Trackside Now: Southern Pro Late Model Opener
Saturday, 3/21/09  - A New Day For A New Late Model Tour
New Senoia Speedway - Senoia, Georgia
Saturday - 9:57pm ET - All cars have passed tech and here is the official finishing order.
1. 98-Russell Fleeman
2. 2-Ralph Carnes
3. 18-Bubba Pollard
4. 40-Taylor Satterfield
5. 26x-Kyle Mitchell
6. 95-Warren Mobley
7. 19-Ricky Sanders
8. 26-Tony Clark
9. 36-Rodney Benefield
10. 83-Scotty Ellis
11. 15-George Pierce

Congratulations to Russell Fleeman for being the first ever winner in the Southern Pro Late Model Series. That's all here from New Senoia Raceway.


Saturday - 9:35pm ET - The unofficial top five are as follows: Russell Fleeman, Ralph Carnes, Bubba Pollard, Taylor Satterfield, and Kyle Mitchell.

We are heading trackside to tech and will be back with more shortly.

Saturday - 9:32pm ET - LAP 100: After a caution free 100 laps, Russell Fleeman has won the SPLMS Shamrock 100 here at the New Senoia Raceway.

Saturday - 9:29pm ET - LAP 89: As Bubba Pollard closes the gap between himself and Ralph Carnes it is clear that if anyone is going to catch Russell Fleeman they are going to need a caution. However, all nine cars on the track are rather evenly spaced and it doesn't appear to be any room for contact as we close in on 10 laps to go.

Saturday - 9:27pm ET - LAP 76: Bubba Pollard has taken third away from Warren Mobley and Taylor Satterfield is attempting to follow in his footsteps past Mobley.

Saturday - 9:25pm ET - LAP 71: Leader Russell Fleeman is half a lap ahead of second place Ralph Carnes and third place Warren Mobley who is being pressured by Bubba Pollard in fourth. We are still caution free.

Saturday - 9:22pm ET - LAP 54: Due to what appears to be mechanical problems, Scotty Ellis has pulled into the pits. We are still under GREEN.

Saturday - 9:20pm ET - LAP 50: After an all GREEN first half, Russell Fleeman leads Ralph Carnes followed by Warren Mobley, Taylor Satterfield and Bubba Pollard.

Saturday - 9:15pm ET - LAP 30: Satterfield and Pollard have overtaken Ellis. They are now engaged in their own two car battle for fourth. Pollard has looked inside the 40 of Satterfield several times but has yet to complete the pass.

Saturday - 9:14pm ET - LAP 25: Scotty Ellis, Taylor Satterfield, and Bubba Pollard are engaged in a fierce three-way battle for fourth.

Saturday - 9:12pm ET - LAP 15: Bubba Pollard has made his way from the rear of the field into sixth position.

In contrast, Tony Clark in Pollard's car has fallen to the tail of the field.

Saturday - 9:07pm ET - The GREEN flag is out and Russell Fleeman and Ralph Carnes have pulled away from the field.

Saturday - 9:00pm ET - The cars are making there pace laps and we are a few short laps away from the drop of the green flag.

Saturday - 8:45pm ET - After three very lengthy features, the late models are now rolling onto the front straightaway for their autograph session and we will be underway shortly.

Saturday - 7:10pm ET - The local features are now underway and we are now only three races away from the SPLMS Shamrock 100 here at the New Senoia Raceway.

Saturday - 6:27pm ET - Scotty Ellis has rolled a four. Thus after inversion, the new top five starting line up is Russell Fleeman, Warren Mobley, Ralph Carnes, Scotty Ellis, and Taylor Satterfield.

Saturday - 5:35pm ET - Local practices have concluded and we are now enjoying the day until the driver's meetings and local features begin at 6:30pm.

Saturday - 5:15pm ET - Scotty Ellis has inherited the pole as Bubba Pollard was disqualified due to lead escaping during the qualifying run. He will now start 11th.

