TSRS Announces New Race Director
Super Stocks Will Remain as Top Class at Thunderhill
Series PR Report
It was recently announced that The Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) Late Models would not be traveling to other tracks in 2010 due to economic conditions. As a result, this exciting Late Models series will be included in all racing events (excluding the Crash Fest) at Thunderhill Raceway (THR) in Kyle, TX, next year – starting with the annual Racefest hosted by Full Throttle Productions.

Since the TSRS Late Models will not be considered a local class, the ASA A-Line Super Stocks will continue to be Thunderhill Raceway’s premier class.

As plans continue to be made for the 2010 racing season, yet another change is in the wings.  Terry Barden (La Vernia, TX) has been named as the TSRS Race Director, effective immediately.

Barden has an extensive racing background – starting with being a crew member for Waldo Harper in 1974 at Pan American Speedway in San Antonio, TX. Barden then became a Street Stock driver in 1979 at San Antonio Speedway.  Following an injury in 1987 (two broken legs), Barden retired his driver’s helmet.

Switching gears to an official capacity in 1989, Barden became the Technical Inspector at San Antonio Speedway (SAS).  He was named the Race Director in 1990.

Following his tenure at SAS, Barden joined the ROMCO Super Late Models as Vice President.  When USRA purchased the Super Late Model series in 2005, Barden managed the USRA Super Late Models, along with the USRA Trucks and Modifieds.

Barden then served as the Race Director for Thunderhill Raceway and TSRS in 2006 and 2007. He resigned at the end of the 2007 season to spend more time with his family.

Barden is very excited about this opportunity to rejoin the TSRS staff.

“When I went back to the track as the Grand Marshal for a TSRS race last year, I decided then and there that I wanted to get back into racing,” said Barden. “When Mary Ann approached me about the TSRS Race Director position, it didn’t take me long to give her an answer – probably less than ten minutes! I’m very excited to get back into racing, especially as part of TSRS.”

Barden’s first activity as the new TSRS Race Director will begin this Saturday, December 12, at the THR/TSRS Drivers’ Registration meeting. Following the 2P meeting with all THR/TSRS drivers, Barden will hold an open discussion with all TSRS Late Model drivers to get their input on making the series more affordable.

Mary Ann Naumann, owner and promoter for THR and TSRS, feels the addition of Barden to the TSRS staff will help the series to thrive in the years ahead.

“With Terry coming out of his retirement for TSRS, I feel that the future of this series is a win/win situation – for both TSRS and THR. As the management of THR continues to take so much of my time, I truly welcome and value Terry’s support. TSRS is so dear to my heart, and I’m excited about the future of this series. At the end of 2010, we’ll re-evaluate our traveling status and decide then what works best for those that are a part of this incredible series in 2011 and beyond.”

Stacy O’Brien (Thorndale, TX) wore two hats last year as the Race Director for both TSRS and Thunderhill Raceway.  She will continue to handle the responsibility as Race Director for the THR classes, placing her entire focus on the Thunderhill Raceway drivers.

Thunderhill Raceway is a 3/8-mile, D-shaped asphalt oval track that’s located at 24801 IH-35, on the access road just north of San Marcos (TX)  near Yarrington Road (Exit #210). Information on Thunderhill Raceway may be found on the track website at www.thunderhillraceway.com or TSRS at www.manracingpromotions.com.