Trackside Now: Miller Lite 100
Saturday, 5/30/09  - Round Two of the Miller Lite SLM Series
Mobile International Speedway - Mobile, Alabama
Saturday - 11:57pm CT - Augie Grill caps off a great weekend with two poles, a win here in the Miller Lite Series, and a second last night at Five Flags Speedway (FL).  Bubba Pollard keeps his dream season rolling with a second-place finish and he pads his points lead in the Gulf Coast Championship Series.  We'll have much more on later this week.

That's all from Mobile for tonight, Goodnight!

1112Augie Grill
226Bubba Pollard
3167Bryce Walker
410LJohanna Long
538Josh Hamner
61Steven Davis
61SStephan McCurley
76Hunter Robbins
82John Bolen
905Jeremy Colangelo
1010Danny Bagwell
1186Chet Morrison
121MTim Martin
1300William Wambles
1502Matt Smith
1667Jeff Fultz
1742Ryan Paul
1839Ryan Sieg
1949Stanley Smith
2011Donald Long
2199Casey Smith
2282Donnie Wilson
231Eddie Mercer

Saturday - 10:36pm CT - Augie Grill has won the Miller Lite 100 over Bubba Pollard! More to come...

Saturday - 10:32pm CT - LAP 91 YELLOW FLAG: Stanley Smith spun in turn three.  Augie Grill didn't want to see this yellow as Jeff Fultz and Bubba Pollard with fresher tires are now able to close up for the restart.

Saturday - 10:27pm CT - The pack gets away clean on the restart, Augie Grill leads with 15 laps to go.

Saturday - 10:21pm CT - We ran a few laps and we are YELLOW again the 86 of Chet Morrison spun off turn four. The top five is now Grill, Fultz, Walker, Long and Pollard.

Saturday - 10:18pm CT - GREEN FLAG: We are underway again.  Bubba Pollard and Steven Davis have snuck up into the top 10, as we go YELLOW on lap 76 ans Danny Bagwell has goe around again. 

The top five is Augue Grill, Jeff Fultz, Bryce Walker, Johanna Long, and Jeremy Colangelo.  Sixth through 10 are Josh Hamner, Bubba Pollard, Stephan McCurley, Steven Davis and William Wambles.

Saturday - 10:08pm CT - Hunter Robbins didn't come up to speed and he stopped on the backstreatch.  We are YELLOW again.

Saturday - 10:06pm CT - The top five on the restart is Grill, Fultz, Robbins, Bryce Walker and Johanna Long.

Saturday - 10:04pm CT - After going back green we went two laps before Danny Bagwell went around in turn two.  Casey Smith came in with some trouble, he was slow on the track, Jeff Fultz is now up to second. 

Saturday - 9:57pm CT - YELLOW LAP 72: Donald Long spun off turn two.  Bubba Pollard came to pit road giving the lead back to Augie Grill. 

The new top five will be Grill, Casey Smith, Jeff Fultz, Hunter Robbins and Bryce Walker.

Pollard will restart 19th it looks. Steven Davis pitted as well.

Saturday - 9:57pm CT - Augie Grill moves to second on lap 70, Bubba Pollard still leads.

Saturday - 9:53pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 52: In only five laps Augie Grill has come from outside the top 10 to the fourth spot.

Saturday - 9:47pm CT - John Bolen has spun in turn two after a few hectic laps as cars with fresh tires are working their ways back to the front.  On the restart the 82 of Donnie Wilson ran into the back of Steven Davis doing lots of damage to the nose of his car. 

Bubba Pollard, Steven Davis, Donald Long, Casey Smith, and William Wambles are the top five. 

Saturday - 9:43pm CT - A scuffle in turn two has put us under YELLOW.  Danny Bagwell, Hunter Robbins, and Bryce Walker were involved. 

When the pits opened up Johanna Long, Jeff Fultz, Ryan Sieg, John Bolen and Josh Hamner came to pit road.  One lap later Augie Grill came in giving up the lead to Bubba Pollard. 

Pollard leads Steven Davis, Donnie Wilson, Donald Long and Casey Smith are the top five.

Saturday - 9:38pm CT - Bubba Pollard has moved into second around Johanna Long, this could be a repeat of last night.  We have gotten word from the pits that Eddie Mercer is out of the race do to overheating. 

We are at halfway.

Saturday - 9:35pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 37: Augie Grill has lead them all so far as we go back to racing.  Jeff Fultz is up to fifth now.

