Speed51.com's Snowball Derby A to Z
As Derby Week Arrives We Examine The Derby Alphabet Style
by Speed51.com Staff
Speed51.com has covered the Snowball Derby for several year sand now we are making sure you get the A to Z information on the bi race weekend prior to the 42nd Annual Snowball Derby. 

A is for Augie Grill - How can we not say that the A is for Augie?  Grill comes into this year’s Snowball Derby looking to do what no other driver has ever done - win three Snowball Derby’s in a row.  Chances are good for the Hayden, Alabama driver as his Grand American Race Cars have won five of the last eight Derbys in Pensacola.

B is for Beef O’ Brady’s – That’s where the Speed51.com team will be eating at the conclusion of the each night at the Derby.  We will also be holding our radio show there on Tuesday night, at 5pm Central time. If your in the area come on out and join us. 

C is for Click – Speed is everything at the Derby and the stop watches are getting clicked ever time a car hits the track.  When cars blaze by the flag stand in qualifying you can see about forty people on pit road click their watches all at once, it’s an impressive sight.

D is for Derby – It’s got the history, 42 years and running.

E is for Entry list – Check it once, check it twice, it’s like a Christmas list seeing all the drivers who are coming to race in the Snowball Derby. 

F is for Fast Eddies – This is the place to go to have fun. All the drivers get involved on Thursday night in a “friendly” go-kart race at Fast Eddies.  Sometimes, the happenings on the go-kart track are the talk of Friday morning at the big track.

G is for Green Flag – The 2pm Green Flag on Sunday at the Snowball Derby is the most anticipated moment of the year for all Super Late Model drivers, fans and teams. 

H is for Hoosier – Hoosier’s fourth quarter numbers every year look really good after the Snowball Derby.  After all, they mount close 4,000 tires in the course of a weekend. 

I is for Ickler – Brian Ickler will return to the scene of the crime where he was tossed out of the Snowball Derby after tech official found brake blowers in the car last year.  Ickler has taken the loss very well and is ready to come back and finish it off right.

J is for jacket – Please don’t forget a jacket, the Panhandle weather can be a bit strange as mid-week day time temperatures don’t compare to the bitterly cold air that rolls in for the Snowflake 100. 

K is for Kyle Busch – Kyle Busch is making his long awaited return to the Snowball Derby after having won the Winchester 400 earlier in the year.  Busch will also attempt the double as he is entered in the Snowflake 100 on Saturday night.

L is for Long – the hearts of every Pensacola Late Model fan are behind the #10 of Johanna Long.  The second generation driver will make her second Snowball Derby start and will be favorite after winning the Blizzard Series Championship earlier this season.

M is for Matt Hawkins – This year, we lost a talented short track racing and a Snowball Derby veteran.  Matt Hawkins finished second in 2007 and was third in 2008.  There is no doubt that he would have easily been a contender this year in Pensacola.

N is for Niedecken – It’s the name that won the very first Snowball Derby and the Niedecken family means a lot to Five Flags Speedway.  This year, Wayne Niedecken, Jr. will look to make his 28th start in the Snowball Derby.

O is for Odds – Let’s say you could bet 100 bucks and get Augie Grill, Johanna Long or Bubba Pollard (The Blizzard Series Race Winners)... Would you take those three or the field?  Chances are pretty good ether way.

P is for Pensacola – Just like it says on the walls of Five Flags Speedway - "Pensacola USA."

Q is for Qualify – Nothing is more hectic then qualifying for the Snowball Derby and for the Snowflake 100.  The top 30 are locked in while the rest have to race their way in through a heat race.

R is for Ricky Brooks – Where do we begin?  Tim Bryant may be the General Manager, but Ricky Brooks is the main man at the Snowball Derby.  The lead tech official is very tough on all drivers and states that the rule book is written in black and white.  Wednesday becomes the busy day because drivers will roll through tech several times in an effort to get things right for race day.  The simple facts are Brooks is tough and fair.

S is for Speed51.com - The source for all the news and information of Snowball Derby. 

T is for Tim Bryant – Where would the Snowball Derby be without Five Flags Speedway General Manager Tim Bryant?  Bryant has taken the Derby to the next level and continues to make tweaks each year to the big race.  He’s pretty much the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave in the wee hours of the morning.  

U is for Under the Track Record – We are likely to see record speeds this year at the Snowball Derby and the term "under the track record" will probablu be tossed around all week.

V is for Victory Lane – The race is 300 laps, and the best Super Late Model drivers in the county are on hand for the Snowball Derby.  Only a few drivers ever find the way to victory lane at the Derby, even then they still have to pass post-race tech inspection.

W is for Wauters – Richie Wauters found himself in hot water last year after a tire soaking incident left him on the outside looking in.  Steven Wallace will be driving for Wauters this year and said that they had had several conversations and one key is to keep the car legal this year.  Wallace was tossed in 2007 for the infamous “sockets in his pockets” incident.

X is for X – If the Speed51.com staff puts an “X” over your number before qualifying then it means your week just got a whole lot longer. Several cars will have issues prior to time trials.  

Y is for You – You had better be in Pensacola, Florida for the race, if not join Speed51.com and RaceTalkRadio.com all week long for coverage.

Z is for ZZZZZZZZ – Make sure you get some sleep after the races during Derby week.  You’re going to need it.

A is for Augie Grill, who is going for three in a row at the Snowball Derby. (51 Sports Photo)
Richie Wauters hopes he dosen't have to hide atop the first turn grandstand for this year's Derby. (51 Sports Photo)
Tim Bryant (Left) has taken the Snowball Derby to the next level. (51 Sports Photo)
K is for Kyle Busch.  The Cup star will be doing the double this year at the Derby by running the Snowflake. (51 Sports Photo). 
F is for Fast Eddies. (51 Sports Photo)
The walls make it hard to forget where your at. (51 Sports Photo)