Saturday - 4:57pm ET - Here are the qualifying results for the SPLMS Shamrock 100:
1. 18-Bubba Pollard          14.292
2. 83-Scotty Ellis                14.315
3. 2-Ralph Carnes              14.328
4. 95-Warren Mobley        14.356
5. 98-Russell Fleeman       14.384
6. 40-Taylor Satterfield      14.397
7. 26x-Kyle Mitchell            14.397
8. 26-Tony Clark                 14.506
9. 19-Ricky Sanders           14.562
10. 36-Rodney Benefield    14.745
11. 15-George Pierce         15.862

Saturday - 4:49pm ET - Qualifying is complete and Bubba Pollard has taken the pole followed by Scotty Ellis. We will have the full line up shortly.

Saturday - 4:32pm ET - The drivers have buckled in and qualifying is underway.

Saturday - 3:49pm ET - The cars are now rolling through pre-qualifying tech and lining up to qualify at 4:30pm. We're going out to snap some photos and talk to a few of the drivers. We will return to the keys for qualifying.

Saturday - 3:07pm ET - Due to problems with the synchronization of transponders, we were only able to obtain practice times from the third round of practice, where unfortunately not all cars participated.

1. Scotty Ellis            14.444
2. Ralph Carnes         14.532
3. Taylor Satterfield     14.567
4. Russell Fleeman     14.580
5. Warren Mobley       14.946
6. George Pierce        15.779

Saturday - 2:37pm ET - Series owner and director Vince Whitmire realizes the challenges of starting a new series but won't let that deter his efforts to elevate the SPLMS to the premier late model series of the southeast.

"Despite the low car count, we are going to keep going and continue to grow. As with any new business things start off slow and get larger as time goes on and word gets out. We have some shows combined with ASA Late Model South and hopefully with will bring more attention to our series and help us to draw more cars. But this isn't going to get us down and we will keep working hard to run this series right and keep our drivers happy and coming back to race with us," Whitmire said.

Saturday - 2:10pm ET - Bubba Pollard has stepped out of his familiar number 26 and is driving short track veteran Ronnie Sanders' number 18.

Sanders is optimistic about Pollard and their chances in tonight's event. "We were already planning to come down here when last week's race got rained out and when they rescheduled it for this weekend things just didn't work out with Billy (Fulson, Sanders' usual driver). So we talked about several people and we decided on Bubba. He's got a lot of laps around this place and hopefully we'll be able to work together to bring home a win," Sanders smiled.

Saturday - 1:45pm ET - In this afternoon's driver's meeting, series director Vince Whitmire acknowleged the poor showing of 11 cars for this event but thanked all drivers who did come for their support. Here are a few more notes from the driver's meeting:

For the 14 race SPLMS season, each driver will be able to choose their best 12 races to be counted towards the championship points.

This year's champion will receive a rolling Port City chassis and a complete Five Star body.

There will be no five minute break after qualifying to make adjustments before the race. The cars will be impounded and before the race teams will be allowed to change air pressure and make sway bar adjustments. If a car goes up on a jack, it will be sent to the rear at the start of the race.

Saturday - 1:38pm ET - Here is the schedule of events for today's SPLMS Shamrock 100:

11:00am - Pits Open (all classes)
              Tech Opens
12:45pm - Driver's Meeting
1:00pm - SPLMS Practice Begins
3:00pm - SPLMS Practice Ends
3:15pm - SPLMS Qualifying Tech Opens
4:30pm - SPLMS Qualifying
5:30pm - Local Practice
6:30pm - Driver's Meeting SPLMS & Local
7:00pm - National Anthem
7:05pm - Local Heat Races
             Local Features
             Mini Stocks
             Outlaw Late Model
             Shamrock 100 Autograph Session
             SPLMS Feature 100 Laps

Saturday - 1:11pm ET - Good Afternoon here from the New Senoia Raceway for the Southern Pro Late Model Series Shamrock 100. This is the inaugural race of the SPLMS and there is much excitement in the pit area as teams prepare for practice.


Welcome to Senoia for the inaugural SPLMS event. (51 Sports Photo)

Bubba Pollard with car owner Ronnie Sanders. (51 Sports Photo)

ASA SAT regular Taylor Satterfield on track during practice. (51 Sports Photo)

Pole sitter Scotty Ellis. (51 Sports Photo)

Russell Fleeman and crew in Victory Lane. (51 Sports Photo)