Saturday - 9:32pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 31: Grill gets away clean on the restart with Johanna Long, Bubba Pollard, Steven Davis and John Bolen ride behind him.

After half a dozen laps Eddie Mercer spun off turn four and we are YELLOW again.  37 laps are in the books.

Saturday - 9:27pm CT - YELLOW LAP 31:  Casey Smith was trying to pass John Bolen on the high side in turn one and he went around for a spin.

Several cars at the back of the pack took this as the opertunity to come in and make pit stops.  Stephan McCurley, Jeremy Colangelo, Casey Smith and Bryce Walker came in to the pits.

Saturday - 9:24pm CT - Johanna Long and Bubba Pollard have moved around John Bolen for second and third. Bolen had a little bobble off turn four. Grill still leads.

Saturday - 9:22pm CT - Jeff Fultz has moved from 13th to seventh in the early laps.  We have 20 laps in the books.

Saturday - 9:15pm CT - GREEN FLAG LAP 10: Grill pulls away for the lead.

Saturday - 9:11pm CT - On the restart Augie Grill and John Bolen pulled away from the rest of the pack. Johanna Long is up to third.  On the 10th lap Stanley Smith went off hard in turn four, bringing out the YELLOW, it looked as if something broke on Smith's car.

The top five at the caution are Grill, Bolen, Long, Josh Hamner and Bubba Pollard.

Saturday - 9:05pm CT - GREEN is out and we are underway! 

Augie Grill leads the opening laps as Josh Hamner almost went off in the dirt on the backside.  After 3 laps we went YELLOW when TIm Martin went around off turn two.

Saturday - 8:55pm CT - Engine have fired are the cars are rolling here at Mobile.  Augie Grill and Josh Hamner will lead the pack to th green after the pace laps.

Saturday - 8:30pm CT - The Super Late Models are out on the track for the Miller Lite 100.  Driver introductions will take place in a few minutes. 

Saturday - 8:15pm CT - We need to give mention that Ryan Paul is driving the 42 car tonight, we had said it was Kevin Rehwinkel.  We wanted to get that squared away before the feature which is up after the Sportsmen feature which is on the track now. 

Saturday - 7:55pm CT - Here are the qualifying results for tonight's 100 lap Super Late Model event.

1112Augie Grill16.885
238Josh Hamner16.975
32John Bolen 16.996
410LJohanna Long 17.009
526Bubba Pollard17.025
61Eddie Mercer17.044
71Steven Davis 17.080
8167Bryce Walker17.109
939Ryan Sieg17.125
1099Casey Smith17.158
111MTim Martin17.169
126Hunter Robbins17.172
1367Jeff Fultz17.178
1449Stanley Smith17.212
1500William Wambles 17.229
161SStephan McCurley17.248
1782Donnie Wilson17.269
1811Donald Long17.327
1942Ryan Paul 17.361
2010Danny Bagwell17.451
2105Jeremy Colangelo 17.469
2286Chet Morrison17.515
2302Matt Smith17.516

Saturday - 7:35pm CT - Augie Grill has won the pole for the second night in a row, we'll have the full rundown shortly.

Saturday - 6:45pm CT - The speeds from the final practice session show that Donnie Wilson had the fastest time. Teams are finishing up with pre-qualifying tech. We will be back at the end of qualifying.

182Donnie Wilson17.343
2112Augie Grill17.470
399Casey Smith17.493
41Steven Davis 17.533
56Hunter Robbins17.561
61Eddie Mercer17.678
710LJohanna Long 17.685
81SStephan McCurley17.685
949Stanley Smith17.686
10167Bryce Walker17.720

Saturday - 6:23pm CT - The last time we were here at Mobile Mitch Cobb won the pole, he is not here tonight so we will have a new pole sitter.  Another name that could be at the top of the charts is Johanna Long.  She hold both the track records for both Pro Late Models and for the ASA Southeast Asphalt Tour Late Models. 

Casey Smith could be a contender as well.  He won the 2007 Miller Lite Super Late Model title here at Mobile. 

Saturday - 6:05pm CT - We are about an hour from qualifying here at Mobile and the teams are making the final preparations for time trials.  We have a nice solid field of 23 Super Late Models, Steven Davis has been at the top of the charts during all of the practice sessions.  The local divisions are on the track for their practice sessions.

