Photo Sequence of Bolen vs. Hantz Derby Incident
The 42nd Annual Snowball Derby is Just Around the Corner
Photos Provided by John Bolen Motorsports, Photos Taken By Geoff Corneau
On the final lap of the 42nd Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida; most eyes were on Kyle Busch's #51.  After all, Busch was about to win his first ever Derby.

Deeper in the pack, a battle for fifth place was taking pace between multi-time CRA Super Series champion Scott Hantz and Alabama young gun John Bolen.  It ended with the two cars making contact and Hantz slamming the inside retaining wall hard.  After the incident, most fingers pointed at Bolen as being the cause of the wreck - possibly due to his position as the inside car in the incident or his role of the younger driver in the battle.

But the Bolen camp maintained that it wasn't their driver's fault and provided these photos to to help their case.  In the sequence, you can see Bolen in a car with right front damage and Hantz, in a white car with neon orange accents as they complete lap 299 and start lap 300.

Did Bolen turn Hantz or did Hantz cut down on Bolen?  You can look at the photos and judge for
yourself.  If you want to even debate it with fellow race fans, jump on over the the Speed 51 Forum of