Augie Grill bid for three straight Snowball Derby's ends early.
Hunter Robbins' day ended early at the Snowball Derby.
Matt Kenseth talks about his son Ross at the Snowball Derby.
Ryan Lawler found a way to post a top 10 at the Snowball Derby.
Stephan McCurley reflects on his first Snowball Derby.
Brian Scott ends up two laps off the pace in the Snowball Derby.
Bubba Pollard talks about his rough day in the Snowball Derby.
Cale Gale has trouble in the Snowball Derby.
David Rogers made his 26th career Snowball Derby start this year.
David Stremme talks about his first Snowball Derby.
Dennis Prunty will forever be a part of Snowball Derby history.
Jeff Choquette unlucky again in the Snowball Derby.
Johanna Long talks about her run in the 42nd Annual Snowball Derby.
Josh Hamner talks about his Snowball Derby troubles.
Junior Niedecken makes his 28th Snowball Derby start memorable with eighth-place finish.
Kyle Busch took a moment to visit the scoring tower to be interviewed by Speed 51 Radio on RaceTalkRadio.com
Ross Kenseth talks about his Snowball Derby experience.
Scott Carlson talks about hanging up his helmet in the Derby.
Scott Hantz and John Bolen talk about the final lap of the Snowball Derby.
Snowball Derby Video Leftovers
Steven Wallace takes another top three finish at the Snowball Derby.
Tyler Millwood talks about his wreck at the Snowball Derby.
Bobby Gill talks about his fourth-place finish in the Snowball Derby.
Clay Alexander and DJ Vanderlay wreck in the Snowflake 100.
Brandon Odom's night ends early in the Snowflake 100.
Dwayne Buggay talks about his night in the Snowflake 100.
John Bolen finishes second in the Snowflake 100.
Dwayne Buggay and Hunter Robbins late race wreck.
Ryan Blaney comes away with a solid finish in the Snowflake 100.
Former Snowflake winner Ryan Crane talks about his night. 
TJ Riead had the lead late, but ended up third in the Snowflake 100.
Allen Turner Snowflake 100 Leftovers
Retirements, Retirements, Retirements…

Three drivers announced that they will be hanging up the helmet, in different ways after the Derby.
Cecil Chunn announced that he is retiring after the 2009 Snowball Derby.  Chunn qualified his #48 for the 42nd Annual Derby but lost his brakes early in the race. Chunn has had a long career in racing ranging from working with Bobby and Davey Allison to racing in the NASCAR Southeast Series and even NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series.

Eddie Mercer said that the ’09 edition may be his last Derby. Without backing from the Miccosukee Tribe, his 2010 plans could be up in the air. Don’t be surprised to see Mercer gunning for his second Snowball Trophy again next year.  He came very close this year.

Scott Carlson said he is passing the torch to his son Brandon after the 2009 Derby. Carlson talks about this in his video leftover .

Snowball Success Proves Derby Addiction is Spreading

The Snowball Derby is becoming one of the nation’s most popular Short Track events.  Close to 40,000 thousand people listened to the race broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com.   12,000 people followed the Trackside Now updates on Speed51.com.  At the track, for the first time Five Flags Speedway’s Snowball Derby was an official sell-out crowd.  Media interest, a full pit area and grandstand are a great thing to see, especially in a challenging economic climate.

Bagwell Double Duty Dude

Alabama’s Danny Bagwell may have struggled to hang on for a 20th place finish in the Snowball Derby, but he did have a good feature event race on Friday night. Bagwell drove his Modified to a 7th place finish.

Bolen’s Best?

John Bolen had the highest average finish of any driver who competed in both the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 and the Snowball Derby. He finished second in the Snowflake and fifth in the Snowball Derby.

Going Global?

We mentioned this on our broadcast it’s worth mentioning again.  NASCAR Official Christy May and Thomas Lanahan are big race fans that tuned in to the Derby on RTR and followed on Speed51.com.  They were listening to it all from Paris, France.  It was night-time in France and they made a night of listening to the Snowball as a part of their post-Cup-season vacation.

VanDoorn Wins Best Appearing Car

CRA Super Series Champion Johnny VanDoorn came to his first Snowball Derby with high-hopes.  He crashed in qualifying on Friday. The team worked hard and got the car repaired to practice and race in the last-chance race on Saturday. VanDoorn ended up not making the show but did receive an award during the pre-race festivities at the Derby.  Editor of Speed51.com, Mike Twist, presented VanDoorn with the “Best Appearing Car Award.”  His #61 “Old Man Winter” themed ride was the top vote-getter on Speed51.com. VanDoorn will receive a free hero-card design for the winning scheme.

Bad Economy?

This the car count for the 42nd annual Snowball Derby was a bit down, but in reality it was pretty even with several drivers having problems before the qualification period. 63 cars took time in the Snowflake in 2008 with 55 doing so this year.  61 Super Late Models took time for the Derby in 2008 with 58 doing so this year.

Speed Shots

-Eddie Mercer finished second for the fourth time in his career at the Snowball Derby. 

-Kyle Busch lead a string of three former winners, Eddie Mercer, Steven Wallace and Bobby Gill across the line at the Derby.

-Steven Wallace finished in the top three for the fourth time in his career.

-Chase Elliott finished seventh in his first Snowball Derby. At the age of 14 he is the youngest driver on record in the history of the Snowball Derby.

-Johanna Long set the new track record with lap of 16.463 in qualifying on Friday night.

-Eddie Mercer led 82 laps and became the all-time lap leader in the Snowball Derby with 759 laps to Bobby Gill’s 677.

-Bobby Gill finished fourth and logged his sixth career top five finish in the Snowball Derby.

-Scott Carlson made his 15th consecutive start in the Snowball Derby, he also made an announcement that it would be his final Snowball Derby as a driver.

-On Saturday night Augie Grill became the first driver to win the Snowflake 100 and the Snowball Derby. 

Lucky Fan got a nice souvenir after the Derby.