Saturday - 5:52pm CT - Tonight's race is the fourth round of 10 in the Gulf Coast Championship series. We have compiled the points as of last night.  These points are unofficial, but we feel we are right on and they of course will be changing later on tonight.

Gulf Coast Championship Points after 3 Races
1Bubba Pollard507
2Johanna Long 472
3Augie Grill456
4Casey Smith406
5Eddie Mercer403
6Hunter Robbins 390
7Josh Hamner341
8Danny Bagwell323
9John Bolen 318

Saturday - 5:40pm CT - We have to give a big thanks to John Bolen and his race team for letting us use their rig to house our computer for Trackside Now coverage.  We will be going up top side for the feature event, but with their help we have been able to pop in and out with quick updates.

Augie Grill had his car on jacks during most of today's practice.  That could be a bad sign for the rest of the field. Bubba Pollard also spent lots of time on jack stands during practice, mostly due to clutch problem.

Saturday - 5:20pm CT - In the second practice Ryan Sieg had the fast time followed by Steven Davis.

139Ryan Sieg17.271
21Steven Davis 17.382
399Casey Smith17.419
467Jeff Fultz17.515
549Stanley Smith17.542
638Josh Hamner17.554
76Hunter Robbins17.583
810LJohanna Long 17.622
91Eddie Mercer17.643
1082Donnie Wilson17.648

Saturday- 4:55pm CT - Steven Davis was the fastest in the first round of practice. We are still in the second round and thing have been very clean.

11Steven Davis 17.439
26Hunter Robbins17.461
338Josh Hamner17.463
4112Augie Grill17.474
526Bubba Pollard17.533
667Jeff Fultz17.563
72John Bolen 17.630
839Ryan Sieg17.666
982Donnie Wilson17.685
101Eddie Mercer17.690

Saturday- 4:20pm CT - We are heading trackside to get some pictures of today's action.  We'll be back soon.

Saturday - 4:10pm CT - Here is a list of the drivers who are here today at Mobile.  We understand that Johanna Long and her father Donald Long are on their way to the track.  We will update if there are any additions or subtractions from this list.

126Bubba Pollard
2112Augie Grill
399Casey Smith
41Eddie Mercer
56Hunter Robbins
62John Bolen
739Ryan Sieg
810LJohanna Long
938Josh Hamner
1005Jeremy Colangelo
111SStephan McCurley
1267Jeff Fultz
13167Bryce Walker
1410Danny Bagwell
1500William Wambles
1602Matt Smith
171MTim Martin
1849Stanley Smith
1986Chet Morrison
2011Donald Long
2182Donnie Wilson
221Steven Davis
2342Kevin Rehwinkel

Saturday - 4:05pm CT - Bubba Pollard may have been the winner last night, but today is a new day.  The team spent the early afternoon changing the clutch, transmission and drive shaft. We'll see how that affects him later on in the evening.

Saturday - 4:00pm CT - Welcome to Mobile International Speedway for the second race of the 2009 Miller Lite Series.  Last night we saw an epic finish as Bubba Pollard beat Augie Grill to the line for the win in the Blizzard Super Late Model Series.  The same cars and the same drivers are back trying to do it again at Mobile International Speedway. 

Here is the schedule of events for tonight's Miller Lite 100:

1:00 pm         Pit Gate Opens                               
3:30                Super Late Model Drivers Meeting
4:00                Super Late Model Practice
5:00                Grand Stand Gates Open
5:30                Practice for Local Cars (2 rounds)


6:30                Local Drivers Meeting
6:45                Dice Roll for Invert of Local Features                 
7:00                Super Late Model Qualifying

                                   (Track Record: 16.835-Steven Davis -5/14/05)
7:50                Pre-Race Activities
8:00                Feature Races

                                   Sportsmen                   20-Laps
                                   Super Late Models 100-Laps (Green Flag)
                                   Bombers                      15-Laps
                                   Modified                      25-Laps

Bubba Pollard in victory lane last night at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Sports Photo)
Bubba Pollard with his broken drive shaft in the pits. (51 Sports Photo)
Casey Smith runs really well here at Mobile. (51 Sports Photo)
Josh Hamner awaits the crew to repair th car for practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Johanna Long working turn three. (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill's car is ready to go after only a few lap of practice.  (51 Sports Photo)
Hunter Robbins had a good run last night and looks to cap off the weekend with a good finish. (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill on his pole run.  (51 Sports Photo)
Augie Grill on his pole run.  (51 Sports Photo)